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In February, I turned in my application.  In June, I interviewed.  In October, I was commissioned.  And on November 15, 2017, I will get on a plane that is bound for Sierra Leone.

A call fifteen years in the making

I first received my call to missionary service when I was 20. I knew that mine was a dual call both to ordination and to missionary service. My early discernment drew me to ordination first. In the process, I fell in love with the pastorate and the pulpit. Because of this I planned to pursue missionary service “someday” maybe at the end of my career. It was Bishop Lowry's Kenya Mission Trip in 2014 that reignited the spark for missionary service. Over the course of three years and three subsequent mission trips to Panama, that call transformed from a low hum to loud sirens. I am thrilled and a little surprised to be able to answer the call that I received in my budding adulthood earlier than expected.

About where I’m going

The station is in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital city, just around the corner from the country’s capital building.  Freetown is a port city that served to welcome home freed men and women returning from forced slavery in the 18th and 19th centuries. The population is about 6 million and the languages are primarily English and Krio (a form of English evolved out of the mix of languages from various settlers and traders).  One of the many things I’m excited about is the opportunity to learn Krio.  I’m looking forward to worship in the heart language of the people there.

This missionary post to Sierra Leone through the United Methodist Global Ministries allows me to join a team of people already at work to build up the church there.  The United Methodists started out as United Brethren back in the late 1800’s.  Now the United Methodist Church is vibrant and growing, with 150 ordained clergy, 50 certified lay preachers and evangelists, and over 200,000 members.


The mission

I will be serving as Coordinator for Congregational Development and Education for the United Methodist Conference in Sierra Leone.  In my post, I’ll be working closely with the newly established United Methodist School of Theology through the office of Bishop John K. Yambasu to provide education to pastors and lay leaders. This will be conference-wide work, which means that I will be out in the nine districts across the country (a landmass about the size of North Carolina) offering workshops and retreats. 

The work will begin with a focus on vitality and depth of worship. As someone who considers myself a preacher first, with a love of creative worship design, this post is a very good fit for me.  What energizes me most about this post is the opportunity to be a part of a team that’s work is to deepen and strengthen the spiritual resources of the people of Sierra Leone so that they are empowered to pursue life abundantly in Jesus’ name.


Would you support my missionary call?

I am doing this work because I believe that, as one global human family, we belong to one another.  As a global church, we are one body together.  I would love for you, your small group, and/or your local church to join me in this important work.
  • Establish a Covenant Relationship with me using this form. A covenant relationship goes beyond financial support with regular communication and a covenant for mutual prayer.
  • Donate in my name to support missionary salaries using my advance number #3022393.
  • Help me get a missionary car for my work with churches all over the 27,000+ square miles of Sierra Leone. I need to raise about $3000 more to meet this goal. (My most recent appointed church, First UMC Round Rock, will be holding the funds until I arrive and can purchase the car. Simply donate to the “Katie Meek Fund.” Any funds raised in addition to the cost of the car will go back into my Advance.)
  • Pray for me regularly.
  • Follow my blog at

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Also, come and serve with me sometime!
Grace and peace,

Rev. Katie Meek
Missionary, Global Ministries
United Methodist Congregational Development & Educational Coordinator
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Advance #3022393 (Bio)

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