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Dear Architect,

Welcome back to our weekly issue!

This week we have in our spotlight an episode of the InfoQ podcast where Andrew Clay Shafer talks about the origin of DevOps, how DevOps bleeding into social engineering and the evolution of DevOps into DevSecOps, I found it an insightful and enjoyable discussion.

Scalability for B2C businesses is key, the deployment of your monolith or distributed system is extremely important for avoiding downtime in production. In this article, you can find a bunch of possibilities (there are more not mentioned in the post), a good start if you are facing these kinds of challenges daily.

Evolutionary Architecture is a concept that I fully embraced. In this brief article, Neal Ford and Rebecca Parson from ThoughtWorks shares some great insights on this concept and how fitness functions can help to achieve compliance in your architecture. 

I listened to another interesting podcast episode this week from Serverless Chats where the CTO of Branch is sharing is a pragmatic and opinionated approach to software development, it's not strictly related to serverless so I encourage you to listen to this forward-thinking attitude shared in this podcast.

The registrations for Amazon yearly conference are open and this year the event will be FREE for everyone. Re:Invent wraps up all the great innovation developed in the past year in AWS labs, I found incredibly insightful for every architect out there.

Enjoy the read and see you next week!



Three Economies, the Wall of Confusion, and the Origin of DevOps

Today on the InfoQ Podcast, Wes Reisz speaks with one of the people at the center of the creation of the idea of DevOps. Andrew Clay Shafer is the VP of Transformation at Red Hat where his role is about helping companies change their relationship with software in the cloud native ecosystem.

Scalability concepts: zero-downtime deployments

While certain applications can tolerate some planned downtime, typical consumer-facing applications with an international audience need to be up-and-running at all hours. Clearly, with a single backend server, some downtime is inevitable. Multiple servers make it possible to avoid downtime.
Software Architecture

Microservices as an Evolutionary Architecture

The microservice architectural style is taking the world by storm. Last March, O'Reilly hosted their first Software Architecture Conference, and a huge percentage of the abstracts the program committee received touched on some aspect of microservices. Why is this architectural style suddenly all the rage?

Optimizing for Maintainability with Joe Emison

On this episode, Jeremy chats with Joe Emison about why you should think buying before building, how choosing for organization-wide maintainability makes those decisions easier, why developing trust with stakeholders is so important.

Re:Invent registrations are now open!

Enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of sessions led by AWS experts. Hear from cloud leaders and be the first to learn what’s new.
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