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A bi-weekly roundup of how people and brands are using augmented reality
  • Google creates AR scavenger hunt experience at Mobile World Congress for attendees to navigate the event and collect virtual pins. Lead designers break down lessons learned. (Read more on Digital Trends)

Via Google

  • HBO teams up with Snap to bring Game of Thrones experience at SXSW to promote new season. Using Snap, attendees can unlock digital experiences overlaid GoT physical installations. (Read more on Adweek)

Via Clio Awards on YouTube

  •  CERN teams up with Google to explain the birth of the universe in AR. The app is available on Android & iOS. (Read more on Google’s blog).

Via Google

  • CNN launches app on Magic Leap headset so you can watch live-programming in AR. Some criticized the promotion as unrealistic in showcasing Magic Leap’s actual capabilities. (Read more on Variety)

Via Magic Leap on YouTube

  • AR needs to move from what developers like to what consumers want (Read on VentureBeat)

  • The future of AR according to Microsoft (Read on CNET)

  • What is Magicverse and why? (Read on Magic Leaps’ blog)

  • Examining AR confidence signals (Read on ARtillry)
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