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Students at the Royal Academy looking at the Summer Exhibition
Dear Parents and Carers,

We want to thank all of the parents, carers, pupils, staff and volunteers who have helped us have another successful year and we look forward to seeing you again in September 2019. We have captured some of the great achievements of our young people in this newsletter and hope you enjoy reading about them.

We are expecting our building works to commence in August and it will take a year to complete, so apologies in advance for any disruption it may cause on site. Our builders need a compound to prepare, have supplies, bricks, steel and mortar delivered. This area will be in the front car park, so our site will have reduced on-site parking for the next year – so please always use public transport  if possible. The end result will be fabulous, as all of our temporary classrooms that have been here for 18 years will be removed and replaced. 

We wish all our young people who are leaving us a sad farewell. Please stay connected with us and we will continue to help all families and pupils with any concerns whenever we can.

Best Wishes

Mark Dale-Emberton

Term ends on
Friday 19 July 2019
School re-starts on 
Wednesday 4 September 2019
Student Achievements

Young man in wheelchair with Diana Award certificateDiana Award logo

'Young People Can Change the World'
Our student and Chair of our ACE (Action, Change and Equality) group, Hicham has received the Diana Award. Thank you to the Participation Team at the Royal Borough of Greenwich for the nomination.

Cover and inside of an illustrated book

Goddess of the Deep
A book by Fola 

Fola in Class St.James Park has worked really hard over the last year to get her story published, and it is now here! The illustrations are beautiful collages, which were a creative collaboration with her teachers. 

Students in a class colouring in

Sponsored Silence for 
Amnesty International 

Class London Bridge gave up their right to free expression by holding a sponsored silence in June for Amnesty International. During the silence they decided to be creative and do some colouring activities. Students raised £95 and have donated it online to Amnesty International UK.
Amnesty International banner
Student with swimming medalsLondon Youth Games logo

London Youth Games

Well done to Kamil in Class Holland Park for gaining two medals at The London Youth Games for swimming! 
By Max, Class St.James Park

Bubbles Bubbles floating high,
Floating high in the sky.
Swirling swishing.
Colours bright.
Bubbles burst, they are gone.

Twitter bird
(This poem got a retweet from Michael Rosen too!)
Image ©
Subject Updates

AS and A Level Art

Painting of twins in Camberwell
Abstract A Level Art painting   Black and white drawing   A Level Art painting
(Top L to R) Tom, Roxana, Aaron and Tyreck

It’s been an extremely busy but rewarding term for all our students who have successfully finished their GCSE, AS and A level courses in Art. After 2 years of hard work, the Summer Term is where it all comes together. The pressure of completing portfolios and finishing timed tests is intense and our students coped brilliantly.

Bailey and Hope created some wonderful art for their GCSE theme ‘reflection’. Similarly, Tyreck, Aaron, Matthew, Kamil and Roxanna produced stunning artwork for the AS level theme ‘journeys and pathways’. Congratulations to all of them, the progress they have made is truly remarkable.

A special mention must be made for Tom, who is our first student to have completed the full A level course. It has been a real privilege to watch him mature into an artist with genuine potential. We are extremely proud to say that both Camberwell School of Art and The Royal Drawing School, have offered him places to study on their Art Foundation courses. To be offered a fiercely competitive place by two of the country’s top Art colleges is an incredible achievement.

To celebrate all our students’ achievements, an exhibition will be held in both art rooms on Tuesday 16 July, 3.30-5.30 pm. Family, carers and friends are all welcome.

Art exhibition invitation


Small scale architecture building of a school  Ariel view of inside of architect model
A small scale architecture building based on plans for Charlton Park Academy by Post 16 students

The Charlton Park Academy new build is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by our post 16 students. Excited and curious to know more about it, we went through this ambitious architectural design and decided to create in a scale model.

We have started by looking at the 2D project and used cardboard to make prototype. We then explored a single room in order to understand and learn about work in scale. Through this process, the students have had the opportunity to develop their numeracy skills as well as drawing using 3D programs. After doing some research and experimenting, we have started to build our final wooden model. The final work will be displayed in the Charlton Park Academy reception, scale 1:52.

Cup Cake Sale
Canada Water and Green Park's enterprise for their summer outing

Light sign saying cupcake sale   Cupcakes in a box   Close up of cupcakes

Thanks to Annmarie in Class Canada Water who made some spectacular cakes to fundraise for classes Canada Water and Green Park. Over £300 was raised! Thank you to all who bought and enjoyed the cakes.

Design and Technology 

Through our KS3 cohort, learners have been focusing on developing their design and making skills with 3 main topics: Homes and Habitats, Textiles and slippers, Graphic Design and Gliders.

Students building doll's house in DT Student weaving 

It is important for our learners to develop a greater understanding of how the world around them functions. In DT we have been encouraging our students to become critical consumers/users of products, so they can build up a set of transferable skills that include:

  • Being able to define a problem. 
  • Being able to critique and assess work.
  • Become aware of the industrial developments, demographic change, and technological advancements necessary when making a product.
  • Developing technical skills and fine motor skills.
  • Understanding of the current and emergent means of production, manufacturing and digital technologies.

It has been a very enjoyable year for myself and the students. Next year we will particularly shine a light on the role of sustainability and ethics in user-centred design.

Key Stage 4 Students have once again amazed us with their skills and creativity. Pathway One students followed a Product Design and Resistant Material scheme, and all developed a product of their own choice and creation. Pathway Two students were given the task of researching, creating and making musical instruments and then again the result is fantastic.

Seeing how our students can develop their creative, problem solving and making skills from early year 7 to year 11 is something that I am extremely proud of and that I believe we should all celebrate at this time of the year. 

Horticulture and Beekeeping

We continue to encourage healthy living daily at Charlton Park Academy, and this can be seen throughout our rich curriculum. During the summer term and whilst KS3 students were learning about Plants and living creatures in Science, learners from all Key stages took part in horticulture activity at school and outside the school premises.

A special ‘Bravo’ must go to Class London Bridge and teacher Alex Hart for incubating eggs and seeing two beautiful chicks join the academy workforce. We are currently discussing where will the chicken live at the academy and are so excited about the future mini Charlton Park Academy farm – Thank you Class London Bridge.

'Our ‘Veg trugs’ have seen a wide variety of vegetables
grow and pupils have been heavily involved in this.'

Students planting in a trug  Carrots in a trug covered with mesh
Eggs in an incubator A Silkie Chick Beekeepers around a hive

' ... two new colonies have settled our apiary we can expect our largest honey
harvest in September. The Honey will be sold by our students later this year.'


Our ‘Veg trugs’ have seen a wide variety of vegetables grow and pupils have been heavily involved in this. Lining the trugs, loading them with new organic compost, sowing seeds, creating a compost enclosure, weeding, daily watering have kept students busy and enabled them to develop a greater understanding of the importance of horticulture and how to grow your own plants and vegetables.

Following on from a very difficult winter 2018 our Beekeeping project has benefited from a huge boost with the support of the London Beekeeping Association and the Whole Kids Foundation who awarded us with a grant that enabled us to purchase two new colonies as well as new bee-suits and equipment. 

Hands holding a bees tray   Student beekeeper with smoker for the bees
Class Piccadilly attending to the bees for the first time this term

In singles and in small groups students are able to look after the bees or just observe their fascinating behaviour. Every two weeks two to three students take part in a full beehive inspection, this is always carried out with my full supervision. In the summer term all learners have learnt about pollination and discovered how important bees are for our planet and the food we eat every day. We have planted lots of flowers around school trying to help our little friends. We also observed the fascinating transformation of caterpillar into butterfly inside our very own classrooms. 

Now the two new colonies have settled our apiary we can expect our largest honey harvest in September. The Honey will be sold by our students later this year.

Like our society our school is making changes to help the environment. We are so pleased with the impact our bees have had on the local community and how beneficial they have been to the learning of our pupils. Many schools continue to contact us for advice on how to setup an Apiary and we are always happy to share our knowledge. 

See more photographs here:

Active Week  |  Sports Challenge

All students from across the school took part in Charlton Active Week which ran from 17 -21 June. During the week different sporting activities took place across the school week.

Sports day with boy and teacher pushing a child in a wheelchair   Teachers and pupil running in the park
Father and son running in the parkStudents running in the park      Students getting ready to do an activity  
Family walking in the park   Parents under a gazebo

In place of a whole school sports day the students took part in the Charlton Park Academy sporting challenge. Parents/carers were invited along to attend and join in the events with their children. 

The students were encouraged to take part in different events from the options below:

  • Scavenger Hunt: Using picture clues to locate the places in Charlton Park
  • Mile Challenge:  Run, Walk, Skip, Wheel - a track set out in Charlton Park or in the playground to complete 1 mile.
  • Indoor Obstacle Course:  For those students who could not access offsite activities - a variety of sporting challenges to participate with peers.

We are grateful that the rain held off and students and parents/carers enjoyed taking part and completing the mile challenge and scavenger hunt.

Thank you to all of those students and parents who donated money to go towards buying new equipment for our food tech room. 


Head of Aristotle

Key Stage 4 Philosophers

'… students agreed they had improved their
listening skills, were better at taking turns and
at giving reasons for their opinions.'

– Key Stage 4 Philosophy lessons


Class Cyprus have been participating in practical philosophy lessons for half a term now. We have already discussed some very stimulating subjects ranging from family and friends to money and fairness.

Over the last few weeks the students have gained in confidence and most agree that they can now put forward an opinion and back it up with relevant and sensible reasons. However, we still need to work on our listening skills and take turns to speak. At times our enthusiasm gets the better of us and we just have to jump in – but we are making progress and we do help each other. In fact, we have become particularly good at working collaboratively to generate great philosophical questions.

The class have especially enjoyed our warm up games which are designed to help them develop a range of skills such as: active listening, concentration, memory and recall, making creative connections and practising imaginative thinking.

As the facilitator, I have been very pleased to see students beginning to think for themselves and not simply agree or disagree with an idea because their friend said it! This is a sign of maturity and progress. Let’s see if by the end of term, we can be listening as well as we are speaking!

Summer Term Highlights
A Day out to Hastings
with the Albany Taxi Charity

Black Taxi - Albany Taxi Charity in Hastings Student in a Hastings arcade
Two young men and a mum in a fairground ride Child in a Hastings arcade Mother and son with Jane Torvil
Young man with Hastings' major and deputy Mum and son in a Black Albany Charity taxi

In June a group of our students with their parent/carer joined the ranks of the generous Albany Taxi Charity and headed off to Hastings. The families had the best day out to Hastings (even with rain). Visit our gallery page to see more photos: from the day:

Thank you as ever to the Albany Taxi Charity and to Sara for organising and facilitating Charlton Park Academy's families.


Young boy in tractor  Young person at woodlarks  Young person at garden centre  Young people washing up outside at residential trip
Two students talking  Sleeping area at residential   Students cooking outside at residential

All the students had a fabulous time going swimming every day, shopping, strolling around the grounds, socialising with their peers, working on their independent life skills and driving the tractor. A lot of the students had never stayed away from their parents/carers, so this was a big achievement for them and they coped really well.

Student Achievements

  • Ellie from Class Notting Hill Gate went swimming after the staff have tried for two years to get her into the pool at school.
  • McKenzie from Class London Bridge giving the other students instructions on what they had to do when they were on the tractor to keep them safe. 
  • Destiny also from Class London Bridge trying new food.

A massive thank you to all the staff that supported me (Prem from Class Euston) on this trip because without their dedication a trip like this would not be possible. Thank you to: Gem, Lisa, Sian, Rachel D and Nick.

Stage Right
End of Year Show

Students at the end of a school show

Well done to our talented performers and our amazing staff. There was dancing and applauses from the happy audience at the end of the brilliant show. 
To enjoy more photos from the show, visit our Gallery page on the website:

Communication Works 2019

CENMAC and Charlton Park Academy's annual assistive technology event that showcases new and emerging technologies for communication and inclusion took place on Thursday 23 May 2019. Visitors and our students were able to come and test out the technology in our hall of exhibitors, as well as attend the seminars.

We were very proud to welcome our opening speaker the animator Jemima Hughes who gave a brilliant presentation on her journey as an animator who uses an communication aid. Thanks to all our students and staff who helped make this a positive and informative day.

Children playing with isand
Artist graphic facilitating  Children looking at technology items at exhibition  Seminar from LGfL
Technology event  Robot's head      
Students creating digital art

Key Stage 3-5 Art Trips

RA logo   

Students at an art workshop  Students at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
Print of rainbow  Print of fish

Charlton Park Academy students are pleased they have been invited by Royal Academy of Arts to take part of workshop incorporated in the Summer exhibition. The workshop was led by two resident artists, Abi and Harry.

After a quick journey on the underground to central London we arrived at the Royal Academy where we met Abi and Harry. The students were taken to the learning studio where they could choose some pieces of artwork they wanted to explore further in the Sumer exhibition. After that, we headed to the exhibition where we explored the artworks in the galleries guided by Abi and Harry.

In the afternoon took place a creative workshop where the artists have supported the students creating their artwork.

It was a very productive day and the students had a fantastic time exploring and creating art. Some of the artists we have spotlighted in the exhibition are Charles Avery, John Davies, Nicola Hicks, David Mach and our very own Grant Watson.

Horniman logo

Young people looking at artefacts

Class London Bridge had a fantastic time at the Horniman Museum

Related to the topic for this term in arts is Shared View / Totem Pole so we went to visit the World Gallery at the Horniman Museum. The students had the opportunity to explore objects from around the world and see other ways of life, as well as developing the understanding of other peoples, places and cultures.

Our Library Events

Two students holding up books related to Empathy books  Student holding up book tough guy for empathy day

It has been a busy half term in the library, with Time to Talk sessions in the library to celebrate Mental Health Week, with biscuits, conversation, and chatterboxes full of ideas of how to calm anxiety.

Classes that were shadowing the Kate Greenaway award looked at the books from a different perspective and thought about the emotions of the characters within the story for Empathy Day (and beyond!). The lunchtime empathy story time on 11 June was also popular.

The latest display in the library is of books written by and about people from all sorts of backgrounds, and I’d like to set a Summer Reading Challenge for all students to engage with a story about someone that has a different background to theirs. On the display I have stories featuring different religions or cultures, LGBT+ families, neuro-atypical characters, mental and physical health issues, single parent families…etc!

If you have any school library books hiding under a bed or on a shelf them please do send them back into school before the end of term. Don’t forget to use your public library during the summer.

summer reading challenge logo

Our school library needs you!

Help us win £5,000 of National Book Tokens for the school library - and get £100 for yourself! Enter the competition online, it only takes a minute: 


Let's Celebrate 2019!
This year the Speech and Language Therapy team have continued to work with many students and classes across the school, to help promote communication skills for school and the community.

Here are some of the things the students have told us about their input this year:

"I like it, it helps me a lot”
“I think this is a good team to see because you can speak
to them about anything and have good fun.”

“It was fun!”
“Thank you for helping me.”

Students with a SALT teamHere, students from Knightsbridge take part in their Lego Therapy session.
The Speech and Language Therapy team at Charlton Park Academy run a 3 tier service: 
  • Universal Service – the support provided at a whole school level. This includes training for staff; implementing any new initiatives, (such the new IDDSI dysphagia guidelines); and inputting into school communication policies; amongst other things.
  • Targeted Service – the support provided to target a specific need for a particular class or group of students. This includes support therapy groups such as Lego Therapy or social skills, modelling and demonstrating activities or strategies to staff, and giving pre-referral advice to teachers regarding a student’s communication needs.
  • Specialist Service – the support provided to students whose needs cannot be met by the above services. This may apply to different young people at different times, and the service is responsive to their changing needs.  This service may be appropriate for students who having eating and drinking needs that require assessment, students who may require new Alternative and Augmentative Communication systems, or students who require a full language assessment. This is the only level of the service that requires the young person to have an open referral to Speech and Language Therapy. 

If you have any questions regarding your child’s Speech and Language Therapy needs please call us on ext. 249, or mention it to your class teacher and leave a number for us to call you back.

seeability logo
Children with learning disabilities are 28x more likely to have serious sight problems but are currently much less likely to have access to the right eye care.  SeeAbility is a national charity which champions better eye care for people with learning disabilities and autism - many of whom have sight loss.  

SeeAbility’s eye care team come into the school once a week to provide eye tests. If needed they also supply glasses for the children and ongoing support with repair, replacement and adaptions. The  team also provide written reports for every child explaining the results of the test to help parents and teachers understand how well they can see - and how best to support them to achieve their visual potential. 

EVERY Charlton Park Academy student is entitled to this service, free of charge. If you would like your child seen, please get in touch with Lesley McMahon who will give you a starter pack and consent form. Once SeeAbility receive the required information your child will be booked an appointment with their eye care team for an eye test. 

As a result of SeeAbility’s campaigning, NHS England recently announced a sight testing programme in every special school in England. Charlton Park Academy is privileged to be able to offer that facility now – so please don’t miss this opportunity to get your child’s sight tested as it could be life changing.

Text by Noopur Patel, Optometry Practice Manager 

Class Updates
Key Stage 3 and 4
Assistant Principals KS3 and 4: Rachel Dunlop and Deborah Collard

 A young person lying on the floor  Young woman in wheelchair with oversized sunglasses

Class Angel has been working really hard this term and have enjoyed our sensory stories about the circus and the seaside. We are all getting better at making choices and communicating whether we like or do not like an object that we touch.  

We have also been exploring more sensory equipment and have enjoyed trying out the massage mat, plus they have responded well to therapressure brushing sessions.  

Young person with SEN in a paddling pool
We'd all like to wish Eric well as he moves to a new home and school from September. He has made a lot of friends here and we are really going to miss him and his incredibly cheeky personality. Good luck Eric and continue to be a superstar in your new school. 

Have a wonderful summer break everyone. 
London Bridge 

Fancy dress runners  Runner dressed as spiderman
Students posing in Battersea Park with TV personality
young plants in big grow pots   A chick

We have been really active this term - both physically and mentally. We took up the Daily Mile Challenge – where we ran, strolled or walked a mile each morning (sometimes in fancy dress) in Charlton Park and were part of Go Run For Fun at Battersea Park.

This term we have had lots of discussions on various aspects of life and the world around us. This led us on to fundraise for Amnesty International by giving up our right to free expression by holding a sponsored silence – a great way to learn about human rights and fundraise at the same time. We've also took part in the BIG Grow but haven't had any crops yet!

Another highlight though has been nurturing four Bantam Silkie chicken from eggs to hatching. Sadly two did not hatch but we have two healthy and delightful chicks that we are taking care of.

We hope you all have a great summer!
Bond Street

Student looking at an insect in teacher's hand Students at the Ecology Park Woolwich 

Bond Street visited the Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park as part of their Science topic for the Summer Term.

We got a guided tour around and a fantastic hands on experience. We learnt about plants and minibeasts. We were all brave and held different minibeasts in our hands - even the staff. We got to use binoculars for a spot of bird watching and finished our morning with some sensory stone throwing in the river.
Swiss Cottage

Students in a classroom Students in garden fixing the fence Students having a learning session on the floor
Students around a classroom table  Students in class around a table  Students painting a papier mache elephant

This year, students in Swiss Cottage have worked extremely hard on developing positive friendships. Students in this group have enjoyed working together on Art projects that included making a large Elephant using textiles to decorate, making it a magnificent piece of work completed by students.

Students have also taken on some work experience by decorating the garden area, first painting the fence then making flags related to Europe to place on the walls. The students have worked tremendously hard this year and they have also matured with age growing into young men.

We would like to wish our families a happy summer holiday, and we look forward to seeing everyone in September.

Young girl in food tech making cup cake Young man and support worker in park sitting down Young man in food tech

Students in Wimbledon have had a fun filled
academic year of learning.

A popular subject this year was Food Tech. Students have used their computer skills to research recipes for healthy meals and have carefully followed instructions to cook tasty meals in their Food Tech lessons. We have also practiced measuring liquid ingredients and weighing dry ingredients and have successfully made delicious healthy milkshakes and smoothies!

In Living Skills, we have been learning how to plan a picnic for nine people. This has included how to create shopping lists, how to fill picnic baskets and ways to layout a picnic. Thankfully due to the great weather, we’ve had several visits to Charlton Park and the playground to sit and enjoy the delicious food we’ve made.

As well as planning our meals, we also thought of ways we can make picnics even more fun and interesting. We looked at different games using parachutes, bubbles and types of water play. We had great fun!

St.James Park

Well we have had another busy term in St James’ Park

Illustration of ShakespeareEnglish
In English we have looked at The Tempest by William Shakespeare. One of our students has been looking at writing a book and has had it published by a local printers. We were all very excited and proud of this. Also a student wrote a poem that was seen by Michael Rosen on Twitter. Again we all were very excited and proud.


In Maths we have completed practical problems using number calculations. We have been out in the local community, following shopping lists and using money in cafes and supermarkets.

Food and Design Technology
In Food Technology we have made healthy snacks and in Design and Technology we have looked at the Life and the Importance of Bees.


In RSE we have thought how to keep clean and healthy. We have also explored about how we can keep fit and healthy. We have been to the school gym every Thursday, taken part in a variety of sporting events and used the outdoor gym in Charlton Park and last but not least … we had a rowing lesson at the Royal Dock Adventure Park.

Recently several students have been on a residential visit to Woodlarks and had a fabulous time learning outdoors.

Overall we have had lots of fun learning.

Post 16/Key Stage 5

Assistant Principal KS5: Jo Zarb



Leavers' Assembly
Wednesday 17 July 2019 
| 1.15pm

graduation hatgraduation hatgraduation hat
Holland Park

Two students against a water backdrop  Two students against a water backdrop

Earlier this term Class Holland Park were involved in a hot seating task, to explore the inner monologue of a young soldier moments before landing on the beach at Normandy.  As stimulus, the class watched a short clip showing footage of young soldiers, fraught with terror and trepidation of the chaos they are about to be cast into.
This recorded Speaking and Listening task helped the class formulate and articulate individual empathetic responses, which they were then able to present as a poignant and highly emotive, first person written narrative.

Young man in wheelchair with paper badge Young woman in wheelchair with paper badge Young man at table with paper badge

Class Euston marked D- Day this year by making colourful paper badges.


Young adults in a speedboat

Class Cockfosters had a super day rowing with Oliver and London Youth – however, they loved going fast on the speedboat!

Creative Arts Collaboration

Young people dancing

Creative Dance

This term students have been involved in a fantastic project with Greenwich Dance. Over ten weeks a mixed group from across the school have been participating in dance, music and art workshops with professional artists. They were inspired by a visit to Trinity Laban to see a dance performance by Co-Motion and a dance workshop with a professional dancer in the studios. The has led to a creative project where students have worked together to develop their skills, working towards a performance at the end of term. It’s been great to see students working in collaboration with each other with creative flair.

Blackheath Halls Opera

Students listening to iplayer via a computer
The collaborative project with Blackheath Opera Halls was featured on  BBC Radio 3 on Tuesday 9 July in the evening. Students involved in the project – Hope, Kofi and James – listened on catch up the morning after and loved hearing James the Director talk about the community project. …

This year Hope, Kofi and James are representing the school and taking part in this exciting production of opera La Belle Helene. This performance brings together a cast of world-class professional singers, talented vocal students from Trinity Laban and committed local amateur performers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, united in their passion for music-making.

The students have been working hard learning lyrics and movement and must be commended for putting in extra hours rehearsing at weekends and evenings in preparation for performances at Blackheath Halls during the last week of term. Well done to all; it’s going to be a fantastic show!

Parent/Carers Information
Assertive Parenting Workshop with CAMHS

This term parents/carers had the opportunity to join the four week course with CAMHS on Positive Parenting.
The attendees felt they learnt a lot, got to share ideas/tips, good conversations and a positive space to
reflect on themselves.

People at a workshop listening to speaker     Back of man talking to counsellor

Attendees said:

'I would recommend the course to others, so we can have
even wider discussions.'

'Even if the workshop may not be totally beneficial to you,
it is highly likely that you will get to hear useful suggestions and
have good conversations.'

'I learnt a lot even though we all have different challenges.
I am able to look back on my notes, as it helps to reinforce
my goals and strategies.'

Attendees also felt:

'My strategy now is to just focus on travel training during
the summer. It will be less pressure on the both of us
and we can try out different methods.'

'My focus now is aiming to be calm before entering what I know is a
challenging situation for myself and my child.'

To download the presentations from the four week course, please visit:

Parent/Carer Support Group

A choir group standing for a photo
The fabulous choir before they sang at the Woolwich Centre

On Thursday 11 July our amazing parents/carers sang for the first time as Greenwich Parent Voices Choir at the Woolwich Centre. Thanks to the Greenwich staff and music therapists that couldn't resist joining in, plus all those in the library. Our parents/carers did this inaugural performance to fundraise for Charlton Park Academy's 2020 Prom.

Please contact Sara Johnson if you want to find out more information or check the parent/carer support group page for new events added or any alterations.

Summer BBQ flyer


You are all invited to the annual summer BBQ at Charlton Park Academy on
Friday 16 August 2019.

Please contact Sara and let her know you wish to attend and what you intend to bring and share.

This is a great opportunity to meet new parents/carers and those whose children are in key stages 3-5.

A group of parents/carers with a certificate

Our parents/carers
– Certificate of Achievement

Well done to our creative and smart parents/carers. They have been awarded a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of their commitment to learning for their City Lit's Make Do and Sell workshop.

Parents/carers organised, planned and handmade craft for the annual Christmas Fair.
Autumn 2019

Please note:
 Mondays City Lit 10am-12noon, Wednesdays every month 10am-12noon GPV, Thursdays Choir from 1-2.30pm and Friday yoga from 10–11.30am.

Some activities will take place at Trinity Place, Trinity Methodist Church and Youth & Community Centre, 265 Burrage Road, Plumstead London SE18 7JW – further details to follow.
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Poster for futurversity


We provide free courses and activities for 10 – 25 year olds that aim help them develop the skills and self-belief they need to make the most of their lives. Our programmes have been proven to raise aspirations, reduce youth crime, break down racial tensions and get unemployed young people off benefits and into work.'

DS Active Camp
Poster for holiday meals

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has commissioned one of its partners, GCDA, to deliver a Holiday Meals programme again this summer, as part of its work to try and address the effects of poverty on families. The Holiday Meals programme means that children and young people can get delicious and free lunchtime meals at many different holiday provision settings.

Download further details here:

rix media logo

Don't forget to update your WIKIs!
website to login:

To find out more about the WIKI and Communication at Charlton Park Academy visit:


Sweet Home Alsager 

Soundcloud banner

This audio is a memoir by Matt who volunteers with us about leaving home to go to university. It is the beginning of his independence as a young man who has cerebral palsy and uses a communication device. For a transcript, please download the appropriate chapters here:

Read by Matthew Goodsell and William Jones 

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Friday 19 July 2019

School resumes on Wednesday 4 September 2019
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