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A weekly roundup of how people and brands are using augmented reality
  • PicsArt (Android, iOS): Turn your friends into live stickers

Via PicsArt Photo Studio on YouTube

  • Genesis Augmented Reality (Android, iOS): Battle your way across the cosmos

Via Genesis Augmented on YouTube

  • Find the mustache (iOS): Seek and find hidden mustaches in this real-world game

Via Lightbulb Labs on YouTube

  • Alibaba is launching Taobao Buy, a new shopping experience that uses AR technology to bring 3D versions of products into the real world. Through cooperation with Microsoft, Taobao Buy’s AR content will be accessible through the HoloLens headset. Alibaba sees a future were AR wearables are an “everyday device. (Read more on VRScout)

Via Alibaba

  • SFMOMA and agency frog design creates an immersive gallery experience called ‘Magritte Interpretive Gallery’. It allows visitors to interact with digital interpretations of some of surrealist Rene Magritte’s work. You can see the exhibit until October 28. (Read more on Mashable)

Via frog design on YouTube

  •  World of Warcraft uses Snapchat Shoppable AR platform to promote its latest expansion of the franchise. After you play the game you can click ‘learn more’ which takes you to the online store. (Read more on NextReality)

Via Tommy Palladino on NextReality

  • California firefighters use augmented reality to get real-time information about infernos. Using the platform Edgy Bees, firefighters are able to use contextual mapping to see threats as they unfold. (Read more on ZDNet)

Via Edgy Bees on YouTube

  • Denmark TV station adds augmented reality to Tour de France coverage. The station added a new studio for the broadcast where on-air personalities can stand in front of virtual backgrounds and behind a large touchscreen tabletop that displays 3D content. (Read more on NextReality)

    Via VZRT on Vimeo


Magic Leap’s Screen app lets you watch NBA highlight footage on screens you place in the world around you. This app is considered to the be the best app on the new AR headset, which costs approx $3,000 to own. (Read more on NextReality)

Via Adario Strange on NextReality

  • From August 2017, ‘The first decade of augmented reality’ by Ben Evans (Read on his blog)

  • Tim Merel of Digi-capital writes about what AR/VR/XR needs to go big (Read more on TechCrunch)

  • A look at trends and industries that will be impacted by augmented reality (Read more on PC Mag)
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