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Dear Architect,

Welcome back to our weekly issue!

This week we have in our spotlight an implementation of Data Mesh by Intuit. Data Mesh is getting a lot of attention nowadays thanks to the great work done by Thoughtworks on the topic, I'm sure this case study will provide some useful insights to work with this architecture.

This week I was listening to a podcast where the author of Flow Architectures was sharing his view on event-driven architectures and I found quite interesting his prediction that in 5 years many architectures will switch to streaming. In the meanwhile we are waiting to see if James prediction will be true, we can read his book on this topic.

I like sharing articles that bring different perspectives to the table. Microservices are great but they have their pitfalls, after several articles on distributed systems I found one that is going on the other side of the spectrum, moving back from microservices to a monolithic architecture. Architecture is always a trade-off and this post will highlight it once again.

I found fascinating the interview with Linda Nichols about her career and her perspective of serverless.
She loves the community and sharing knowledge and I think is a great characteristic that everyone should embrace. If you are like her, I'm sure you will enjoy this episode.

Finally, O'Reilly released a report based on how their users are accessing the content in their platform, it's obviously a small portion of people but a significant one.
In the report, you will find why everyone is learning observability (128% growth) and how much traction Kubernetes is gaining.

Enjoy the read and see you next week!


Data Mesh

Intuit’s Data Mesh Strategy

We surveyed the landscape of problems within our solution and researched what solutions existed for companies with a similar size and scope as ours.
Zhamak Dehghani’s description of a “Data Mesh”, which favors pushing data ownership and responsibility to local domain teams at the edges of the business, immediately caught our interest
Software Architecture

Flow Architectures

This book explores critical implications of that evolution: What happens when events and data streams help you discover new activity sources to enhance existing businesses or drive new markets? What technologies and architectural patterns can position your company for opportunities enabled by flow? James Urquhart, global field CTO at VMware, guides enterprise architects, software developers, and product managers through the process.

Software Architecture

To Kill a Microservice

This is the story of how we failed, and why today we are moving these services back to a monolithic application. We’ll also take some time to share our hard-learned lessons in the process.
Before we dive in, we want to stress that this article is not meant to be a condemnation of microservices in general. At Botify we strongly believe in using the best tool for a fitting situation — we are saying that microservices were not the right tool to solve our problems at this point in time


Linda Nichols Technical Specialist on Global Blackbelt team at Microsoft

In this extended-length episode, Linda Nichols, Cloud Native Technical Specialist on the Global Black Belt Team at Microsoft sits down with Ryan Jones to discuss life at Microsoft, the landscape of serverless Azure, Norfolk.js her Javascript user group, and more you won't want to miss!


Where Programming, Ops, AI, and the Cloud are Headed in 2021

This study is based on title usage on O’Reilly online learning. The data includes all usage of our platform, not just content that O’Reilly has published, and certainly not just books. We’ve explored usage across all publishing partners and learning modes, from live training courses and online events to interactive functionality provided by Katacoda and Jupyter notebooks. We’ve included search data in the graphs, although we have avoided using search data in our analysis

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