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I wrote this article in 2010 I think, so forgive me some references that now seem dated like the one to the pre-overthrow Libya with Gaddhafi at the helm. I didn't want to start editing it because I still like it a lot. I feel like these thoughts are still highly relevant, although perhaps we should change the "vision date" to 2030 at this point.


Here goes:


Of course the gifting and appreciation of Orgonite and its effects are not tied to any political ideology or even vision. Nevertheless, I guess we all have our private thoughts about how a desirable development of our global society could look like. So let me tell you what kind of do-able and practical changes I can foresee for the next few years, say until 2020:

1. The end of Big Oil

Just imagine we need no more oil, except for the manufacturing of a few plastics.

The „free-energy“ methods of propulsion, already known for more than 100 years and secretly used by the deep military underground have become commonplace and are steadily being refined.

It is a great joy to be involved in some of those projects for harmonious, non-entropic energy generation.

The engineering departments of universities and colleges have finally become places of really exciting research and discovery. But also the countless garage-geniuses and previously suppressed inventors are coming into their full rights and finally enjoy the fruits of yearlong struggle and hardship.

2. The end of counterfeit money

The weaning off from oil expectedly went along with the end of counterfeit money, that used to be created out of nothing by a small group of banking insiders, and for which the rest of humankind who did not belong to that group had to work as quasi-slaves.

Because of all the orgonite and the corresponding lift in general consciousness, there had been a „soft landing“ though, an almost unnoticeable withering away of the parasitic money structures without a necessity to crash the whole of humankinds economic activity.

The fake money with its in-built wealth extraction mechanism in favour of a a small parasitic group was simply replaced with the freedom to exchange anything of value to the person against anything else on a strictly voluntary basis.

The question weather we should totally abscond the idea of „value against value“ in favour of just voluntary contributions of everyone towards the greater good of all was left open for the time being. Maybe it would go that way on it’s own.

For the time being, the release of productive energies was so profound that all levels of human society already experienced a tremendous improvement in their livelihoods.

With the end of the counterfeit money system the oppressive taxes that had been burdening the citizens of this planet became obsolete as well and could be replaced by very moderate levies that were totally appropriate for the services rendered by what remained of government, used to uphold a desirable degree of common infrastructure.

As a consequence all the more and more hysterical laws and illegal banking regulations that had violated personal freedoms by spying on individual’s financial movements and transactions had also become superfluous.

Everybody can now travel with whatever he deems valuable or transfer his property to wherever he likes or dispose of it at his own pleasure as long as he violates no rights of others.

3. No more wars

Wars were used in the old system to destroy excess economic capacity (apart from their occult role as mass human sacrifice) and thereby delay the collapse of the counterfeit money system.

It is clear that they are completely superfluous. The necessity to stage them falls away as soon as the “pressure is released from the system” by losing the fake money system and its destructive dynamic.

4. The restoration of our basic rights and freedoms

It became evident that the constitutions of most countries are not that bad after all. Also the present models of democracy, with some evolutionary changes, proved suitable to be filled with new life and accommodate the necessary changes once people were desiring these changes.

After humans had started to demand their original constitutional rights and questioned the multitude of conflicting and unconstitutional laws, administrative orders and illegal practices by governments and large corporations, they realised that they had to only insist on their rights and withdraw their support from those who tried to limit those rights for the whole „house of cards“ of the NWO to collapse and dissolve.

5. The end of „sickness on prescription“

Already for quite some time a rising number of earthlings had become increasingly distrustful of allopathic medicine after the initial euphoria in the early years of the 20th century.

In the beginning the medical-pharmaceutical cartel that used to be a central element in the control of humanity by a small group, had still managed to paint those successful alternative healers as criminals and withhold the knowledge of their successes from the general population.

But when at the beginning of the 21st century the mass-dieing of patients from „medicines“ like chemotherapy and ARVs became more and more obvious, the barrier collapsed and allopathic medicine hade to face an honest competition with alternative healing methods.

Of course the best achievements of orthodox medicine were not completely dismissed in this thorough re-evaluation and we are still enjoying a high standard in Surgery, trauma and crisis intervention, although these are less and less needed because of the reduction in violence and self destructive lifestyles.

The general opinion these days is that most chronic diseases or infections do not even occur when you eat well and live a healthy and joyful life.

6. The environment is flourishing

After energy generation had been shifted to non-entropical methods, practically all need to massively pollute the environment had fallen away.

Because of the termination of the counterfeit money system it was also not necessary to always expand mining activities in order to fill the insatiable demand of an ever inflating money bubble. Most goods were now produced from recycled or naturally grown materials.

The idea of quantitative economic growth had been replaced by a different kind of prosperity. A steady increase in the quality of life had become the natural choice in human activity. Of course a great catch-up was needed in some of the impoverished nations of the third world but great improvement is happening there as we speak.

And all this happened without any draconian eco-fascist laws and strangling restrictions, just by allowing human ingenuity to take it’s course.

The healing of the environment happened as a natural almost effortless consequence of humans’ inner healing process and their new relation to this planet and their fellow inhabitants, the plants and animals of this beautiful earth.

Generally it turned out that most systems showed a wonderful ability for self regulation, once negative or restricting factors (DOR or stagnating energy fields) had been removed.

Almost unnecessary to mention that with growing access to free information almost nobody was still interested in chemically produced foodstuffs and those industries withered away slowly.

For some „incurable addicts“ nostalgia products such as Coca Cola, potato chips, white sugar and cigarettes were however still offered in small speciality stores.

After all, nobody should be forced to be healthy or happy.

It became increasingly difficult though to motivate entrepreneurs to engage in the production of these things because they perceived it as a shrinking market and so these goods became more and more expensive.

Organic farming was accepted as the general norm, without dismissing useful and non-destructive modern technologies.

With the help of simple orgone generators that were soon to be found in almost every household, the great deserts of the world were transformed into flowering gardens.

In this effort of desert reclamation the otherwise obsolete gear of the redundant armies of this world found it’s last useful deployment as former attack helicopters were used to distribute tower busters and columns of all-terrain vehicles marched off to deploy cloud busters in the Gobi and Sahara deserts. Lybian military helicopters were used to deploy a cloud buster every 20 km in a grid to cover the Sahara.

Because of this general increase in prosperity and productivity combined with a sharp drop in environmental damage also in the former 3rd world and the massive reclamation of arable land, the alleged problem of overpopulation lost all its menacing aspects.

Also here that wonderful tendency for self regulation led to the attainment

of a population density quite pleasant and sustainable for all inhabitants of earth. Needless to say that all secret population culling programmes were stopped and the masterminds of these genocidal endeavours were brought to book.

7. The intellectual and spiritual renaissance

Of course this is the most speculative chapter of my little piece. So I shall limit it to the practical and the obvious without too much speculation about our possible future state of mind.

By removing all obstacles to free research, inquiry and discourse, science has become an exciting endeavour again, greeted with lively participation by the whole population.

There is no more feeding the masses surrogate progress a la “Popular Mechanics” but the most self evident application of former border technologies at the threshold between physics and metaphysics.

Teenagers are already learning about antigravity and devices for capturing the freely available cosmic orgone energy in the physics lessons in their (voluntary) high schools.

Artistic, musical and literary expression are reaching unprecedented heights because the necessity to keep the “masses” numb and deprived of finer perception has completely fallen away.

What this means for the spiritual development of humankind can only be glimpsed in the most general terms as nobody can foresee how we would develop under conditions of freedom.

Of course also the development of intuitive and extrasensory abilities will be encouraged and greeted with appreciation without treating it as anything excentric or even super special.

I can only say: „I’m looking forward to it“

Let us trust in the grace of self regulating intuitive guidance. (Some people call that “divine guidance”)

8. What happened to the masterminds of the NWO?

Large parts of the old elites have accepted that their neurotic quest for control is senseless and have opened themselves up to the general positive development.

A small number of hard core perpetrators who were planning and implementing great crimes until they ran out of willing underlings had to be tried and sentenced before proper and lawful courts.

All this happened without hate or vengeance with the goal of allowing even these deranged individuals to learn from their mistakes.

Of course all necessary steps were taken to prevent those mass murderers from perpetrating any new crimes.

9. Conclusion

This world can be created without violence within the next few years within the existing institutional framework.

Nobody needs to be starved or otherwise brought to death in order to make this happen.

We can start immediately, so let’s do it!

The massive neutralisation of negative energies worldwide with the simple little orgonite tools that everyone of us can make at home is the first step and has already effected great change.

I would be curious to hear your perception on this topic! 

All the best
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