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Dear Architect,

Welcome back to our weekly issue!

This week we have in our spotlight I thought to share with you a great speaker like Nora Jones talking about her favourite topic: chaos engineering

Considering Microservices are quite popular nowadays and they expose developers to several challenges, I thought sharing an article on testing may help unwinding the topic.

In my company we had several discussions regarding service mesh recently, maybe you are at that stage as well so I thought sharing a comparison article on service mesh could help navigate through the possibilities available in the market.

One of the most challenging architectures to design is the active-active one, I learnt it in the hard way. This talk from Re:Invent 2019 provides some ideas on how to overcome certain challenges. 

Finally, I always said that there is not perfect architecture but just a set of tradeoffs based on the context, here a short but powerful article to remind this.

I hope you will find them useful, enjoy the read!



Rethinking How the Industry Approaches Chaos Engineering

A virtual conference for senior software engineers and architects on the trends, best practices and solutions leveraged by the world's most innovative software shops.

Testing Microservices: an Overview of 12 Useful Techniques

Because a microservice architecture relies more on over-the-wire (remote) dependencies and less on in-process components, your testing strategy and test environments need to adapt to these changes.

Kubernetes Service Mesh: A Comparison of Istio, Linkerd and Consul

Building on Service Mesh helps resolve some issues. As containers abstract away the operating system from the application, Service Meshes abstract away how inter-process communications are handled.
Best Practices

Architecture patterns for multi-region active-active

With global business, there is an ever-growing need to be able to implement multi-region active-active architecture. However, this requires first-order thinking and attention not just to app and database design but also to DNS, monitoring, traffic shaping, and so on
Software Architecture

No Perfect Architecture

When looking at industry trends, blogs, conference talks, and the like, it is easy to think that other companies have everything figured out. But there is no perfect architecture. Everything is a set of tradeoffs; there are only good and bad fits for a context.
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