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Hello IFSA Friends! We hope your holidays have been fruitful and enjoyable. We from Communications had a blast at IFSS, meeting so many members! Read about it on our Social Channels and in this Newsletter. Also, read all about: 

  • First Northern Europe Coffee Hour
  • Introducing your Officials Part One: Amos and Jia-Yi
  • IFSA Nostalgia: Back to IFSS 2002 in Indonesia! 
  • IFSA Official Open Calls - Don't miss the deadline (TODAY)! 
  • Unofficial Meeting of IFSA BOKU  - SoINNOVember
  • XXV IUFRO World Congress 
  • Yulia Cuthbertson about her experience during APRM
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The upcoming Coffee Hour ☕️
for Northern Europe is expected in the end of September.
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Who are your Officials?
'Introducing your Officials'-Series Part One: 
Amos Amanubo and Chew Jia-Yi!
Hey Friends!
I am Amanubo Amos from Uganda and it is my absolute pleasure serving as the President of the International Forestry Students Association for the 2019-2020 year. Little to mention about myself – I just graduated for Makerere University with a B.S in Forestry and my studies mainly focused on Nature Conservation and ecology, sustainable management and utilization of Forest  resources as well as some forest policy and economics.
Since I started engaging with IFSA, I have had priceless and memorably enjoyable moments from networking and getting to know diverse cultures to sharing experiences and gaining new insights on forestry from different parts of the world as well as getting the opportunity of exposure to a number of international processes and policy platforms. I have previously served the Head of Council and the councilor in charge of internal affairs in the year 2018-2019 and I am more than happy to still be part of this family that is trying to create world that appreciates forests.
My plans for this year are to enhance the implementation of the IFSA strategy, to enhance the working culture and relationships within IFSA, work with the rest of the board to create a work plan for the year and facilitate its implementation, identify and propose for IFSA’s engagement at regional and global events and partnerships that are relevant for the growth of IFSA’s members. Liaise and utilize the commitment of University admins to ensure the sustainability of our members and create value for our members. And lastly, strengthen our collaboration and engagement with the IFSA-SAN and IFSA’s partners.
Fun fact about me – Besides insects scaring life out of me 😊, I really love eating oatmeal and yoghurt!
Wishing each and every one of you a great year ahead, you are the ultimate ambassadors of IFSA and IFSA is, because you are! Join the IFSA family today!

For the love of a world that appreciates forests

Amanubo Amos
"IFSA Nostalgia"

Our alumni member Stefan Friedrich reached out to the editors of the Newsletter with an unexpected surprise! In the realms of his computer archive lies a hidden gem: a documentary on IFSS 17 years ago. Watch it here and read about his experiences in the description.

Spoiler: the challenges we face in forestry haven't changed much. 

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Do you want to discuss on the topics that came along in the documentary? Comment below the video and chat with your members!
Watch the Video!

Last Call: Hand in your letter TODAY! Open Call for Officials! 

IFSA is looking for enthusiastic and motivated invidual to fill up these vacant positions! Open call for IFSA officials serving the term 2019/2020 is now open for applications. Deadline for applications is on 7 September 2019 23:59 CET.
Apply Today!
The EFI-IFSA-IUFRO project team is looking for junior experts from Brazil, Finland, Germany, Indonesia, South Africa and United States of America to join them for an expert workshop on forest sector employment, green jobs and forest education from the 18th-22nd of November (plus arrival and departure days).

Help them to understand the trends and changes in employment and education in your country, work in a interactive workshop with leading experts in the field and find out what Bonn and its surrounding forests have to offer.
Become a Junior Expert!
Hi IFSA folks!
My name is Chew Jia Yi from Malaysia! However, I’m currently residing in Australia as I’m doing my Master degree of Forestry in the Australian National University.
I’m the newly elected Councillor for Internal Affairs and It’s my pleasure to serve IFSA and IFSA family again for the term 2019/2020. It will be a brand new challenge for me as it is now out of my comfort zone knowing that there are great responsibilities that come with the position.
Therefore as a Councillor for the Internal Affairs, my responsibility is to oversee and make sure the operation of IFSA as an organisation, is well-supported by our commissions. Namely, the Communication Commission and Capacity Development Commission. Communication Commission is essential in terms of supporting the delivering of information both internally and externally are well functioning in IFSA.

On the other hand, Capacity Development Commission is to ensure that our local committee members and officials are well-supported through providing training opportunities, projects and mentorships.

There are a lot of things that I’m excited about. As mentioned, I will be working with both Communication Commission and Capacity Development Commission while fulfilling my responsibility as a board member, which means I will be working with officials from different parts of IFSA! Yes, what I am excited about is working with enthusiastic and motivated officials! Additionally, it is also key to ensuring close communication and transparency between different working groups in IFSA. Hence, communication and transparency are the targets that I will be working towards during my serving time.
A well-known fun fact about me is I work all day and I don’t sleep. Another secret fun fact is I sing!
IUFRO World Congress

The IUFRO World Congress is a pinnacle forestry event in 2019 and gathers together hundreds of scientists, policy makers and civil society organizations to discuss major topics on the international forestry agenda.

Hosted in the Brazilian city of Curitiba, this year IFSA will engage these attendees and regional forestry students with an event series before and throughout the congress, focused on entrepreneurial and scientific skills.

Click the image to see IFSA's involvement in detail. 
IFSA BOKU would like to invite you to Austria to join the unofficial meeting 'SoINNOVember with IFSA BOKU - Social Innovations in forest-based Ventures' which takes place November 7th-11th, 2019.

Have you ever wondered if there was more to forestry than timber harvesting? Come to Austria and let us broaden your perspective. Look beyond the number of trees/ha or basal area/ha and see, hear, taste and smell what social innovation in forest-based ventures does for you and for forestry.
Apply before October 14th, 2019!

Yulia Cuthbertson is uncovering her experience at the Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting 2019 in South Korea.
Read about it here!
Banner Photo Credit: W. Hartmann.
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