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Hello Frank,

I receive many questions around gifting cell phone towers, and I thought it would be a good idea to quickly share some information with you in this email.

A typical cell phone tower emits a visible (to those who see auras naturally) dark grey field of stagnant energy. Its diameter is approximately 500m (visible) and the shape is toroidal. From the side it looks like a flat melon. The colour is anthracite with lighter grey veins.

The picture changes considerably after placing a single TB anywhere within the reach of this visible toroidal field. The shape of the field stays the same but instead of anthracite grey, it now takes on beautiful, lively hues of all colours of the rainbow spectrum. The darkness still emanates from the transmission panels but is now restricted to the direct surrounds of the panels (approx 1-2m)

Comparably, we see cloud patterns change in an instant. The stagnant energy (DOR) is practically always associated with a "flat" or "two-dimensional" looking type of sky. As soon as we change this energy, we see beautiful, articulate cumulus cloud emerging from this soup. Even in a blue sky, we can see the darkness of DOR that looks like finely dispersed smoke particles make way to a new sparkle.

The ordinary towerbuster in its roughest form is highly effective. It doesn't have to be pretty in order to have this profound effect. That's why we make a rough and ugly version called the "Dirty Harry" which often has alum filings sticking out on top. Of these we have deployed way over 20,000 in Southern Africa, and other parts of the world, with profound and lasting effects.

If you do not have the budget for anything else, simply obtain some Dirty Harrys and start gifting your environment. That's the most "bang for the buck" you'll ever have.

Simply reply to this email directly, Frank, if you have any questions and need to find out more. I will be happy to help you wherever I can.

Cheers for now!


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