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Young boy holding a daffodil bulb and he is in a wheelchair
Spring bulb planting
Half-Term February 2021
Monday 15 - Friday 19 February 2021


graphic of hand wash, face mask and distance symbol
Young man in the snow next to a snow person

Home Learning February 2021

Cyril’s got a new mate in Class Cockfosters!

Thanks to our families for emailing photos that we have enjoyed sharing at our Friday assemblies.

Jack Petchy Award Winner 2021
Portrait of a girl with glasses and brown hair  A portrait of smiling boy with grey jumper  Portrait of a girl with smile and pink top  Portrait of a man with beard and jacket
Anika, Destiny Alia and Berenger

Congratulations to all your Jack Petchey winners, keep up the good work and remember if you think you can, you can! – Jack Petchey Foundation, January 2021(via Twitter).

A yellow starCongratulations to our Jack Petchey Winners

In mid-January students and staff celebrated at The Jack Petchey Foundation Award winners virtual ceremony. All of us at Charlton Park Academy are incredibly proud of all our winners; Abigail, Jonathan, Destiny, Anika, Alia, Fola, Lisa and our Leader Award Winner Berenger.


Sara, Lyn, Teresa and Becca made simple wellbeing videos to help students and adults during Children's Mental Health Week 2021.

If you need to stop and take a breath, or you just need a moment, please visit our wellbeing page for resources to help you. 

To see all videos visit:

Wellbeing at Charlton Park Academy

Wellbeing colourful chart with text about fear, anxiety and joy

For support and wellbeing information from Sara our Family Support Worker, please visit these areas below on our website:

Image - Wellbeing chart

Tips to lift your mood
Shared by Ani Bolina

If you have 2 seconds…

Smile! Consciously activating your grin (otherwise known as faking it!) releases the same happy chemicals in the brain as smiling spontaneously.

If you have 10 seconds…

Drink a glass of water. Mild dehydration can leave you feeling ‘meh’, affecting your mood, energy levels and ability to think clearly, according to research from the University of Connecticut. Being mildly dehydrated means losing 1.5% of your normal water volume – yet we often don’t feel thirsty until we’ve lost 2%. ‘Drinking a glass of water takes seconds and can instantly raise energy levels, lifting your mood,’ says Slimming World nutritionist Jenny Barber.

If you have 12 seconds…

Try this mini meditation technique from Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, the former Strictly Come Dancing star who’s now a life coach and hypnotist. ‘Simply breathe in for a count of four, breathe out for four, then hold your breath for four,’ she says. ‘It’s great for your emotional wellbeing, as it can instantly help to diffuse everyday irritations.’

Bouquet of flowersIf you have 30 seconds…

Smell some fresh flowers (or spritz on a floral perfume). According to US research, this can help you feel both happier and more sociable.

If you have 60 seconds…

Release neck tension and give yourself a pick-me-up at the same time, says top personal trainer Dalton Wong. ‘While sitting on a chair, pull your shoulders back. With your left hand, hold the base of the seat. Place your right hand on top of your head and gently press above your left ear. You should feel a stretch on the left side of your neck. Hold for three long, deep breaths. Now tuck in your chin and look towards your right hip. You’ll feel the stretch all the way down to your left shoulder. Hold for another three breaths, then switch and repeat on the other side.’


Latest News
Don't forget to visit latest news on the homepage of our website to find out what's happening at school plus general information on events and health:
Remote and Home Learning
On our website we have an area for students, parents and carers called Remote and Home Learning which can be found under the students' tab, or add remote and home learning in the search button. This area has online resources and a link to Microsoft Teams for your child's virtual classroom.
Awareness Days
Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

Some classes shared this clip of Michael Rosen introducing his new book The Missing, about his family that was lost during WW2.  This book is available in our school library.
Safer Internet Day 2021

On Tuesday 9 February we took time to explore online safety, especially during this time when we need to be online a lot more in order to complete a school day.

Class scene with students looking at whiteboard  Class scene with students talking with a teacherClass St.James Park learnt about online safety and had a discussion with the students home learning via Teams

CENMAC recommends introducing the use of the child-friendly search engine  - It is advert free, safe searching and also encourages students to actively participate in keeping themselves safe online and reporting anything they are uncomfortable with.

The home page of a search engine with a robot character and search bar
Image © Swiggle homepage

To find out more tips and information on assistive technology to support education, sign up to CENMAC's newsletter or read their blog posts every Friday.

Wellbeing Week

A simple breathing exercise with Teresa,
made during Children's Mental Health Week.
Red graphic with colourful text Express Yourself

Two young male students in a maroon and red t-shirt smiling in a classroom     Portrait of a young man with a grey jumper and red collar

Students expressing themselves through colourful clothing and a fantastic smile during Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week | 1-7 February 2021

The first week of February Charlton Park Academy marked Children's Mental Health Week with activities and resources for students, staff and parent/carers. Sara, Lyn, Becca and Teresa also made videos to demonstrate simple exercises to help with anxiety and worrying. Students at school and home dressed up and expressed themselves in many ways on the Friday of that week. At assembly there was a lovely showcase of what makes us happy.

Please click on the link below access our wellbeing page on the website:

Community News
Photo of a football pitch from above with text describing hiring space
Key Stage 3 and 4
Assistant Principals KS3 and 4: Rachel Dunlop and Deborah Collard

Online Assemblies

'Our virtual assemblies have now become
the highlight of my week!'

Collage of photos, artwork and written work from school students
Children's Mental Health Week assembly

Like many of you, I am missing all our usual social gatherings and being together as part of our school community, particularly those times in school such as choir and assembly when we would come together to sing, have fun and celebrate the success of a week or term.

Our virtual assemblies have now become the highlight of my week! It is great to see so many of you at school and home joining in, sharing what has happened during the week and celebrating our learning.

Thank you to the students and families at home for sharing pictures and joining in and for those in school for sharing your learning. We look forward to a time when we can all get together again, until then I look forward to seeing you online at assembly every Friday at 2pm!

(If anyone is having issues accessing the assembly please contact you class teacher)

Recommended workshop:

Several photos of men women and children smiling with text virtual workshops

Microsoft free parent and student workshops
Interactive virtual workshops and training sessions taught live by Microsoft associates.
Link: Microsoft - London

 Young girl in a wheelchair with a teacher  Young girl online with parent taking an online lesson  
 A blurred photo of a student in a wheelchair  Girl in a wheelchair with a teacher Young boy in wheelchair on a screen taking part in an online lesson
Students in class and online 

Students in Class Angel have been working really hard this term and it has been lovely to see most of the students either in school or during live online sessions supported by their wonderful families. I want to thank them for embracing the new way of online learning and participating with the activities (especially the messy ones). 

Our theme has been Victorian Historians and the students have been enjoying our Alice in Wonderland Sensory story showing lots of responses to the music or objects that are used, and also using some lovely vocalisations as well.  I hope it is not too long before we are all able to be back in class.  For the students have a well deserved break over half term, and for your mums, dads and siblings, keep going you are all amazing. 


Class lesson with student on screen - a girl in pink top and boy in class in a wheelchair Online class and real class with students laughingBoy in a blue coat holding a daffodil bulb A boy in a wheelchair holding a bulb
Online storytelling lesson and planting daffodils
Class Euston managed to do a really successful sensory story with Leonie and her family at home.  We did We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Leonie who was on Teams was very focused and enjoyed exploring the different materials linked to the story. Our students really enjoyed seeing their class friend online.

Students at school also went outside to plant daffodils in our class trugs. We can't wait to see them grow.

Bond Street

A table of students and staff holding cards   Teams school lesson online 
Students in a class sitting socially distanced  Young boy and teacher sharing items in a learning environment
Adapting to the new ways of learning

Class Bond Street like all other classes have adapted well to sharing class lessons with remote learning. They have been working on their lessons, sharing work and catching up with each other. They have been learning new games such as UNO, working on their money skills and learning about yoga. 

Covent Garden

Online screen of students in various clothes dancing   Young boy at desk making a clay pot
A illustrated photo of a boy's face    Illustrates photo of a girl by crayons 
Online home learning and school lessons

Class Covent Garden are really enjoying getting ready for Spring.

We have started growing vegetables in class - broad beans, tomatoes and cress! We have even made and decorated our own flowerpots to grow daffodils in. 

All of us are enjoying lessons online like dance and art. We are looking forward to having everyone back in school with us. 

Symbols of various daily items including doctor, nurse and appointment
Parents/carers can receive personalised symbol resources and other visual resources needed to support their child.

Please email: Claire to request resources or further information.
Post 16/Key Stage 5

Assistant Principal KS5: Jo Zarb


Sloane Square

 Symbols and images of Alice in Wonderland      Young man in trackshiut top at desk with teacher using clay to make a key      Young boy at desk making a clay key
Exploring the Alice in Wonderland and the magic key - Widgit symbols and illustrations

This term Class Sloane Square have worked really hard and had lots of fun too!!

This term Sloane Square have been looking at Alice in Wonderland and have made the magic keys that Alice found in the story.

Text, symbols and a Van Gogh painting of a starry night Young boy at desk painting a blue sky and yellow stars

We have also been looking at the artist Van Gogh and have made our own artwork in his style. 
Hyde Park

'We have enjoyed our online lessons...'

Male student and teacher hanging bird feeder  A boy on screening home learning and is making a bird feeder  Student with teacher hanging up a bird feeder  

The Big Bird Watch at school and home

In Class Hyde Park this half-term we have enjoyed our online lessons. These have included music, Tacpac, creative art, movement and cooking.

Recently we made vegetable soup and were joined online by our classmates at home. We also joined in with the Big Bird Watch and made our own bird feeders.

Camden Town

'... the most fun has been online cooking as brothers
and sisters have joined in too.'


Boy cooking while following instructions from teacher online  Two boys cooking online with an image of their teacher at the corner of the screen  Girl in red top laughing and touching a plastic box. Hands of support worker is in view
Boy on his knees painting  Boy on his knees using coloured blocks to do maths  Image of a boy on the floor with an ikea catalogue and a painting
A range of exciting lessons from students learning at home and school

Class Camden Town have taken part in lots of different activities for home learning this half term.

We have had online TacPac and sensory story sessions but the most fun has been online cooking as brothers and sisters have joined in too. Other students have completed independent activities with the support of their families and have shared these photos with us. In school the class team have begun turning our cupboard into a new sensory room for the class. Luke has enjoyed painting the walls.
Rainbow House
Image of a young girl in a wheelchair having a book read to her by her carerNew books for Rainbow House

Rainbow House Students started the new year with a wonderful new library on a fully accessible mobile shelf! So many new books (more around the back) - chosen especially to include everyone's interests by our amazing librarian Caroline.
Woodlarks | Work Experience
Text Woodlarks written in snow         Young man in a truck in snowy landscape

Young man in a wheelchair spraying a digger.     Young man holding a piece of wood in a woodland setting      Young man in digger in woodland setting

Photographs at Woodlarks - Autumn Term 2/Spring Term 1

Nick at Woodlarks gives feedback on this term at Woodlarks:

We have had a fantastic time at Woodlarks on work experience. We have obviously been working very carefully under the present situation, but I am glad to say it has not stopped many of our activities. However, this is mainly down to the hard work of Charlton Park Academy's staff Tony and Rachel, our dedicated Woodlarks team and also the maturity of all of the students on work experience. Well done and thank you to all involved.

Our young people have worked on a wide range of projects since starting here. They have been involved in moving approximately 30 tonnes of soil to level out some ground, in order to make it flatter so we can pitch more tents in the future. Plus, calculating material quantities and placing orders over the phone. The largest order they have placed was a recent order for £3,000 for fencing which they shall be working on in the next half term.

Current Projects at Woodlarks

Our current projects are:

  • Designing, planning & constructing a small timber shelter to protect some of our trailers from the weather.
  • We are also working on some information boards to be placed around the site. The boards are being funded by the Post Code Lottery grant for a 14kw solar panel installation. The boards are to give information about renewable energy, climate change etc... One of our students has already made contact with a supplier to talk through the start of the design process.

As always, we are very proud of our students and what they achieve here at Woodlarks, their enthusiasm, sense of fun and sheer hard work is truly exciting.

Well done to all of our young people on this project, you inspire us!

CPA Library
Library and English, Spring Term 1

Black and green back ground with text body, mind, spirit

Caroline our librarian says: 
I’ve been working with the students in Post 16 to put together a library collection for the Trinity site, they’ve put a lot of thought into the selection and the books will start to arrive soon! And, as it is the beginning of LGBT+ History Month, I thought I’d share these fabulous lists of books for children and young people that BookTrust have on their site (I’ll be doing a more up to date blog post on CENMAC at the end of the month):


Book cover with an image of a illustrated young girl with red hair and freckles  Book cover with image of an insect on some mud. Illustrated
Sharing stories or reading for pleasure is great for your mental health, so in our library we have brilliant books about looking after your mental health. Here are two favourites: 

Place2Be: Children's Mental Health Week 2021: Reading list

 Library Updates:
Click here to Download Resources | Reading with your child
Register for an online show or workshop at the Half Moon Theatre
Heart n Soul's new website
Parent/Carers Information
Click here to give your views | Ofsted Parent View
Please contact Sara Johnson if you wish to join the Whatsapp group, or want to find out more information including how to join the Wednesday group.


Woman in an orange top  writing at her desk
Image ©

City Lit Creative Writing - Free to Greenwich Residents

Mondays from 22 February - 15 March 2021, from 10am-12noon
If you would like to join these sessions or more information please contact:
Mandy: or Millie:

Parent Participation

Come and meet with other parents who have a child/young person with SEND 0-25 to share ideas on how we, as a forum, could develop our role to provide you with more information and improve our feedback to you, Health Services and the Council. Please click on the links below for more information:

Slides from the presentation:

Greenwich Parent Participation Advisory Group
We are looking for more parents/carers to join our advisory group of 6 friendly and passionate parents. Contact Carol Foyle for more details - details below:

For further information please contact Carol Foyle | Parent Participation SEND  |  tel. 07852 101 492 email.

FREE Half-term Event
February Half-Term: Rainbow Week

Multicolour boat with artwork and notes pasted on it
Image © Greenwich Maritime Museum

Every February the National Maritime Museum celebrates LGBT History Month.

This year families can visit during February half-term for a week of special themed workshops and events, all designed to explore LGBTQ+ stories in the Museum's collection.

Check out the full events programme:


DONATE to Prom 2020
Social Work Project continues online

This is another project with RIX Research and Media Centre
at UEL and first year social work students. 

Online meeting showing faces  

We are pleased to be welcoming a new group of first year social work students as part of a six-week project. 
Unfortunately, this year the students can't come into school but will be helping us document the experiences of families over the last year. 

Using the accessible RIX WIKI platform will enable students to also record this period. We look forward to welcoming the students into our virtual space and sharing some of the outcomes. 

rix media logo

Don't forget to update your WIKIs!
website to login:
To find out more about the WIKI and Communication at Charlton Park Academy visit:


FREE Online CENMAC Training

DocsPlus: Wednesday 10 February 2021:  Eventbrite Link | DocsPlus 
Clicker Writer: Wednesday 24 February 2021: Eventbrite Link | Clicker Writer 
Microsoft Accessibility: Thursday 11 March 2021:  Eventbrite Link  | Clicker Writer

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If you haven’t received the parentmail registration email from us, please contact us at . However, if after a few minutes you still haven’t received the email, please check your spam/junk folders. If you find the email in your spam/junk folder, please change your account settings to mark ParentMail as a safe sender. Please also add to your contact address book to avoid missing out on emails.


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