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Dear Architect,

Welcome back to our weekly issue!

This week we have in our spotlight Nick Tune shares his experience on how to map your application domains using an outside-in approach.

We may be fascinated by large and complex architectures, but maybe we are a small team or even a freelance, how do you balance pragmatism and best practices? This article shares the architecture behind a one-person SaaS project.

Apollo team released a free e-book on how to scale GraphQL using schema federation for scaling your projects and organizations.

Sometimes we don't realise how beneficial may be releasing software open-source, in this article we learn tips and tricks on maintaining an open-source project from one of the React contributors.

Finally an episode of the AWS Enterprise strategists sharing best practices and challenges on moving a project to the cloud.

Enjoy the read and see you next week!


Domain-Driven Design

Outside-in Domain Landscape Discovery

Mapping out your business’s domain landscape has many benefits: knowledge sharing, generating product ideas, providing the foundation for software architecture, aligning on requirements, but a common challenge is… “where do we start?”

Case Study

The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup

As grandiose as the title of this article might sound, I should clarify we’re talking about a low-stress, one-person company that I run from my flat here in Germany. It's fully self-funded, and I like to take things slow. It's probably not what most people imagine when I say "tech startup".


GraphQL at Enterprise Scale

A federated graph provides consistency and stability for the organization while empowering teams to go faster and adapt the graph over time. Teams also benefit from shared infrastructure and learnings. This e-book covers the key considerations for consolidating to a federated graph.

Open Source

The benefits (and costs) of corporate open source

Releasing and maintaining an open-source project at a corporation takes a lot of work. I saw this firsthand working for four-plus years on React, a popular open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook.
Cloud Strategy

One Size Fits All Cloud Strategy

This week AWS Enterprise Strategists Jake Burns, Ishit Vachhrajani, and Bryan Landerman tackle the question: "Is there a one-size fits all cloud strategy?". Leaders wonder, can I use a per-defined or templatized cloud adoption strategy? Can something like this exist? Listen in to hear Jake, Ishit, and Bryan answer these questions and share their advice for leaders as they begin their AWS Cloud journey.

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