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IFSA Newsletter - November

Hi IFSA Friends! 

This November, some of our officials have met in Germany, for the benefit of both our members and partners. From November 3rd until November 16th, we had a long consecutive meeting in Bonn, Germany, were we focused on the transferring of knowledge between the board 2018-2019 and the board of 2019-2020.

After a week of Board meetings, the Communications Commissions gathered to speak about communication within IFSA, inclusive of this Newsletter! There are a lots of noteworthy changes to be foreseen in the near future that we will update you about in the coming fortnight.

But more importantly, we received loads of amazing news of local initiatives that we can't wait to share with you in this November issue of the Newsletter. We're so glad to see you are all aiming for:

A World That Appreciates Forests! 

IFSA-Hugs, the Communications Commissions and IFSA Board
Survey from an EFI-IFSA-IUFRO Collaboration

In the context of the Global Student Networking and Green Jobs in the Forest Sector Project developed by the EFI-IFSA-IUFRO joint team, IFSA is seeking information regarding currently existing initiatives and networks to support young forest scientists and/or foresters.

What we are looking for can be for example a Summer-school, a Network, a Grant for mobility and/or merits, Fieldwork, Work placement, with a local (region, province), national or international influence.

Some examples of such initiatives/networks are:
> the German Forest Expert Program (Deutscher Forstverein)
> the ITTO Fellowship Program
> the IUFRO/EFI Young Scientist Initiative
> the CFA Young Scientist Program

We are therefore asking your help to find out more of this initiatives!
Fill in the form before December 6th, 2019 if you know any, or share it with your LC, with friends or with whoever might know some initiative!

Thank you for your help!

Damiano, Juliet and Lisa
Share your Youth Initiative with us!
Dear IFSA, we would like to inform you about two international Master programmes at the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) located in Umeå (northern Sweden). You can find more information about the programmes below and on the SLU homepage.

Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management

SLU is currently ranked as number one in forestry science. 
Here you can learn about history, ecology, and management of the world’s largest forest biome, which provides essential raw materials and services worldwide.

Next start: Umeå, September 2020
Number of admission places: 30

Plant Biology for Sustainable Production

Plant products are of great importance. This means that knowledge about how plants work, their genetics and interaction with the environment is essential for durable plant production and sustainable development.

This SLU Programme is part of an European ERASMUS Mundus Plant Breeding Masters programme, which provides scholarships for students who follow the Erasmus Mundus specialisation.

Specialisation: Forest biotechnology
Next start: Umeå, Sep 2020
Number of admission places: 15

Application is open  until 15 jan 2020! 
Go to the website of SLU
Talkshow for the EU Climate Diplomacy Week: Youth for forest conservation

During the EU Climate Diplomacy Week 2019, which took place on 23 September to 6 October, the German Embassy cooperated with FORCLIME to conduct a talk show about “Youth for Forest Conservation” on 24 September at Manggala Wanabakti premises in Jakarta. More than a hundred participants from some universities such as IPB, NGOs and representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry attended the event.
Speakers of the event were participants of the FORCLIME Internship Programme (University of Papua), the International Forestry Students’ Association,, and the Directorate General of Climate Change Management of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF).

“This is a very good platform for the youth to voice our aspirations to the Government of Indonesia. It is rare to find such opportunities.” Andreas, the speaker from the International Forestry Students’ Association, stated during the event.

Who are your Officials?
'Introducing your Officials'-Series Part Three: 
Damiano Cilio and Catharina Schmidt!
Ciao IFSA family!

I am Damiano Cilio and I come from Italy. I am doing my Masters in Forestry Science at the University of Firenze, in Italy, and I am finally close to graduate! My studies focus on wood production and silviculture, but I have recently discovered my interest for education and communication within the forestry field.

I currently live in Bonn (Germany) where I work as a trainee at the EFI Bonn Office on the EFI-IFSA-IUFRO Global student networking and green jobs in the forest sector project, a very cool project where IFSA is collaborating with two of our main partners, focusing on forest sector employment, green jobs and forest education. My first encounter with IFSA was at the end of 2014 when I met a crazy and super motivated group of forestry students during a national conference of silviculture who convinced me to establish an LC at my university.

Since then, I have gotten more and more involved in IFSA through founding my LC, organizing meetings and participating in many others, while also attending several event delegations across Europe and beyond! For my 4th year as IFSA Official, after previously working twice as Regional Representative and then as FAO Head of Subcommission, I thought that it was time to use my broad experience on LCs, Regions and international processes to better serve IFSA as Vice-President.

As Vice-President, I am the President’s right hand and I work with our internal departments - from communication, to capacity building, to regions. My plan for this year is to enhance the communication both within and outside of IFSA, creating a friendly work environment that is open to all the different cultures in IFSA. At the same time, strengthening the connection between IFSA and the Regions will be of highest priority for me.

A fun fact about me is that I introduced the “cappottone” in IFSA - if you don’t know what that is, let’s hope we’ll meet at the next IFSA meeting! ;)
Hello IFSA people!

Greetings from LC Thessaloniki, Greece! Although winter is almost here for most European countries, we still have some summer to share…and also some news! 

First things first, we’re in the process of changing our LC’s logo! Our friend from LC Brașov, Alex Stainbok, created some beautiful logos and we’re in the process of choosing the one that suits us better! We really want to say a big “Thanks!” to him - check out our Instagram page to see the result!

2. In the meantime, we’re in the process of an Open Call for new members! We have already published posts  on our Facebook and Instagram related to this, and we had a presentation at the University this week.

3. As everybody knows, one of November’s highlights is “SoINNOvember” event in Austria and we’re very happy about it, since this is the 3rd event in a row, in which our LC was able to be represented! 

4. Our agenda is full of plans for this year and we would love to share all of our ideas with you in this very Autumn Newsletter but we will need lots of pages for this. So, let us pinpoint our biggest ideas here!
  • Our LC is in open discussion with the LC of Brașov, about creating a 2-way unofficial event the next semester.
  • We would love to start by hosting the CDC meeting that will take place this year!
That’s all folks…but not for too long! We are working hard and we will be in touch with all of you, for more updates!

G.F.S.A. wishes you a pleasant and fruitful -for your work- autumn!
Sunny “goodbyes” and big, Greek hugs from Thessaloniki’s sea shore!
Get in contact with the LC Thessaloniki for more info!

The Web Commission is happy to announce that it is looking for new commissioners!

In the Web commission there are a lot of different tasks ranging from publishing an open call to designing a page look. The exact task depends mainly on you and what you like to do. Here there are some example of possible things to do:

  • updating a page content
  • get in touch with LCs to talk about new website features
  • hacking with HTML/CSS
  • what you believe would be useful for the IFSA website

Commissioner is an unofficial position, which means you are not elected like an IFSA official, but selected by the Head of Commission. As a Commissioner you are rather flexible, both in time you commit to IFSA activities and in tasks you do.

What do I need to know?

The most important skill is motivation an excitement about IFSA!! The are no required skills (really), anyway some experience with WordPress or Photoshop (or similar software) can be useful.

Apply here!
Hallo IFSA Family!

My name is Catharina Schmidt and I am from Germany. At the moment I am studying in the Euroforester programme at the Swedish University for Agriculture (SLU) in Alnarp, Sweden.

I joined the LC Tharandt in 2014 when I attended my first IFSA event SERM 2014 in Romania. I am now the new Treasurer and a member of the board for the IFSA year 2019/2018.

My main tasks will be to manage the IFSA bank account and do reimbursements as well as the bookkeeping. Furthermore, I handle all business with the German authorities. One special task for my term is to switch the IFSA bank account to a bank which only does ethical investments.  

Fun facts about me are that I like to imitate birds and I am fond of mouth wash. Furthermore, I am cooler than Damiano.
Together towards Global Green Supply Chains - a Forest Products Industry Initiative

Yu-Tung Hung and Mahtuf Ikhsan
The international forum, “Together towards Global Green Supply Chains - a Forest Products Industry Initiative”, which was organized by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), took place in Shanghai on 22-23 October 2019. IFSA was having Mahtuf Ikhsan (Liaison Officer for ITTO) and Yu-Tung Hung (Regional Representative for Asia-Pacific) to attend this event.

Youth engagement on Legal and Sustainable Supply Chains (LSSC) programme is essential. Young people should contribute more on promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in their own community. Beside the learning process on the forum, ITTO and IFSA realized that youth participation on the discussion and decision-making activities are a great opportunity to nurture LSSC initiative through different generations in the future.
Read the full article
A report on IFSA representation at GLF Accra

by Ama Acheampomaa Asiedu

In October, I had the opportunity to attend Global Landscapes Forum in Accra, Ghana. The theme for the event was; Restoring Africa's Landscape, Uniting actions from above and below. The event was attended by people from all professions and from different continents.

Apart from volunteering in the Youth In Landscape Booth as the IFSA representative where I showcased IFSA to the world, I had the opportunity to attend some youth side events and also contributed in the discussion at the Workshop:
"Understanding Rural Youth Migration and its Leading Factors"

A lot of strategies to restoring Africa's landscape and youth inclusiveness in this course were discussed at the event. I hope all conclusions and innovations made will be put into practices for a better Africa. 
Breathe to the Future Campaign in Turkey

Mohammad Chehreh Ghani
Breathe into the Future initiated by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 11 million seedlings campaign in some provinces of Turkey in the seeding rate of seedlings reached the figures determined in a short time. While the interest in trees and green is met with great interest by everyone, 11 million saplings will be planted in 81 provinces of Turkey on November 11.

We as forestry students in Istanbul and part of the IFSA family tried to promote and support this campaign through different social media channels. The results are unbelievable! 86% done. Look forward to seeing similar projects around the world.
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