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November Newsletter

International Forestry Students' Association has led a busy month by participating at officials' workshops, international meetings, youth workshops etc. and we have some news update for you. Furthermore, ever wondered how you can continue to work and support IFSA after graduation? This issue will be featuring the IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network, read on and see what IFSA SAN is offering!

IFSA News Update

EFI-IFSA-IUFRO Joint Project 
Earlier this month, the new Joint EFI-IFSA-IUFRO Capacity Development Project has started. The project will promote global student networking, capacity development as well as undertake study on Green Jobs and the future of employment in the forest sector.
Two junior researchers have been employed by EFI to carry out the project over the course next 3 years:
  • Juliet Achieng from Kenya has recently graduated from the MSc. Tropical and International Forestry Program at University of Göttingen. She will bring experience in research, advocacy, communication, education and networking in the field of forestry from different continents - Africa, Asia and Europe.
  • Lisa Prior from Germany holds a MSc in Forest Science and Forest Ecology from the University of Göttingen. She is the current Vice-President of IFSA and has the experience in global student networking, project management and strong passion in helping students to reach their full potential.
They both are looking forward to sharing their experience, passion and talents for the success of this project. Additionally, they will give latest updates on the progress that they make along their research process. Click the button below and get more information on the project!
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Celebrating 5 years of Youth in Landscapes Initiative
The 2018 Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) marked 5 years of youth involvement at the GLF, and the 5th anniversary of the Youth in Landscapes Initiative, including the pioneer YIL mentoring program. First launched at the 2014 GLF in Lima, Peru, this IFSA-led conference-based mentoring program has since matched over 300 mentees and mentors at conferences worldwide. This year saw 50 youth participants matched with 48 experienced professionals for the duration of the GLF, supporting their professional development, networking and knowledge exchange.

Want to know more? Check out the video of the GLF Youth Plenary "Creating our Shared Future", where Sarah Dickson-Hoyle (founding YIL member and current head of the Forestry Education and Training Sub-commission) shares her IFSA and YIL journey, and insights for leading collaborative change in our landscapes and communities.
IFSA's Official of The Month
Congratulation and thank you sincerely from IFSA to Annebel Soer and Damiano Cilio for their hard work on leading a full day youth workshop at the first ever World Forum on Urban Forestry that held in Montova, Italy!
IFSA Local Committees Update
Since the beginning of this IFSA year in August, we have been blown away with how many new Local Committees are applying to be a part of our ever growing family. Welcome to our new members, we hope you enjoy living and breathing forestry with us!
Capacity Development Commission Workshop
These were some of the key principles and values identified by the Capacity Development Commission during their team workshop in Bonn, Germany this November. Over three days, CDC members worked together to identify their team's strengths, learning opportunities and project goals for the IFSA year - so stay tuned to hear more about exciting projects and events planned for 2019!
On 3rd of December, the officials from International Policy Commission (IPC) and the Liaison Officers (LO) got together with board members to discuss the way forward with their external partnerships and upcoming events. In this  three-day long workshop, new guidelines for delegations, changeover as well as new ideas for future involvements were discussed and introduced. During the workshop, IFSA officials were able to share their experiences, expectations as well as ideas on engaging the local committees.

Interested in joining us? This is how you can get involved or stay updated:

Event Reporting

On 1st and 2nd of December, the annual Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) conference took place in Bonn. Together with its partners - YPARD and GAEA, IFSA facilitated a Youth in Landscapes (YIL) GLF Youth workshop prior to the event, where 40 participants were able to learn about landscape approach and build their leadership skills.
During the event, there were more than 300 delegates engaged in workshops and plenary discussions, their engagements have further shown the importance of youth as stakeholder in a sustainable future. The event peaked during its Youth Plenary Session by the announcement of partnership between GLF and YIL. Amongst many others, IFSA president Dolores Pavlovic  was engaged in a panel discussion on collaborative leadership. Not only YIL hosted their own discussion forum, delegates were able to host their own workshops in the interactive pavilions at the GLF as well.

More information on the workshop and agenda can be found here and if you missed out the event, more content can be accessed  through YouTube and GLF's official website. 
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"The Future is For The Youth"
For this reason, a day was specifically devoted for the youth was held prior to the main conference, with purposes of engaging students and youth at the first ever held - World Forum on Urban Forests (WFUF). The organisation of this special day was in the hands of young and passionate members of IFSA, ELASA and AUSF Italia. The event successfully resonated with its participants; thus, our deepest gratitude goes out to the organising committees that consisting members of FAO, SISEF, Politecnico di Milano and youth organisers, who made the event and the representation of youth possible! At last, we hope to see you in four years time at the second World Forum on Urban Forests!

ICYMI! The delegates were able to put together a mini series of WFUF for giving you a glimpse on what happened during the event. The series is a compilation of collected information and opinions from speakers and participants on topics of Urban Forestry. Click the button below and find out more!
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European Forest Institute's (EFI) Young Leadership Programme is open for applications! The 2019 edition will focus on Eurasia  by exploring the potential of the forest-based bioeconomy in China and Russia in connection with Europe. EFI's Young Leadership Programme is aimed at young professionals working in the research and development, governance, administration or business side of the forest sector, or other related field. Click the button below for more information on the application. 
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Social Media Sub-Commission is in need of energetic, motivated and enthusiastic commissioners to help with managing IFSA social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. Being a Commissioner is another way to learn more about IFSA and grow with us! So join us today!
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IFSA communications’ platforms (design, website, social media, promotional materials) are in need of wonderful photos or pictures to create engaging content, so click the link below and see how you can contribute! 


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IFSA Web commission is currently planning on launching new website with all the designs, features and functions that best suit everyone preference and improve for better user experience! Therefore, we would like you to help us fill out our survey by clicking the button below!
The IFSA Supporter and Alumni Network (SAN) was founded one year ago and is thriving and growing since then. The SAN assists IFSA through managing its supporting and honorary members and connects IFSA Alumni accross countries, institutions and generations. The newly elected Alumni Network Coordinators will arrange alumni-meetings in the future. Every person who is interested in supporting IFSA or connecting to other alumni can become a member of the SAN. Click the button below to see how you can join IFSA SAN!
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Daniela Tináková  will be sharing her experience as an IFSA delegate at the Forest Europe Expert Level Meeting. So subscribe today and stay tuned for more!
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