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August 2022

Onyx Leadership Team

Greetings Onyx Family!!

We have made it to the eighth month of the year and boy has it been a whirlwind of greatness here at Onyx Therapy Group.

Throughout the year, we have made it a point to start, cultivate and expand our relationships so that the mental health word spreads all over our community at large. The journey to transformative healing is an arduous one, but Onyx Therapy Group is down for the ride and we hope that you are too!

Speaking of relationships…did you know that August 7th is Friendship Day??

As much as mental health is about what we do and think in our personal lives, it is also about the relationships that we cultivate with other people. How are your friendships looking these days? Do you have a good, solid group of friends? Do they pour into you as much as you do them? These are all crucial points that many forget about when it comes to mental health.

I’ll let you ponder that for a moment..but in the words of TLC -

What about your friends? Will they stand their ground? Will they let you down?

What about your friends? Are they gonna be low down? Will they ever be around? Or will they turn their backs on you?

Then, August 15th is National Back to School Prep Day and this day brings about a fresh start for all of the youth that are starting school across the nation. Onyx Therapy Group prides itself on supporting the transition for all youth who are starting their exciting journeys to adulthood. We are aware that there are mental health implications to this momentous transition and we hope that those who support these youth allow space for growth, individuality and LEARNING!

Congratulations to Dr. Plummer and her daughter Alyssa, as she transitions to North Carolina A&T for college!

Take a look at Onyx in the media from last month!

July 2nd : Walker’s Legacy Power Brunch - The Science of a Woman

This is a celebratory brunch recognizing the booming businesses that are spurring the beauty and wellness renaissance. Dr. Plummer enjoyed being able to talk with the beautiful Black women about addressing traumas while being Black women and entrepreneurs. Check out our story highlight on our Instagram page for more of our trip to New Orleans!

July 12th : Diverse Magazine Black Women Leaders call on Biden Administration to step up efforts to free Brittney Griner

Dr. Plummer was 1 of 1200 Black women leaders across the U.S. that signed and sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris asking them to ramp up efforts to free Griner from detainment. More than a dozen of the signers are women either in academia or involved with research on issues impacting women of color.

Read the article here!

July 13th : Onyx Therapy Group blogpost - “The role of intuition in Therapy - From a Therapists perspective

The latest blog post by Dr. Plummer will have you pondering about intuition and the wisdom one needs to understand how it impacts our healing journeys.
Intuitive insight and intuitive foresight.
“It’s those moments when something sets in our mind, clearly out of nowhere, and we have no recall of why we are thinking a particular way. It literally drops out of the sky (Universe, God, ancestors, Orishas, spirits) and it binds to a thought and a feeling.”
In this blog post, Dr. Plummer bares it all and expresses the difference between the intuitive insight and our personal feelings.

Read the blog here!

July 16th : US Black Chamber 2022 National Conference

Dr. Plummer joined the President of the US Black Chambers, Ron Busby, for their 2022 National Conference to discuss Mental Health & Wellness within the Black community. Dr. Plummer spoke to boundaries in both the workplace and personal life, as well as how to show up for others in our community.

July 17th - Onyx at The Eaton

Onyx at the Eaton - Off the success of our April Mental Health Fair, Onyx has partnered with the Eaton Hotel in DC for a quarterly mental wellness series, called Onyx @ The Eaton. We kicked off our inaugural event on Sunday, July 17th with a panel on Black mental health and Black relationships. Dr. Plummer led a thought provoking conversation with our three panelist around various topics. These topics included sex and intimacy, The Five Love Languages, and desire. We are so ready for Part 2!

July 27th: Blog post “The Divine Nature of Co-Parenting”

In this blog post, Dr. Plummer gets real and vulnerable able her co parenting experiences and the miracle of being a coparent.

July 30th: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Federal City Alumnae Chapter Annual Community Day

Onyx Therapy Group had a table and spread the word about mental health, referrals, resources, books and more. Clinical Supervisor and Therapist Jada Panell and Therapist Qiana Wright spoke with community members at Ballou High School in Southeast Washington, DC.

Onyx @ The Eaton

Onyx Therapy Group has partnered with the Eaton Hotel DC to produce a series of quarterly events for the DC community on mental health and wellness. On Sunday July 17th, Dr. Plummer hosted Onyx’s first “Onyx @ The Eaton: A Mental Wellness Series,” a day filled with panel discussions on Black relationships, networking and shopping from some of DC’s own Black-owned vendors.

Dr. Plummer led a thought provoking discussion on Black relationships; the differences between intimacy and sex, heterosexual and gay friendships, and on effective ways to hold you and your peers accountable in their lives. Panelists Dr. Marcus Mason of Minds in Motion; Zerandrian Morris founder of Funny Acting Black Girl and the Ignant Intellectual; and Lauren Pearson, the co-founder of social community Blackgrlthings, and a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor, opened the floor to converse with guests on how to break stigmas and positively progress the Black community. The event also highlighted local Black-owned vendors such as Donna Faye’s Bakery, Flower Girl Herbs, District Home, and Funny Acting Black Girl.

Dr. Marcus Mason

The founder of Minds in Motion Therapeutic Services and a Licensed Clinical Professional. With over 12 years of experience, Dr. Marcus works to support youth and adults using Cognitive Behavioral and Adlerian Therapy as a framework in practice. Dr. Mason also consults with public and private sectors including school districts, social service organizations, and/or non-profits to support Social and Emotional Learning components for staff and clients they serve.

Zerandrian Morris

A formally-trained Epidemiologist & Biostatistician as well as a social impact strategist and Owner/Principal Strategist of The Ignant Intellectual Group LLC, a location-independent consulting and strategy social enterprise that guides organizations and companies through the process of transforming themselves into anti-racist places of business. Zerandrian spends a bulk of their time creating paradigm-shifting experiences for companies, institutions, organizations, & individuals around topics like anti-racism, anti-Blackness, white supremacy and racial equity.

Lauren Pearson

A Licensed Professional Counselor and graduate of Bowie State University’s Mental Health Counselor Master’s Degree program. Lauren works at Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services as the Therapy Services Manager specializing in Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiate Users who are incarcerated. Additionally, she is a psychotherapist with TheBeeNetwork where she works primarily with Black women experiencing anxiety, ADHD, and depression. She is also the Co-founder of BlackGrlThings which is an online platform focusing on creating a safe space for black women through events, discussions, and sisterhood.

Onyx will be looking to host part 2 of the Black Relationships convo on September 16th, at the Eaton. Our next quarterly panel will be held on November 6th.

What’s coming up?!

August 2nd & 3rd and 7th & 8th: Our Education Team will lead a training for Early Childhood educators the first two weeks of August on building healthy relationships with children and families they serve.


Take a look at the postings below and spread the word, we are looking to add to our team!


August 20th: Happy Birthday to our Psycho Therapist Katherine, we hope you you enjoy your day!


Contacts for Crisis

National Suicide Lifeline: 1-800-273-8355; or dial 988

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Mental Health Crisis Hotline (DC): 1-888-7WE-HELP

Mental Health Crisis Hotline (MD): 301-429-2185

Mental Health Crisis Hotline (PA): 1-888-796-8226

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Based in Washington DC, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, Onyx Therapy Group is dedicated to cultivating and strengthening the community through mental health practices. With a focus on direct clinical work, professional development/training, and sourcing, Onyx Therapy Group incorporates the values of integrity, respect, loyalty, community, culture, and excellence. As an organization, Onyx Therapy Group has over 15 years in mental health work and 20 years of education and skill-based practice that has positively impacted individuals, educators, and organizations nationally. Onyx Therapy Group is a Black, Woman, Veteran-owned business that believes in and designs transformative healing

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