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A weekly roundup of how people and brands are using augmented reality
  • Scriptum (iOS): Experience 'Escape the Room' with an AR portal

Via GameTrailers on YouTube

Via Bookful on YouTube

  • Dominos (Android, iOS): Create and customize your own pizza right in front of you

Via Dominos on YouTube

  • Apple updates Clips, its app for making fun videos with AR effects and 360 immersive environments, with new scenes and characters. One example was a character from The Incredibles 2, which you can take a selfie with. (Read more on The Verge)

Via Apple

  • is continuing work on his set of AR / VR projects, which began last year with his release of an AR graphic novel titled ‘Masters of the Sun’. The story is about the rise and fall of 'what hip-hop meant to be'. He plans to incorporate AR into his upcoming tour where users will be encouraged to experience the final song through an AR app with effects. (Read more on CNN)

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  •  ABC News covers the midterms in augmented reality. It took a year of planning, design and programming but this AR experience makes it much easier to understand information through rich visuals and effects. (Read more on ABC News)

Via ABC News


An exploration of the intersection between voice + AI + augmented reality. In this example, a person asks Siri to show the menu of a restaurant they previously searched for. (Watch the full video on YouTube)

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  • Will augmented reality explode following the latest bloom of projects? (Read on Adweek)

  • A quick read on 6 ways mobile AR is reshaping the 3D landscape (Read on ARtillry)
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