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This week we have in our spotlight a case study from Lego and their journey using serverless architectures. In the article, you can find the thinking process to embrace this architecture paradigm, some good advice for early adopters as well for companies who already use this architecture.

I use to consume many podcasts during the week but this episode was super fascinating.
Kent Beck talks about his time with Facebook and how the engineering practices were so different during the blitzscaling period from 2011 to 2018. Incredibly interesting the outcomes and lessons analyzed by Kent.

Scalability may be a challenge and learning some tips from large organizations that have to deal with it every single day may help you when the time comes to implement similar solutions in your projects. I selected this article from Pinterest engineering about distributed cache.

Can a data lake transform into a distributed architecture? Apparently, it is! In this first article, Zhamak Dehghani shares the foundation for this shift of mindset. Pure gold if you ask me.

One announcement that impressed me in the past few weeks was the release of ConsoleMe, an open-source tool for managing multi-accounts on AWS. 

Enjoy the read and see you next week!



Serverless Set-Piece Development Case Study — Back-in-Stock Email Notification

In this article, we will see how to apply the set-pieces concept in practice. For this, we will look at Back-in-stock Email Notification feature as a case study.
Engineering Practices

Facebook Engineering Process with Kent Beck

When Kent Beck joined Facebook in 2011, he was 50 years old and thought he had seen everything in the software industry. During Facebook Boot Camp, Kent started to realize that Facebook was very different than any other company he had seen.

Software Architecture

Scaling Cache Infrastructure at Pinterest

A distributed cache layer fronting many services and databases is one of our core storage systems that sits near the bottom of Pinterest’s infrastructure stack, responsible for absorbing the vast majority of backend traffic driven by this growth.
Software Architecture

Data Mesh Principles and Logical Architecture

Data mesh addresses these dimensions, found in four principles: domain-oriented decentralized data ownership and architecture, data as a product, self-serve data infrastructure as a platform, and federated computational governance. Each principle drives a new logical view of the technical architecture and organizational structure.

What is ConsoleMe?

ConsoleMe is a multi-account AWS Swiss Army knife, making AWS usage easier for end-users and cloud administrators alike.
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