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MARCH 2019

Kia ora, friends, families and colleagues

Welcome to our March newsletter!

Today, we have something to share with all of you - our new website!

We have been blessed by having Edith (Ping Yi) work with us to create a wonderful new website. Edith has volunteered countless number of hours over many, many months to completely programme and redevelop every aspect of every page and we are very grateful for her gift to us. At the launch she said she was very happy to be able to contribute and give back to the community in this tangible way.

With the help of Gabriel Taranto, our graphic artist, all the images on our website have been specially designed for Whānau Mārama Parenting to create a visually colourful, vibrant space and that showcases the work we do in the community as well as giving space for parents also to share their parenting journey. Especially as it relates to the incredible positive changes they have made while learning new skills and strategies on one of our courses.

So we give gratitude and appreciation to both Edith and Gabriel and to all parents who have believed with us in our vision – that they have the power to transform our world for the better.

Elizabeth Cameron
Programme Coordinator at Whānau Mārama Parenting


You’re making me angry

by Elizabeth Cameron

When I was parenting my children this whole idea of learning how to calm down when I was feeling angry, frustrated, annoyed and upset never really occurred to me. I remember clearly that it was their fault that I was annoyed with them and frequently told them so. I told them sometimes daily that they were really annoying me and that they should cut it out. (...)



translated by Haiying Dong


无论是当孩子步入学校时,还是当我从童子军活动中接到他们时,我都会表现出见到他们是如何异于寻常的兴奋。 有时甚至不得不假装如此 – 尽管那时我希望他们能再消失一小时,但他们不需要知道这点。 早上,我非常努力地尝试在说“你怎么还不换衣服?”或者“你怎么还不整理床铺?”前给孩子一个“早安”拥抱。 (...)


칭찬은 아이를 강하게 만든다

by Eunmi Kim

‘칭찬은 고래도 춤추게 한다’ 속담처럼 사람들은 칭찬이 가진 힘을 믿지만 막상 아이를 칭찬하는데 있어선 인색하기 싶다. 아이가  잘하는 것에 대해선 당연하게 여기고, 못하는 것에만 자꾸 눈길을 주고 혼내게 되는 경우가 많다. 코스에 왔던 아빠 중 한 분이 ‘우리 아이는 지금 6살인데 고집이 세고, 샤워하는 걸 싫어해요’라고 불만을 이야기했다.。 (...)

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