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Happy Summer! 
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MEA's second
Decarbonizer Webinar
July 20, Wed. 7:30pm via Zoom

Featuring residents who have installed solar panels,  heat pumps, and/or have purchased an electric vehicle--  A perfect opportunity to find out more about these sustainable technologies from folks who have already gone through the process. A great time to get all of your questions answered!
Sponsored by MEA the MEC.
Pre-register here
The EV Car Show happened!
Thank you to all who helped with the first ever EV Car Show in Medfield, particularly to Catherine White of the MEC, who writes:
"We had such a good time meeting all of you and seeing your cars.  Over the course of the show about 200 people came by, some specifically seeking us out, some stopping to learn a bit more, and others passing through and admiring the vehicles.  It wasn't just a fun day with beautiful machines it was also educational.  Learning in person with experienced drivers is such a terrific way towards understanding. We so appreciate you sharing your time and experience."
Fighting Climate Change with Policy
Until recently there has not been a comprehensive source of model laws for policy makers that address climate change and aim to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

Now there is.*

It’s called the Legal Pathways for Deep Decarbonization in the United States (LPDD) project, an important resource for state and local governments, as well as federal legislators, that want to adopt new laws to slash carbon pollution. This guide can equip policy makers and concerned citizens with legally sound and peer-reviewed model laws and other resources consistent with a whole-economy decarbonization effort. It is, in short, a policy playbook for maintaining a livable planet.  
 Anyone, even if you think you are not adept at policy and legal matters, will appreciate the breadth of this data base by simply trying out the search feature which narrows results to location, topic (aka "pathways"), government body, and keyword.
*The above information comes from Sierra magazine.

Native plants
We are sharing this again in support of Sustainable Medfield's new quarterly
ACTION OF THE SEASON:  Native Gardening

Check out the Native Gardening Action on the Sustainable Medfield website.   This ACTION was written by a member of the Medfield Garden Club and has many resources for you as you learn how and why to use native plants. These local resources include lists of plants that host the highest numbers of butterflies and moths to feed birds and other wildlife here in town.

Native plants are those that occur naturally in a region in which they evolved. Native plants provide many eco-friendly benefits: 
- they attract birds, butterflies and local wildlife
- they support pollinators and create a foundation for the entire local food chain
- they are acclimated to local rainfall amounts and climate 
- they are naturally resistant to local pests and disease
- they do not require fertilizers, pesticides or supplemental watering

Read more here....  
Join Sustainable Medfield Thursday Night June 30th at 6pm at the concert at the Gazebo.   
You can learn more about Native Gardening & pick up a plant to bring home for your yard.
Plastic Free July challenge
Operating globally, Plastic Free July is an organization based in Australia.
Take the Pesky Plastics Quiz.  It will help track common household plastic use and help you think about your choices when it come to single-use plastics!

There's an app for that...

Want help ditching the single-use cup habit?  Check out Ripplfect. Ripplfect is an app developed right here in MA.  We haven't tried it yet, but if you do, let us know what you think.
Businesses that cut their greenhouse gas emissions-- Cold Play is doing it. 
How is yours doing?
Have you visited Sustainable Medfield's Action Portal yet?  Join the 256 other households who have!
There is so much you can do!
For your your sense of pleasure and your sense of seriousness, watch this:  Mary Poppins Climate Action Flashmob
The next MEA meeting is July 6, 2022 at 7:30pm by Zoom.  Email for the link. 
All are welcome!
Our Mission
Medfield Environment Action (MEA) is a grassroots organization of residents.  We share information about the accelerating environmental destruction and climate emergency to empower local action.  We seek to build a movement of informed citizens, dedicated to the preservation of a living environment in Medfield and beyond. Our goal is that those informed citizens support each other and work together for solutions.
MEA will work to:
  • initiate and support measures by our town and state governments that will positively impact our environment;
  • help reduce energy consumption and render the consumed energy renewable/sustainable
  • reduce other environmental impacts in our community.
Adopted July 9, 2020
Copyright © 2022 Medfield Environment Action, All rights reserved.

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