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Children decorating a Christmas tree
Symbol of bell and hollyDear Parents and Carers,

We all wish you Seasons Greetings and hope you all enjoy time with friends and family. We are preparing for the new year ahead. We are planning to adjust and improve our curriculum and assessment systems, so you can more easily observe personal progress your children make with us over time and ensure useful education to assist you in preparing your children for their adult life.

Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) has currently paused the parent consultation process about restricting ours and Willowdene’ s specialist school funding due to the election, so we will all receive updates after Christmas. We are all hoping it will reflect the additional cost of living increases, since 2012 ‘top up’ funding rates for all SEN children were frozen by RBG, so we can pass on any additional income to our dedicated staff and their families next year. Many thanks for your support.

We are also planning to adjust what we offer for school lunches in order to widen the range of meals your children will experience and ensure that they are always wholesome and healthy.

The replacement building works are on track and we are hoping that all site works will be completed by May 2021. We are looking forward to having redeveloped classrooms and some additional play space for children on site.

Mark Dale-Emberton

Craft santas

Christmas tree and Santa symbolsNiall Fallon, Senior Vice Principal:

May I take this opportunity to wish all of our students, parents, carers and staff a peaceful and enjoyable holiday. Charlton Park Academy has enjoyed a great Autumn term, welcoming in excess of 30 students into our school community. The school has been busy exploring our curriculum offer and how we will improve educational and enrichment for all of our students as they journey through our school. Classes have enjoyed numerous outings and they have been busy preparing for the end of term celebrations.

I was interviewed by two classes recently about my role at Charlton Park Academy, the questions were thoughtful, challenging but most of all delivered with great humour, this is a reminder of how privileged we are to work with such wonderful students. I look forward to 2020 as we near closer to submitting our LLPA (Leading Parent Partnership Award) bid, evidencing the fantastic collaboration between parents and school.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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Please take a moment to fill out the Parent View form to give your views on Charlton Park Academy for Ofsted. Click here to start: PARENT VIEW
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We would like to hear your views about the proposals we have published in a Consultation Paper on the future of SEN Funding in Royal Greenwich. The consultation period closes on 20 December 2019. You can give your views by responding to this survey.

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EHCP Banding
Term ends on
Thursday 19 December 2019
School re-starts on 
Monday 6 January 2020
Student Achievements
Collage of boy putting star on Christmas tree

Competition Finalist

Well done to our marvellous student Megan in Class Cockfosters who was a finalist in the InvestIn Christmas competition 2019.
     War poem 

A poem for Remembrance Day 2019
by Levi in Class London Bridge
War memorial created by

Remembrance Day 2019

Class Holland Park made a respectful display for Remembrance Day.
three students holding a handmade book

Class Wimbledon's authors

Class Wimbledon created their own fully illustrated fairytale book for the library, based on Hansel and Gretel, including the whole class as characters.
Whole School and Class Events
Green School Project logo

We are working with the Green Schools Project to improve our knowledge of and address climate change across the school.
Children in Need 2019

Pudsey and Emily Pudsey and student
Child in pyjamas drawing Woman in pudsey top Boy and girl in Pudsey outfits

On Friday 15 November we celebrated and raised money for BBC’s Children in Need. We came to school dressed in our pyjamas and took part in a dance-a-thon in the morning. Some classes even got to meet Pudsey Bear! In the afternoon we had a whole school celebration and Pudsey Bear collected the money we raised – over £200 this year! Thank you to everyone who donated.

Anti-Bullying Week

We took part in Anti-Bullying Week this November. The theme this year was ‘Change Starts with Us’. Every class across the school completed work thinking about what bullying is and how we can change what we do, even if it is something small to stop bullying if we see it.

This included how to make:

  • positive changes to my day
  • positive changes to my environment
  • positive changes to stereotypes
  • positive changes to be safe
  • positive changes to work as a team

Group of young people with young trees to plant

Julie from Class Holland Park received several tree saplings from The Greenwich Ecological Park to plant with students as National Tree Week ran from 23 November - 1 December. 

'This is all part of the Mayor’s work to increase London’s tree canopy
by 10 per cent by 2050 and maintain London’s status as the world’s first
National Park City. – Text ©

Autumn Term 2 Highlights

UEL Social Work Students

Students in class with support

Social Work Students from the University of East London have started their ‘Advocacy Pathway’ placement at Charlton Park Academy, as part of their ‘Readiness for Practice’ module. Over the next 6 months they will be working closely with the Young People from Euston Class, learning about them, their communication skills and supporting them to develop their multimedia self-advocacy skills and record their dreams and wishes on their individual Wikis.

This programme is extremely valuable not only to the Young People but also to Social Work students. Through this programme, they have a unique opportunity to learn new skills that will help them to understand the value of person-person centred practice, the importance of working in partnerships with families, involving the Young People and communicating with them effectively.

Social Work students’ feedback from previous years was always overwhelming, they have learnt much more than they could ever have learnt from textbooks or lectures.

Text © Gosia Kwiatkowska

Social work students feedback 2019 | Video 1
Social work students feedback 2019 | Video 2
Social work students feedback 2019 | Video 3

Communication at Charlton Park Academy
In previous newsletters we celebrated the work of various therapy teams at Charlton Park Academy. In this newsletter we look at Sally our Speech and Language Therapy Assistant and Claire, Communication Support Assistant at Charlton Park Academy:

Blonde woman portrait  Blonde woman portrait
Supporting Students to communicate

Sally and I wanted to introduce ourselves. Sally (left) is a Speech and Language Therapy Assistant. My name is Claire Hennings and I am a Communication Support Assistant both at Charlton Park Academy. We support students throughout the school seeing students individually, in groups or supporting their communication in the classroom.

We both make resources to support their communication and independence skills in class, around school and in the community. Some of the resources we make are timetables, now and next boards, reward charts, topic boards (a grid with words and symbols for a specific topic), sequences (which can be used for a step by step activity like cooking or personal care). They help to support the students understanding of language, learn new vocabulary and expand their expressive skills. We also make and add to communication books and add vocabulary to high tech devices.

Sally compiles communication passports for students who are leaving Charlton Park Academy. Communication passports contain important information about a student to take with them to a new setting or meet new people. Visuals can help our students in so many ways, and we don’t want to keep it just at school, if you think visuals would be helpful for you at home, we would be happy to help.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Sally or Claire via your child's class teacher

SeeAbility Eye Care team win the
outstanding nasen provision of the year award!

Group of men and women standing with awardSeeAbility are currently partnered with 7 special schools and recently they have WON the 2019 prestigious nasen provision of the year award, the nasen award seeks to recognise best practice that benefits children and young people with special educational and additional needs and disabilities

The Children in Focus project began in 2013 by providing eye tests and dispensing glasses to pupils. SeeAbility’s objective was to provide proof to NHS England that there was an unmet need for eye care amongst children with learning disabilities who are 28 times more likely to have a serious sight problem but less likely to access the eye care they need. Through this SeeAbility also wanted to show to NHSE that in school sight testing should be across all special schools.

Charlton Park Academy very kindly opened their doors to SeeAbility’s clinical team of eye care professionals, who have provided eye examinations and supplied, fitted and repaired glasses on site. The collaboration has now gone on to become the biggest global study on the eye care needs of children with learning disabilities.

Thanks to SeeAbility’s hard work and dedication NHS England have now committed to a special schools sight testing roll out across England as of 2020.

SeeAbility’s Optometry Practice Manager Noopur Patel said: “Working for an organisation whose values are truly life changing is a dream come true. Winning the nasen award is something we are all really proud of and even more so because we did in partnership with the schools who have been our support system from the very beginning. The project has been successful in carrying out over 3500 eye tests and has dispensed over 1700 glasses to nearly 1500 children. To know that we are now going to work with NHS England to roll out a national programme so that every child has an equal right to sight, is truly moving. I’m honoured to be a member of SeeAbility’s eye care team and to know that we are achieving the extraordinary every day.

If your child would like to access our service at Charlton Park please kindly get in touch with Lesley McMahon and they can give you a starter pack from which we can then have a look and book the appointment accordingly”.

If you would like to know further about SeeAbility and the work that they do, have a look at their website:

Text by Noopur Patel, Optometry Practice Manager

Key Stage 3 and 4
Assistant Principals KS3 and 4: Rachel Dunlop and Deborah Collard

child smiling  Girl with Father Christmas
Children with Father Christmas Child with snowman in grotto

Class Euston went to see Santa at his Grotto at Woodlark. The students all had a magical time singing Christmas songs, dancing and laughing with their friends and getting into the festive spirit!

Covent Garden

students and builders Builders talking to students

We have been working hard this term. We have learnt about newspapers and have written articles about events happening at school. Mark Dale-Emberton and Claire organised for the builders to come to see us so we could talk to them about the new building and what their jobs were.

We met Ryan (project manager), Owen (site manager) and James (engineer). They also bought lots of Personal Protective Equipment with them for us to try on. This is 5 pieces of equipment that keep them safe; goggles, gloves, high vis jackets, steel-toe-cap boots and hard hats. We had lots of fun talking to them.


    Child at computer 
Students laid a wreath in Charlton for Remembrance Day and preparing for Maritime Radio

"We were very pleased to welcome our special guest from Charlton Park Academy
to our studio today. Some future radio presenters in the making! "

- Maritime Radio, Greenwich
London Bridge

Students making an omelette    Boy in wheelchair holding eggs

Class London Bridge enjoyed making omelettes during Food Technology, especially as our chickens provided the eggs plus the students had grown the potatoes and herbs.


Class Angel                
Class Angel all enjoyed dressing up for Children in Need 2019.

Post 16/Key Stage 5

Assistant Principal KS5: Jo Zarb



School remembrance celebration      
Making a guy fawkes  Boy and teacher making art

Marking Remembrance, Guy Fawkes and (below) Movember

Post 16 - Friday Culture Sessions

Friday afternoon Cultural Studies Group is open to all. Classes can attend for either all of part of the afternoon. We experience and celebrate general customs and believes of particular groups or people.

Young man in photo booth with moustache     Young woman in wheelchair and teacher at photo booth
Hyde Park

Student with sen drumming with support worker Boy and teacher looking at symbols
Students in Hyde Park enjoyed their favourite Sensory Story 'Lion King' .
Lewisham College

Supported Learning at Lewisham College will be having further open mornings on the following dates 11am – 12:30pm: 
15 January 2020, 12 February 2020, 11 March 2020, 22 April 2020 and 13 May 2020.
Rainbow House
 Girl in wheelchair  Young girl in wheelchair being helped to sweep leaves  Scout girl in a session
This Autumn students were involved with gardening, clearing the many Autumn leaves and regularly attending scouts.

CPA Library

Student at computer doing work
It has been a busy half term in the library!

A pilot group of students are working through the ReadingWise intervention programme to help them build their confidence in reading, it seems to be making a real positive difference for a number of them and the plan is to roll it out more widely in 2020.

The first parent’s literacy meeting was well attended and we got great feedback from those that came. Zoe, our literacy advisor, and I talked about the basic what/how/why of reading at home with your child in order to encourage a love of story and an interest in words. The second session was on Friday 13 December and went into more detail about helping children learn high frequency words. In January we shall have a session about phonics, so watch this space…

Teacher talking to students     Group of parents in a library

Clip from online magazine

The Book Trust published an article on the power of the Special School Library Pack. They said: 

We spoke to Caroline and Lyn, who both work at special school Charlton Park Academy in South East London and helped us to make this year's Special School Library Pack. 

Read the full article here.


LPO february half term event

For further details visit
Scout logo
Calling young people aged 9 to 25 who are attending A SEN School/College. We are 46th Woolwich Scoutlink Group based in Charlton Academy since 2000. As we start our 20th year we are inviting you to join our Special Needs Group. We do Badge work that’s adjusted to their abilities. Camps, several a year from weekends to a full week in the summer, even a Christmas that’s indoors. Leaflets available in the reception, so please share or
email Michael the Group Leader: for more information.
Mondays 6pm to 7.30pm Term Time ONLY.

Parent/Carers Information
GPV Runners
' I'm now doing three laps of the park, when before I could hardly make
it round once. I have my music on and that inspires me to keep going.'


GPV Runners        Two women in front of Movember Stand
' Well done to Sharon and Michelle who ran the 5K Mo-Running'

Choir in library
' Parents/carers with library staff at Greenwich Library, Woolwich Centre where the choir sang Christmas songs and fundraised for Prom 2020'


Group of women with certificateFundraising for Prom 2020

Help our Post 16 parents/carers give the leavers of 2020 a fantastic Prom, that will be a celebration of their achievements together and the best party ever!

Hear Zak's mum on Radio Maritime talking about fundraising for PROM 2020 and Charlton Park Academy: 

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Communication Works 2020
14 May (South) and 21 May (North)

Communication Works logo
Next year we will be holding two Communication Works – South (14 May 2020) and North (21 May 2010). We will be collaborating with the ACE Centre and New Bridge School school in Oldham (North) to celebrate assistive technology and to help level the playing field for all learners.

More details to come about Communication Works 2020, South and North.  Visit:


The last month has been a busy one for the CENMAC team. We were honoured to have our 'A Voice for all 50 years of Assistive Technology in Education’  film shown at the LearnED SEND event in Havering.

The attendees at this event were also interested to hear from Mark Dale - Emberton about the integration of technologies within Charlton Park Academy and the impact on learning. This term we have also put together a couple of web pages to share some of the new research and thinking along with resources for teaching literacy to those with alternative communication.  

A particular link you may want to watch is the powerful film from Jonathan Bryan at ‘Teach us too’ 

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