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A weekly roundup of how people and brands are using augmented reality
  • WallARy (iOS): Decorate your empty walls

Via WallARy on YouTube

  • Dance Reality (iOS): Practice dance by following the footsteps

Via UploadVR on YouTube

  • Tonic - AR Chord Dictionary (iOS): Learn the chords on your piano

Via Daniel Kuntz on YouTube

  • To promote the launch of its new podcast, USA Today created an augmented reality experience to introduce listeners to the story of corruption in Chicago. It’s a time-lapse experience that examines the background politics focusing on how government, organized crime, and federal authorities conspired to dump trash in a vacant lot in the Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood. (Read more on NextReality)

Via USA Today

  • In partnership with former Treasurer of the U.S. Rosie Rios, Google releases app that lets anyone see 100 historic American women where they’ve historically been left out: U.S. currency. Discover the accomplishments of activists, artists, scientists, business leaders, writers, civic leaders and more—right on the money in your wallet. Try on Android or iOS. (Read more on the website)

Via Experiments with Google on YouTube

  •  Angry Birds is coming to AR headset Magic Leap. Since the launch of its first game in 2009, the Angry Bird franchise has received 17 different releases, 4 spin-off games, a comic book series and an animated film. Now, it’s bringing the game to AR, starting with Magic Leap. (Read more on VRScout)

Via VRScout

  • Samsung and Disney partner to create Zootopia-themed AR Emojis. These are similar to Apple’s MeMoji and Animoji. (Read more on Samsung’s blog)

Via Samsung


Young developers continue to innovate in AR. This 11-year old has already created two apps and is the youngest recipient of Apple’s WWDC scholarship. Check out his work below. (Read more on NextReality)

Via Anyone Can Code on YouTube and NextReality

  • What AR developer Nathan Gitter learned making 5 AR prototypes (Read on his blog)

  • How AR can change the world of digital marketing (Read on readwrite)

  • A deep dive into brand opportunities and best practices for AR (Read more from IPG)

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