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March 2023

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We are women - HEAR US ROAR!

In case you didn’t know, Onyx Therapy Group is a Black Woman-owned, Veteran-owned business who aims to address mental health issues and disparities in communities, organizations, and for individuals in need.

We pride ourselves on healing our community, and doing so with over 30 all Black/women of color. We pride ourselves on catering to the needs of our children and families and we rely on our expertise as professionals, but most importantly, the expertise of our womanhood and spirit. I once read a quote by the great Maya Angelou that stated - “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Our goal is to affect the masses, affect the ideals and thoughts that our communities have around mental health. Like Maya said, we will THRIVE, not just survive!

International Women’s Day is always very special to us as a woman-owned business because we can be very intentional about shouting out ALL women and the reasons why our presence in the world is vital. As a business, we recognize that being a woman-owned business owner has its ups and its down, so this month we shout out other Black Woman-owned businesses that we love in the DMV area.

We know you will enjoy them too!

Black Girl Budget

Take a look at Onyx in the media from last month!

February 3rd: Save these dates for Onyx Therapy Group’s special 2023 Events

Dr. Plummer sat with Queer Forty to discuss the success Onyx had in 2022 and her plans for the New Year, including the upcoming 2nd Annual Spring mental health fair.

February 13th: “I’s Married Now” Blog post by Dr. Plummer

Marriage ideals have changed over the years with people realizing that these types of structures may actually not be for them. If you find yourself feeling this way, you are not alone and Dr. Plummer makes sure you know that!

Read blog post here!

February 13th : Instagram Live w/ Dr. Plummer and Zee from Funny Acting Black Girl

Dr. Plummer and her good friend Zerandrian of Funny Acting Black Girl talk about the limitations of the The 5 Love Languages, the role of race and culture in teh expression and receipt of love, the “pee that’s in the dating pool”, platonic intimate relationships amongst men, mommy issues, and more.

Watch the Instagram Live here!

February 15th : Blog by Aisha Spencer - Bi-Coastal Love

Although there are cons to having a long-distance relationship, there can also be pros, much like Aisha's reflection of experiencing better communication between her and her husband since being long-distance.

Read it here!

February 16th : Mental Health America Webinar featuring Dr. Ayana Malone

This past Black History Month, Mental Health America celebrated the rich culture, joy, and contributions from Black communities despite the long history of systemic racism that affects Black mental health systems. Dr. Ayana Malone, our Director of Education and Training, participated as a panelist sharing her perspectives on Black joy in our current age.

February 16th: Embodying the power of our roots

Participants of this UW Stout discussion learned practical and actionable steps to take as individuals and as leaders while confronting and processing microaggressions, burnout, and mental health concerns while also being real about risks and possible consequences.

February 18th: AMI/USA 2023 Montessori Experience

Dr. Plummer discusses how adversity and trauma during childhood can impact brain development. Tapping into the brain’s biology to support healing and well-being, the power of relationships and relational health as a buffer against stressful family situations, attendees learned about the idea of sustaining mental health for caregivers and their children.

Dr. Plummer had the pleasure of meeting the illustrious Nikki Giovanni at the conference and heard her powerful words as she read her prolific poems to the conference participants.

February 20th: It happened again | Blog post from Dr. Plummer

This blog by Dr. Plummer reflects on the struggles she faces as a Black woman in business. She recounts her disheartening experiences (yes, plural) when trying to accumulate more access to capital.

Read the blog post here!

February 23rd: 4th Annual Northwest Regional Conference

Dr. Plummer leads a panel at the NW Regional Equity Conference at Clark College. This conference aims to improve equitable, sustainable experiences and outcomes for systemically marginalized and underrepresented populations through inclusive and anti-racist strategies.

This conference is geared toward educators, administrators, non-profit, governmental, and other professionals and individuals across the region who would like to broaden their social justice knowledge or remove institutional barriers for systemically underrepresented populations.

February 24th: Grown Ass Women podcast | Love and Identity

The ladies of Grown Ass Women are at it again! Talking all things love…but when it comes to yourself and your identity. Watch the video on YouTube or listen to it wherever you stream and download your podcasts at Onyx Therapy Group - The Podcast.

February 25th: Cecily’s Advocacy Conference

Decoding the Kid Code: Dr Plummer joined a panel discussion on how to “Decode The Kid Code.” The panel discussed how to help parents read the signs children are trying to send, and offered strategies from various developmental levels, professional perspectives, and age groups.

February 27th: Making friends as an adult

Aisha contemplates the adversities of not only making friends as an adult, but making new friends when you move across the country...alone. Where did our confidence from when we were children go? Why don't we feel like we belong in these spaces?

Read it here!


March 7th - Consciously Unbiased -LinkedIn Live

Dr. Plummer will take part in a fireside chat discussion for Consciously Unbiased’s LinkedIn Live, with founder Ashish Kaushal. Discussing the Tyre Nichols case, the abuse of power as it relates to the police, as well as how this abuse of power plays out inside of corporations, the convo is a must-see!

March 9th - University of Wisconsin - Stout | The power of our roots

Participants of this UW Stout discussion learned practical and actionable steps to take as individuals and as leaders while confronting and processing microaggressions, burnout, and mental health concerns while also being real about risks and possible consequences.

March 15th : Onyx Therapy Group’s First Business Newsletter

As we continue to grow and educate and inform our community, Onyx is getting ready to release a Business Newsletter aimed at all the behind-the-scenes work Onyx is doing for government entities, corporations, school districts, and more. Be sure to subscribe via the website to stay in the know!

March 23rd :USBC 2023 Power Brunch

Dr. Plummer will attend the power brunch that honors the top 50 women in the country who are entrepreneurs, trailblazers, advocates, executives, visionaries, and in their respective industries.

​The USBC Power 50 List is an annual honor bestowed upon 50 illustrious women who embody the spirit of the organization—unwavering dedication to making a difference in their communities and in the world at large. The honorees represent a wide variety of backgrounds and experience levels from all over the United States.

March 31st: United States Black Chambers Conference in New Orleans

Our relationship with the USBC continues! Dr. Plummer is set to join USBC New Orleans as a Keynote speaker for its 3rd annual Women's Conference to discuss the intersection of Motherhood x Entrepreneurship x Mental Health.


The ladies of Grown Ass Women are back around the table for even more of the raw and real talk that you expect! Join Dr. Plummer and her group of best friends: Jonai Carr, Nikki Wood, Ayana Malone and Deana Kennedy on YouTube to see them in action!

Teen Talks: Season 2

Onyx Therapy Group officially launced Season 2 of Teen Talks - where teens come together to share their thoughts and opinions on topics ranging from pop culture, mental health, and all things growing up.

Watch it here!

Onyx Therapy Group The Podcast

This year, Onyx Therapy Group launched Onyx Therapy Group - The Podcast available on all podcast platforms! Tune in for conversations about mental health featuring episodes of Grown Ass Women, Teen Talks, and Spillin’ The Tea with Dr. P!

Listen and watch here!

Onyx Therapy Group Blog

Every month, Dr. Plummer shares her most vulnerable truths in the Onyx Therapy Group blog sharing tips, insight, and all the things in between when it comes to daily life and mental health. Check it out at our website


Still trying to keep up with all things Onyx?! Well don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for past episodes of “Spillin’ the Tea w/ Dr. P,” “Grown Ass Women,” and “Teen Talks.” And of course, for all the details on where Onyx has been featured, visit our Press Page on the website!


Take a look at the postings below and spread the word, we are looking to add to our team!


Contacts for Crisis

National Suicide Lifeline: 1-800-273-8355; or dial 988

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Mental Health Crisis Hotline (DC): 1-888-7WE-HELP

Mental Health Crisis Hotline (MD): 301-429-2185

Mental Health Crisis Hotline (PA): 1-888-796-8226

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Based in Washington DC, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, Onyx Therapy Group is dedicated to cultivating and strengthening the community through mental health practices. With a focus on direct clinical work, professional development/training, and sourcing, Onyx Therapy Group incorporates the values of integrity, respect, loyalty, community, culture, and excellence. As an organization, Onyx Therapy Group has over 15 years in mental health work and 20 years of education and skill-based practice that has positively impacted individuals, educators, and organizations nationally. Onyx Therapy Group is a Black, Woman, Veteran-owned business that believes in and designs transformative healing

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