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This week we have in our spotlight an article on architectural drivers used during the design phase. Often I've seen architectures moving from the design phase to the execution without taking into account key characteristics, it's time to take a step back and look at architecture drivers once again.

A nice case study on how Airbnb scales its centralised authorisation system. I particularly enjoyed this article because it's very clearly defining the problem space and then the solution implemented. 

A fundamental skill for an architect is its presentation skill, Mark Richards shows us some tips for achieving a great architecture presentation for any type of stakeholder.

Last month I started reading "Reaching Cloud Velocity", a book published by AWS that covers the migration strategies from on-prem to cloud. Despite there are many references to AWS there are also great insights for following the right direction to move your workloads on the cloud.

Finally, a good article on the key characteristics for modelling microservices

Enjoy the read and see you next week!


Software Architecture

Architectural Drivers in Modern Software Architecture

The goal of this article is to provide you with a broad understanding of architectural drivers and their role within the software architecture design process. Later on, the explanations will be supported by a real world example to give you an even better idea of the importance of architectural drivers during the initial stage of your software project.

Case Study

A Scalable Centralized System for Authorization at Airbnb

Himeji expands on Zanzibar’s scalability and performance attributes, and pushes latencies lower through its high hit rate tiered distributed cache. All these together result in Himeji storing tens of billions of relations and serving nearly a million entity authorizations a second while maintaining low latency and high availability.

Software Architecture

Presenting Architecture

In this lesson Mark Richards shows some tips for how to effectively present software architecture to any type of stakeholder


Reaching Cloud Velocity

Reaching Cloud Velocity provides leadership best practices covering the most requested customer topics, including:
- How enterprises are transforming with AWS
- Aligning business and technology strategy to benefit from cloud
- Reskilling and scaling your cloud fluency
- Setting the right culture and organization model to attract and retain engineering talent
- How to migrate data centres to AWS while holistically benefitting from the improved availability, security, and governance it can offer.

Modeling Microservices

The very first step in developing microservices is to model them. This helps in defining the scope of the microservices. There is a lot at stake at this first step. Improper modeling can lead to serious disasters in software development.

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