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Dear Architect,

Welcome back to our weekly issue!

This week, in the spotlight an amusing chat with the creator of continuous delivery practices. In this episode of Changelog, you can listen from the vivid (and opinionated) voice of Dave Farley the reasoning behind CD and how he sees the automation delivery pipeline in the future.

Then I selected two interesting case studies, one from Eventbrite and the other from Etsy, both sharing their journey to modernise their architectures. Eventbrite shares the initial work for moving to a distributed system. Etsy how they have improved the deployment experience of a legacy application.

Continuing our journey into the socio-technical aspect of an organization, in this article, we can find how to build a platform then enable collaboration more than the competition. An interesting angle that we don't often think about.

Finally, this week I had the opportunity to read this great whitepaper that explains how AWS Lambda is secured and works behind the scene. If you are a fan like me of the serverless paradigm it's a masterpiece to read.

Enjoy the read and see you next week!


Continuous Delivery

The foundations of Continuous Delivery

Today, most of us ship code the way we do because 25 years ago, Dave cared enough to drive the change that we now call CI/CD.
He is one of the great software engineers: opinionated, perseverant & focused since the heydays of the internet. Dave continues inspiring and teaching us all via his newly launched YouTube channel, courses and recent books.

Case Study

Writing our 3-year technical vision

One of my initial goals was to come up with an overarching technical vision for the whole company aligned with our 3-year business strategy, and that would move us away from a monolithic architecture and central SRE team to a distributed system where we shift ownership to each team.

Case Study

Improving the Deployment Experience of a Ten-Year Old Application

For the Search team, the flexible scaling that comes with a cloud environment allowed us to completely reevaluate a somewhat cumbersome deployment process. Inspired by the existing architectural pattern of canary rollouts, we wrote a new custom tool to supplement our existing deployment infrastructure.


Outcooperating the Competition

The essential question that this essay is investigating is the possibility to create ecosystem strategies that reduce the case for destructive competition and maximize the case for collaboration, plugging in, integration of special capabilities, composability, modularity, and — in the end — wholly systemic actualization where all parties thrive. Such a system would be post-competitive and represent a powerful new way to redesign markets for accelerated innovation.

Security overview of AWS Lambda

This whitepaper presents a deep dive of the AWS Lambda service through a security lens. It provides a well-rounded picture of the service, which is useful for new adopters, and deepens understanding of Lambda for current users.

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