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Dear Architect,

Welcome back to our weekly issue!

This week in the spotlight we talk about architecture optimization with Wix Engineering. In this article, they describe how they reduced the latency between microservices in their platform.

Infrastructure as Code is a must, there aren't any excuses to avoid it considering the quality of the tools is better every day. In this episode, you can listen to a great story that a profound impact on the cloud community as well as discovering new best practices useful for your projects

We said several times that working with distributed systems isn't easy, another article that testifies our thesis with great insights for avoiding common pitfalls.

Caching is another hard topic to tackle, especially when we talk about distributed cache. Well, if you are looking for options you won't need to go any further, here an article just for you.

Finally, I found extremely interesting this discussion on outsourcing vs insourcing. The panellists share their experience and strategies on how to set up hybrid collaborative models where outsourcing companies can liaise with internal teams.

Enjoy the read and see you next week!


Software Architecture

How we managed to reduce our latency by 3 times

Did you ever have performance issues with a big micro-services architecture? Today I will share with you my personal story on how we managed to reduce latency by 3 times in the Wix authorization system, ending up with single-digit (in ms) responses consistently.


Infrastructure as Code

Building Well-Architected Serverless using CDK Patterns

On this episode, Jeremy chats with Matt Coulter about why he built, how he used it to help Liberty IT choose the CDK, how they've used these patterns to implement Well-Architected Serverless solutions, and much more.
Distributed Systems

Your Distributed Monoliths are secretly plotting against you

Let’s start with the important truth, our north star, that will guide us on this journey.
Most implementations of microservices are nothing more than distributed monoliths.
Software Architecture

Distributed Cache Design

A distributed cache is a cache that has its data spread across several nodes in a cluster, across several clusters, or across several data centres located around the world.


Migrating to the Cloud - Outsourcing vs. Insourcing

This week AWS Enterprise Strategists Jake Burns, Bryan Landerman, and Ishit Vachhrajani address a common question they get from customers: "Should I outsource my migration to the AWS Cloud via consultants or try to use my own team?"
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