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January 2022

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I read a quote recently that said “The beginning is the most important part of the work,” and boy did this hit home. On January 1st, we often hear things like, “New Year, New Me” or “New Year, Same Me.” But we fail to realize that this can set unrealistic expectations for ourselves and the outlook we have for the year.

Let’s shift that state of mind - What if we focused on the HOW. How we can start the year as best as we can, how we can pace ourselves and set realistics goals for every day, every week and ultimately every month.

Let’s think about those moments of joy at the beginning of the year that we WANT to have, and the goals that we NEED to accomplish to live our best lives. Focusing on how we can make the beginning of the year great will flow into the duration of the year…remember…it’s all about the state of mind.

To help you set your intentions for another year, the Onyx staff has created a “New Year, New Me” playlist to help! You can listen to the full Spotify playlist here. And see a sneak peek of some of our favorite tracks!

Interested in supporting new DC area Black-owned businesses in 2022? Check out a list of some of Onyx’s favorite Black-owned spots!

Mahogany Books and @mahoganybooks on Instagram

Calabash Tea and @calabashtea on Instagram

Spice Suite and @thespicesuite on Instagram

Replenish Yoga and @replenish_yoga_meditation on Instagram

RDC Art Gallery and @rdcartgallery on Instagram

Overdue Recognition Art Gallery and @overduerecognitiongallery on Instagram

Pooka Pure and Simple and @pookalita on Instagram

Antonio Jefferson Studio and @antoniojeffersonstudio on Instagram

Here are more ways to start the year off right -

Make a vision board - A vision board is such a great way to make your ideas, affirmations, and manifestations real and concrete. Studies have shown that creating a vision board creates better intentions, improves creativity, provides focus and motivation, and actually BOOSTS your chances of success! Remember we are focusing on the HOW this year, so get your newspaper/magazine clippings, pictures, poster boards and get to work! If you want a digital version, try this one from

Start a new book - There are so many good reads out and the new year is the perfect time to practice self care with a great book! Check out these websites for lists on the best 2022 reads by Black authors.

Riveted Lit

Good Reads

Get a new journal - Keeping a journal has so many benefits for mental health. Getting your thoughts and emotions out on paper can reduce and manage your stress, keep your memory sharp, boosts your overall mood to release what you are thinking and feeling. Etsy has a great variety of black owned shops for beautiful journals.

Check them out here!

Take a look at Onyx in the media from last month!

In this article, Dr. Plummer talks about the fears of changing your hair style in the professional world. She joins other Black women with similar work experiences and discusses how this effects our mental health in several ways.

Read the full article here!

Dr. Plummer discusses ways to have a more mindful weekend. She discusses how anxiety and fear play a role in our desire to go back to work on Mondays.

Read the full article here!

The Small Giants Community has just released an ebook about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. Check out this free resource - you’ll even find a quote or two from yours truly in it!

Dr. Plummer had the opportunity to lend her expert mental health pen for! She shared her point of view on everything from the perspective of a mental health professional and an Insecure fan. The articles unpack everything from mental health lessons to male emotions and behaviors. We are so honored to have been able to contribute.

December 10th

Read the full article here!

December 16th

Read the full article here!

December 23rd

Read the full article here!

December 11th - Dr. Plummer contributed to Time magazine’s 2021 Athlete of the Year piece on none other than Olympic medalist and the GOAT - Simone Biles. Dr. Plummer spoke to Black women’s mental health, having agency over our bodies, and racism.

Read full article here!

December 11th

On December 11th, the Onyx team had the pleasure of celebrating each other at our annual holiday gathering.
We ate, we shared, and most importantly - we bonded!
We love celebrating our work, our mission, and each other year round, but 2021 was a special one! We have accomplished so much and can’t wait for the community to see everything that we have on the horizon. Stay tuned for all of the greatness, we are truly embodying our mission of transformative healing.

What’s coming up??

January 20th: Spillin the Tea with Dr. P and Curtis Young

The topic for this months Spillin the Tea will focus on Youth and Art as a healing practice at Artistic Noise as well as new ways for them to upkeep their mental health.

January 28th : High Talks Episode 2 with Dr. Plummer

Dr. Plummer joins a new panel discussion series from the High On Feminism podcast called “High Talks.” The second episode will feature Dr. Plummer speaking with Sweet Jane Magazine about motherhood and cannabis.


Take a look at the postings below and spread the word, we are looking to add to our team!


Happiest of Birthday to all of our wonderful January Team members!

Jada Pannell- January 23rd

Mighty Fine - January 26th


Contacts for Crisis

National Suicide Lifeline: 1-800-273-8355; or dial 988

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Mental Health Crisis Hotline (DC): 1-888-7WE-HELP

Mental Health Crisis Hotline (MD): 301-429-2185

Mental Health Crisis Hotline (PA): 1-888-796-8226

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Based in Washington DC, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, Onyx Therapy Group is dedicated to cultivating and strengthening the community through mental health practices. With a focus on direct clinical work, professional development/training, and sourcing, Onyx Therapy Group incorporates the values of integrity, respect, loyalty, community, culture, and excellence. As an organization, Onyx Therapy Group has over 15 years in mental health work and 20 years of education and skill-based practice that has positively impacted individuals, educators, and organizations nationally. Onyx Therapy Group is a Black, Woman, Veteran-owned business that believes in and designs transformative healing

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