Overseer Update - May 2019

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In 35 days we say goodbye to the legacy OVERSEER® Nutrient Budgets software. Many of you have been busy getting ready for this, and we really appreciate your efforts. If you don't know if this affects you - you can find out in legacy is going, it's time to get ready.

Part of moving to the new OverseerFM service is to ensure we can focus on providing a powerful decision support tool for individual farms. OverseerFM allows farmers and rural professionals to analyse a farm's current situation and review the impact of different farm management or land use scenarios, which will lead to real change.

Overseer also has a long history of supporting nutrient management and farm system research and education. To continue to support this we have created two specific services - OverseerEd and OverseerSci. Both software services run off the same science modelling as OverseerFM.

OverseerEd enables education providers to teach our next generation of nutrient management specialists how Overseer can support understanding nutrient cycling on a farm. OverseerSci enables scientists and researchers to engage in the development of the Overseer model and undertake farm system science and research. OverseerEd is available for education providers, OverseerSci is currently in beta testing and we will let you know when its ready.

Please get in touch at to discuss which software will best meet your needs. We welcome your queries and feedback.

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Legacy Overseer Nutrient Budgets is going - it's time to get ready

In 35 days, the Legacy OVERSEER® Nutrient Budgets software will be retired on 30 June 2019, a year after the launch of OverseerFM.

Do you have farm files stored in your OVERSEER Online account?  

After 30 June, you will no longer be able to access files stored in your OVERSEER Online account. Please ensure you allow enough time to update your farm files to version 6.3.1. and download all files (XML) that you wish to keep. Save these on your computer hard drive and/or cloud storage and/or memory stick. We recommend keeping two back-ups. There is no bulk download option, each file will need to be downloaded individually.

Register and upload your farm files to OverseerFM

When you register for OverseerFM, you'll find in-app help and a downloadable user guide to step you through the software. Once you've registered you can create farm accounts or get access to existing farm accounts to upload your XML files.

Please note that OverseerFM is structured around the farm account, not a user account. Farm accounts represent the farm being modelled and access to the farm account can be shared with different users through permissions.  

Visit the user guides page on our website to help get you started with the OverseerFM User Guide, fact sheets and help videos.

Your guide to farm accounts in OverseerFM

This 3 minute video explains how to create a new farm account in OverseerFM - the first step before you can upload XML files. Our user help videos are available on Overseer Limited's website and YouTube channel.

Overseer Limited work plan and developments

Alongside supporting users to start making the most of OverseerFM, we are focused on our next development opportunities and needs.

We will continue to release updates to the software more frequently where we can improve the user experience. Some notable developments coming this year are the inclusion of Urease Inhibitors, the addition of Plantain based on the results of the Forages for Reduced Nitrate Leaching project and the roll out of the model uncertainty analysis.  We will also be completing our N-model calibration for pastoral systems and progressing a N-model calibration for crop systems, thanks to the provision of data collected for the "Protecting our Groundwater – Measuring and Managing Diffuse Nutrient Losses from Cropping Systems" programme by the Ministry for the Environment, Foundation for Arable Research, Plant and Food Research and the projects funding partners.

For details of the many items on our development backlog, you can download our current backlog from our website, as well as read a description of our approach to developing Overseer. The backlog is regularly updated.

Are you getting the most from OverseerFM?

 This 60 minute webinar will provide you with an excellent overview of OverseerFM. You will learn how farmers and rural professionals can get the most from our decision-support tool and the shared working space.

Tips for using OverseerFM

Where S-Maps are not available or if you've had your soils mapped

You can create a soil that represents what you see on your farm by using the '+ Add a new soil' prompt, which is above the Block Soils slider, on the block screen.

See the user guide >

The farm account is at the centre in OverseerFM

In the legacy software the user account was at the centre. Having the farm account at the centre enables data sharing between the farmer and consultants, giving greater visibility to each while saving time and paperwork. 

See the farm accounts guide and video >

How to turn on the help function in OverseerFM

Help is available in the OverseerFM software. On the bottom RH corner of every screen you'll see

Click on the icon - it's green when help is on and blue when help is hidden.
Access OverseerFM >

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