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Dear Architect,

Welcome back to our weekly issue!

This week we start with an assessment of 5 different database technologies from Wix engineering. A good case study to understand their point of view on how to use these technologies with microservices.

Monorepo vs Polyrepo, the endless discussion. Yan Cui provides his perspective for structuring serverless workloads.

We announced a few weeks ago the new book of Neal Ford and Mark Richards, if you want to have a preview of the content I recommend listening to this interview.

Have you ever wonder how Uber handles rides? I did, I love understanding the reasoning behind architectures. Here is a good explanation from Uber engineering.

Finally, I found very interesting this approach to conversations. Soft skills are becoming every day more important for an architect, and conversations are definitely one of the top skills to master.

Enjoy the read and see you next week!


Case Study

5 Database technologies used by 2000 Wix microservices

5 technologies are described below, each with its own use cases at Wix, unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The technologies are MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch and S3


Mono-Repo vs One-Per-Service

In this post, we will address the question of how you organize your functions into repos. We will compare two common approaches:

  • Monorepo: everything is put into the same repo
  • One per service: each service gets its own repo

Software Architecture: the Hard Parts

Software architecture is hard because everything is a trade-off, and a software architect’s primary responsibility is making design decisions that consider those trade-offs.

Case Study

How Data Shapes the Uber Rider App

Data analytics help us provide a frictionless experience to the people that use our services. It also enables our engineers, product managers, data analysts, and data scientists to make informed decisions. The impact of data analysis can be seen in every screen of our app.

Soft Skills

Test-Driven Development For People

In any conversation, the internal stories of those involves is paramount. Test-Driven Development for people helps you align your internal story with another person's, thus building the trust necessary for optimal teamwork. Aligned stories allow us to safely adopt the transparency and curiosity that we need for a successful conversational transformation.

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