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Have a wonderful summer and if you are looking for something to watch while lying on your sun bed you will certainly enjoy ken Robinson’s 2006 TED talk. Even if you have seen it before it is well worth another viewing, even multiple viewings!
We were running a course the other day, on ‘Ted style’ talks for a group of senior execs, and the discussion turned to Ken Robinson’s talk; it is still the most watched talk on the internet,  a joyous masterclass in public speaking -  great content, great delivery and great techniques.
Here are 7 things worth observing:

  • He tells stories – lots of them.  At first very simple ones that most of us can relate to and therefore picture in our mind’s eye – the girl at the back of the drawing class, the kids in the nativity play – going to a dinner party, trying to teach Shakespeare.  Then stories to teach us something e.g. the choreographer Gillian Lynde, Picasso etc.. We love stories, of course, we identify with them and they make concepts real to us.
  • He uses humour – he doesn’t tell gags he mostly pokes fun at himself, very dry, very British and hard not to like.  The humour allows him to make a strong emotional argument.
  • He uses the power of 3 a number of times – there have been three themes at the conference. Three things we know about education etc.
  • He is conversational – this draws you in
  • He asks us questions all the time – really simple ones; have you notice that, it’s true isn’t it, do you know the story, I’m right aren’t I?  These are of course rhetorical questions but you answer them in your head, you agree with him and you feel part of the conversation.
  • He is structured – he has a very clear message to get across and leaves you in no doubt that what he is saying is important.
  • He is memorable – it stays with you – the stories – the humour and the message.  That’s what we all want at the end of the day, isn’t it?
So while you are having some downtime this summer Click here and watch a magnificent piece of influencing.
Happy summer,

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