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Dear Architect,

Welcome back to our weekly issue!

This week we have in our spotlight another great article from Netflix tech blog talking about authentication at the edge. If they can do it with their traffic volumes, there is hope for all the microservices architecture out there.

Do you know the Empire State Building was built in about a year?
In 1931 they have found a way to optimise the development of the tallest skyscraper in the world with hundreds of people working in the same site, isn't that incredible? What if you could do the same in your software development lifecycle? That's the reason why this ebook is here.

Our saga on microservices is going ahead with another DDD pattern like aggregates, this article deep dive on how to implement this pattern providing a clear explanation on how and why to implement aggregates.

This fantastic episode of "Screaming in the Cloud" provides an introduction to security concepts in the cloud and shows how much a passionate person can do helping to evangelise the community on security topics.

Last but not least a post on reliability, from a different angle... everything is broken, and it's okay.

Enjoy the read and see you next week!


Software Architecture

Edge Authentication and Token-Agnostic Identity Propagation

Imagine having multiple protocols, multiple tokens, 200M+ users, and thousands of device types, and the problem can explode in scope.
A few years ago, we decided to address this complexity by spinning up a new initiative, and eventually a new team, to move the complex handling of user and device authentication, and various security protocols and tokens, to the edge of the network, managed by a set of centralized services, and a single team.
Lean Methodology

Leading Lean Software Development: Results Are not the Point

Drawing on decades of experience, the authors present twenty-four frames that offer a coherent, complete framework for leading lean software development. You’ll discover powerful new ways to act as competency leader, product champion, improvement mentor, front-line leader, and even visionary

Software Architecture

Why Your Microservices Architecture Needs Aggregates

the Aggregate pattern is one that helps us to organize our data at a lower level. This pattern was initially defined as a way to transactionally group changes to related entities.

It has also come to provide us with a blueprint for breaking apart our monolithic data schema, essentially grouping highly cohesive entities into a single, atomic unit.


Best Practices for AWS Security

Join Corey and Scott as they talk about how Scott created a game to help teach people AWS security; how Scott likely got a red flag thrown on his account indicating he’s a hassle to deal with; what fwd:cloudsec is, what Scott thinks AWS does well and what he thinks AWS does not do well; what Scott believes the best security boundary on AWS is; and more


Everything is broken, and it’s okay

Everything is a little bit broken. Nothing made by human hands or minds is perfect. Every car you’ve ever ridden in, every elevator you’ve ever taken, every safety-critical computer program you’ve ever trusted your life with was flawed in some way. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend—your system’s uptime will always be measured in 9s, a percentage of perfection.

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