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This week we have in our spotlight a discussion on how to implement the Serverless Lens of the AWS Well-Architected Framework in your workloads. I am a fan of the Well-Architected Framework because provides the right questions (and solutions) on 5 pillars like Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimizations. If you are not familiar with it I recommend listening to the talk because it can really help to improve your architecture on the cloud.

Uber engineering released a second article on their API gateway implementation and this time they go more in-depth sharing the technical approach took for serving millions of customers worldwide.

It's always great reading different experiences and approaches with microservices, this article is definitely a good collection of work from the trenches that can help everyone in the journey to this architecture style or who are thinking to move towards a distributed system.

Continuing our saga of event-driven architecture articles, this time I found this case study with many insights on how to design domain events for your architecture.

Finally, it's time for understanding where an architect can really provide value in his/her position, architecture changed, organizations changed, maybe it's time to revisit our role as well

Enjoy the read and see you next week!




We look at the Serverless Lens of the Well-Architected Framework and we demo the Lambda Power Tools

Case Study

The Architecture of Uber’s API gateway

In our last article, we walked through multiple generations of Uber’s API gateway evolution and our design choices in each phase. In this article, we will take a deeper dive into the technical components of a self-serve API gateway system.

Software Architecture

Ten Signs You Don’t Understand This “Microservices” Thing

As you probably know, the journey can be long and difficult. There are plenty of wrong turns lurking, and paths you’ll want to avoid. I’ve been there myself. So let’s take a look at where you’re at; maybe my experience can help.

Event-Driven Architecture

Designing Domain Events

In a distributed system, events play a major role in decoupling different components of the system. In this post, we talk about how we improved the design of domain events to tackle multiple problems in our system.
Software Architecture

The Age of Software Needs Value Stream Architects

 As companies strive to compete with disruptors such as Amazon, a question that needs to be addressed is who will own and architect the software value streams which accelerate the flow of business value to customers? Tech giants such as Microsoft and Amazon have a clear answer to this question – does your company?

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