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Dear Architect,

Welcome back to our weekly issue!

This week we have in our spotlight a presentation about scaling organisations as well as your architecture. Too often we forget there is a direct relation between software architecture and organization structure, Eduardo delivers a great talk sharing his experience and researches on the topic.

As the author of this post claimed: I love microservices but they are not a silver bullet for every context. I think this article sum up very well my thoughts on this architecture style and why monolithic architecture is still a valid alternative.

Distributed systems are challenging, Kubernetes and its ecosystem simplify our life and different aspects we should think about when working on these architectures. In this article, you will have a long list of tools and practices you can use with Kubernetes and the part they play in a distributed system.

O'Reilly Architectural Katas are back! I was part of the judges in the first edition and it was a blast! The quality of the content shared by the teams was incredibly high and the overall experience was extremely fun also for the judges. I highly recommend subscribing and learn new things and approaches with this challenge for people passionate to design software architectures.

Finally, I got this article suggested by a former colleague of mine who found this introduction to DDD very useful and I have to admit it was clear and on the spot, I couldn't avoid sharing with you.

Enjoy the read and see you next week!


Software Architecture

Socio-Technical Traits, Patterns and Use Cases

In this talk I will discuss several interesting traits to consider on the different (socio-technical) systems in order to maximize the org's ability to cope with such changes and evolution. For each trait I will share patterns of evolution and use cases. These are patterns and use cases I observed over the last four years while working in different initiatives to "scale and evolve"

Stop this Microservices Madness

I’m a big fan of Microservices.
Does it sound weird, given the title? Well, it should not.
Every now and then, a new paradigm or technology arises. It brings hope and hype. This will save us all!
Yeah, it’s true. Maybe it is ground-breaking. Extremely beneficial. However, like everything in life, every solution has its scope.

Distributed Systems

The Evolution of Distributed Systems on Kubernetes

Let's start with the needs of distributed systems. What I have in mind is we want to create an application or service and write some business logic. What else do we need from the platform from our runtime to build distributed systems? At the foundation, at the beginning is we want some lifecycle capabilities.

Architectural Katas

O'Reilly Architectural Katas

Architectural Katas (started by Ted Neward) give you the opportunity to exchange ideas, solve problems, and, if you’re a finalist, present your plans before some of the best and brightest leaders in the industry.
Domain-Driven Design

Domain-Driven Design: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About it, But Were Afraid to Ask

Domain-Driven Design is an approach to software design that glues the system’s implementation to a constantly evolving model, leaving aside irrelevant details like programming languages, infrastructure technologies, etc…
It focuses mainly on a business problem and how to strictly organize the logic that solves it.

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