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I would like to begin by saying.... 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!  For your support, loyalty, friendship & kindness. It’s with a humble bow that I write to you all to express the gratitude I’ve felt in recent weeks from our yoga community. I’ve been truly overwhelmed by your generosity & I long for the days we can roll down our mats together again. 

“Unless you’ve tried something beyond what you’ve already mastered, you’ll never grow.”

Ralf Waldo Emerson

When I decided to venture online, I must admit, it was with a certain amount of reluctancy. I’m a “need to feel the energy around me” kinda teacher and the thought of guiding a class without fellow humans in the same space felt somewhat odd, as well as pretty terrifying. It felt totally out of my comfort zone, but “what doesn't challenge you doesn't change you” right?

What an experience I’ve had on my mat these past few weeks.  It’s been a time of discovery both personally and professionally and I’ve had great comfort in knowing I’m joined on this journey by you all.
Donation Based Yoga, Barre & Pilates Classes
From €25 for 28 days. 

It’s always been my dream
to run a soul based business, and in doing so, finding ways to give back however I can. I knew when creating
HoY Online that I wanted to ensure accessibility and I believed, as I still do, that a donation based system provides a realistic option, especially for those who find themselves in a position where pre-existing pass rates are prohibitive, to continue the regular practice they enjoyed previous to the current financial climate. 
As we wake up everyday with uncertainty as to how long social distancing rules will remain in place, it is without question that I continue into May with my donation based platform.

Due to so many of us being affected by the closure of businesses throughout the globe, I feel I must say that although I’m eternally grateful that so many of you chose to donate the studios Pass 28 rate, I urge you all to please not feel discomfort by not being in a position to duplicate that. It is in no way expected. 
I’ve been asked on multiple occasions what I feel is a fair donation and although I’ve been reluctant to set a number, my feeling is, that as the lockdown continues, donations from €25 to gain access to HoY Online for 28 days is a fair and reasonable amount for the content offered.  
Thank you to those of you who chose to donate for 56 days upfront. Your renewal is of course automatic!

Social distancing can at times feel lonely. I want you to know that I'm still here for you and alongside my gorgeous new team members, I’ll do my best to keep you company with daily yoga & fitness classes.


Introducing Yoga teacher, Danni & Pilates instructor, Caroline.

These two amazing women & passionate teachers will be inviting you into their homes and offering you energizing & creative sessions throughout the week.

We will continue to post live practice videos at various times every day. The timetable will change on a weekly basis and will be posted straight onto the HoY Online timeline every Friday. Each video will be 30-60 minutes long, offering various styles of practice that will hopefully give everyone what they need and beyond! 



Experience both your familiar class flows as well as new, in-depth content that will guide you in taking your practice off the mat and into your everyday life.


I hope these videos help you to feel instantly connected, loved and supported during these challenging times. It is my wish that you breathe, smile, laugh, let go and enjoy the moment with us!

Thank you for inviting Danni, Caroline & I into your homes. We would love for you and your family to continue in your practice with us on HoY Online



Yin Yoga 
Stretch & Chill
Vinyasa Flow
Slow & Stretchy Flows
Short Yoga Talks
& More

  • Beginner accessible 
  • Roll down your mat or create space on the floor
  • Be creative and use safe household items as props
  • Prenatal mamas are welcome
  • If you have untreated injuries or health issues please seek advice from a qualified physician before joining our virtual live classes. 
Pay by donation from €25 for €28 days

During our lockdown here in Jávea, it is with passion & determination that I will do all I can to keep our beloved House of Yoga Javea on its feet during these uncertain times and I reach out to those of you that can support me in this mission.


 Whether that’s dropping in for practice every now and then or joining us regularly throughout the week, it's my wish to give you the freedom to PRESS PLAY AT ANY TIME. 

Keep scrolling to the bottom of the page for donation account details and to view the easy steps you need to take to join or continue with HoY Online.

If the current situation means the donation guidelines are prohibitive for you, please reach out to me by messaging privately via email or on any of my social media accounts, 

For now I wish you health & happiness in the coming weeks and leave you with a message of love and gratitude. 




Remember when we would throw our arms around each other, laugh together & cry together. We would roll down our mats together, breathe together & move together whilst forming a deeper inner connection. Then, we would leave and spend the day building deeper outward connections with friends, family and those around us. We would apply all the fire, passion, love, strength & wisdom we’d invoked and cultivated in our practice into our lives both professionally & at home. We would spread the joy that yoga has brought into our lives everywhere we were fortunate enough to travel to-even if that was just five minutes down the road and onto our best friends sofa. I miss you all and I thank you for always being there and in doing so, allowing me to be there for you. How we will never take being together for granted ever again. For now, let us continue to accept and just be. Because in this stillness, a greater sense of gratitude will arise and compassion will flourish. We have the power, now more than ever due to the gift of time, to find the best version of ourselves. Let us take that version with us on the very first step we make out to meet those we long to hold on to, smile with & laugh right next to and let’s never forget all we’ve learnt. 




Nadine X

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

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