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Dear Architect,

Welcome back to our weekly issue!

Let's start this issue with a case study about Netflix's outage in 2012, the takeaways are very important for creating the right culture in your organization.

Apparently, we are going to be busy next year, so many great architecture books are coming out, this one, in particular, caught my attention: Principles of Web API design. I know you are eager to learn more about APIs and I believe this could be a nice addition to your current knowledge.

Why distributed systems? if you are asking yourself this question every now and then, read Marc's post for having the definitive answer. But remember, there is no silver bullet out there.

An interview with the tech teams of three great mobile-first applications like Runtastic, Eventbrite and Citymapper. It's always great learning from others experiences.

Finally, it's been a while we don't read anything about documentation, so a refresh on Architecture Decision Records and how to write successful can only help us.

Enjoy the read and see you next week!


Case Study

6 Lessons Learned from Netflix’s New Year’s Eve Outage

Jeremy was tempted to say “I told you so,” but as we all know, that isn’t productive during a retrospective. So in the interest of productivity, I’ve put together six takeaways about modern incident management from the conversation.


Principles of Web API design

Principles of Web ADI Design is a comprehensive, start-to-finish guide to the processes required for effective API design. Unlike other books, it covers the entire lifecycle. Leading API and microservices consultant James Higginbotham shows how API development teams can successfully integrate processes that occur before, during, and after API design, to scale API development far beyond single individuals or small teams

Distributed Systems

Why do we need distributed systems?

The availability of a monolithic system is limited to the availability of the piece of hardware it runs on. Modern hardware is pretty great, and combined with a good datacenter and good management practices servers can be expected to fail with an annual failure rate (AFR) in the single-digit percentages.

Case Study

Mobile development at scale

Engineering leaders at adidas Runtastic, Eventbrite, and Citymapper discuss app performance, how mobile fits into their org structures, and native versus cross-platform development.


4 best practices for creating architecture decision records

In a software project, enterprise architects need to make numerous decisions concerning the structure of the architecture, the frameworks their teams will use, and other key considerations that impact development processes. Development teams need to be kept in the loop about what those decisions are and when they will take effect. And, more importantly, those teams need to know why those decisions are made.

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