Alexander County October Newsletter

Linney Mountain Tower   

Linney Mountain Tower will be our first Alexander County Point of Presence. This location was selected because of its height and central location.

We are coordinating with the county and the tower team to get the broadband equipment installed on Linney Moutain Tower and anticipate that we will be able to start turning up customers this quarter.

From Linney Mountain Tower we will be able to offer broadband to customers in all directions close to the tower. This includes customers in Taylorsville. 

If you can see the tower from your property then we should be able to give you broadband from Linney Mountain Tower.

The closer you are to the tower the faster the maximum speed we will be able to offer.

Note: We do plan to have other points of presence to serve customers not reachable by Linney Mountain Tower. Check the future newsletters for information on these.
Pictured: Linney Mountain Tower and view of Taylorsville from the base of Linney Moutain Tower.

Alexander County Waitlist - Over 600

We currently have over 600 residences and businesses on the Alexander county waitlist. Below you can see a map showing the locations on the waitlist as well as the location of our first planned Point of Presence in Alexander County Linney Tower.

Here is the process we follow for managing residential locations on the waitlist. We will compare the propagation map for Linney Tower to the customer sign-ups. For areas where we anticipate that we can provide broadband, we will look for clusters of homes where we have most of the homes on a street or in a neighborhood. We will then e-mail or call the individuals in that cluster to let them know that we will be sending someone to that location to perform a site signal test. The site signal tests will identify which of the houses are able to receive a signal and how strong, sometimes we will identify a house in the neighborhood where a repeater could be installed to improve signal for the neighborhood. If a repeater would help the neighborhood we seek approval from the homeowner to install a repeater at their residence, install the repeater at their home and provide them with broadband. We then schedule installations at the other homes in that cluster. While that cluster is being installed the next cluster is being tested.

So the best way to get broadband to your home faster is to have all your neighbors get on the waitlist! Help spread the word. 
Pictured: Each orange dot represents one Alexander residential or business location on the Alexander county Open Broadband waitlist.

Taylorsville Apple Festival (#68)

We are very excited to be offering free Wi-Fi at the Taylorsville Apple Festival this year and to have a tent at the festival where you can stop by to rest, charge your cellphone, and ask us questions.  We will be at booth #68 and we will see you there on October 19th.
Pictured: We will have these for coloring at the Apple Festival.

Want to help speed things up?

We are interviewing and hiring local Internet service testers (see job description) and are looking to hire entry-level installation technicians (see job description). Interested applicants should email a resume to for consideration. 
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