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A bi-weekly roundup of how people and brands are using augmented reality
  • Christian Dior launches a 'sunglasses try-on' filter on Instagram to drive engagement with followers. They launched a similar experience on Facebook’s camera last year. (Read more on Next Reality)

Via Tommy Palladino on Next Reality

  • Miller Light released a web-based AR experience to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. After scanning the logo, a leprechaun appears with fun animations. (Read more on Next Reality)

Via Next Reality

  •  Morpholio launches ARSketchWalk, an AR app that lets you bring your sketches into the real world. This app targets architects, builders and engineers. (Read more on VentureBeat; Try it on iOS)

Via morpholio on YouTube

  • 'Lessons in Herstory' uses AR to bring to life the forgotten heroes in U.S. history textbooks — women. By putting a new lens on history, this app aims to inspire the next generation through the stories of powerful women. When a user scans a male figure in a certain history book, the app unlocks a female figure during the same period in AR. (Read more on their website; Try it on iOS)

Via Daughters of the Evolution on YouTube

  • Facebook, Google, Magic Leap and others on augmented reality (Read on Fast Company)

  • Pokemon Go creator on augmented reality's "massive potential" (Read on Variety)

  • Bose talks Audio AR (Read on ARtillry)
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