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A weekly roundup of how people and brands are using augmented reality
  • Ghostbusters World (Android, iOS): Find and bust ghosts in the real world!

Via Tommy Palladino on NextReality

  • MathNinja AR — Box Battle (iOS): A new learning game that makes math more interactive

Via PlayStudyGo! on YouTube

  • RosieReality (iOS): Learn robotics and programming through puzzles and adventures

    Via RosieReality

  • The Washington Post Classic App (iOS): Use stencil cutouts to help carve your pumpkin

Via The Washington Post

  • Moschino and H&M fashion brands use Magic Leap for an AR fashion presentation. The immersive experience allowed guests to step into the world of Moschino and explore the collection. (Read more on NextReality)

Via WWD on YouTube

  • Jägermeister uses Snapchat AR lenses to engage customers around Halloween. The branded AR filter brings up Jägermeister imagery, including its signature stag logo, along with tarot cards. Users can then tap on the card to reveal their cocktail fate, eg., drinks that incorporate the digestif liqueur. (Read more on BizBash)

Via Joseph McRobert on YouTube

  •  North’s Focals are trying to be the Warby Parker of augmented reality glasses. The glasses are heads up displays that use retinal projection, meaning the image they display shines on the back of your retina. They can modified to your prescription, too. (Read more on The Verge)

Via Focals by North on YouTube

  • Dallas Mavericks debut augmented reality mural in heart of downtown Dallas. When activated, the mural shows one of their players dunking in augmented reality. (Read more on the Dallas Mavericks’ blog)

Via Groove Jones on YouTube

  • Red Bull creates AR app that lets fan view photorealistic mountain bike course in AR. The experience allows fans to zoom in on key points of interest overlaid on the digital mountainside with interviews and behind-the-scenes clips of the death-defying freeride mountain bike event. (Read more on Digital Trends)

Via Red Bull


UK-based design studio Special Projects announced a new smartphone interface they call ‘Magic UX’. It uses augmented reality and motion sensors inside a smartphone to create a completely new type of multitasking experience that lets you ‘pin’ apps to physical positions. (Read more on BGR)

Via Special Projects on Vimeo

  • What’s driving Amazon’s AR play? (Read on ARtillry)

  • Augmented reality will put the internet everywhere (Read on WSJ)
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