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No. 5 – Agosto / August 2019
Dear readers:
At the end of the first semester, 2019, CAPAZ reached a goal that deserves to be mentioned: the strengthening of inter-institutional cooperation in Germany and Colombia. This was evidenced by the activities of the exploratory studies supported in 2018, the excellent relations with diplomats and the formalisation of cooperation agreements with peace institutions in Colombia. This cooperation will be much stronger thanks to the project that will accompany the processes of justice and truth in Colombia. We look forward to seeing you at our CAPAZ Spotlight on Peace events until the end of the year and wish you a pleasant reading of this issue No. 5 of the newsletter!
Agéndese / Save the date
Politische Bildung in Kolumbien

Das CAPAZ Institut und das Centro de Pensamiento Nicanor Restrepo Santamaría der Universidad Nacional de Colombia führen am 5. September 2019 die Tagung Educación Política Ciudadana (Politische Bildung in Kolumbien) durchThomas Krüger, Präsident der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung und Prof. Dr. Bernd Overwien (Universität Kassel) sind aus Deutschland zu Gast eingeladen. Weitere Informationen

Do., 5. September 2019, 8-17 Uhr
Auditorio del Edificio Rogelio Salmona
Universidad Nacional - Bogotá, Colombia
Convocatoria / Call for applications

With funding from the German Federal Foreign Office (AA), the CAPAZ Institute, and the Centre for Studies of Latin American Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure (CEDPAL) belonging to the University of Göttingen will implement the project: “Stabilization of Peace in Colombia through Justice and Truth”. Based within academia, the general objective for the project is to strengthen the Colombian Integrated System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition. Those interested are invited to submit their application as candidates for the following position in Bogotá, Colombia: Academic Collaborator. Application deadline: September 28, 2019. Terms of Reference (in Spanish).

CAPAZ de cerca / CAPAZ close-up
CAPAZ Board of Directors in Bogotá
Representatives of the CAPAZ founding members and associates met in Bogota in March 2019 to participate in the Annual Board Meeting. The spokespersons of the ten associate members selected at the end of 2018 attended for the first time.
CAPAZ is the new DAAD Centre of Excellence in Research and Teaching
In May 2019, The CAPAZ Institute was named Centre of Excellence in Research and Teaching by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The DAAD recognizes CAPAZ’ contribution to peacebuilding in Colombia and to German-Colombian academic cooperation. CAPAZ is one of the five DAAD centres of excellence in the world. Further information
Federal Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas visited CAPAZ
On April 30, 2019, Minister Maas participated in a discussion session with the directives of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), the Commission for the Clarification of the Truth (CEV), and the Specialist Search Unit for Disappeared Persons (UBPD) in Colombia. Further information (in German).
German Government to finance project to accompany processes of justice and truth
The German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs will finance a project led by CAPAZ and CEDPAL to accompany the mandates of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) and the Commission for the Clarification of the Truth (CEV) in Colombia. The 
signing of the official grant document took place on August 9, 2019 at the German Embassy in Bogota.
CAPAZ and peace institutions reasserted their willingness to cooperate
A cooperation agreement was signed by CAPAZ, CEDPAL at the University of Göttingen and the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP). CAPAZ also signed a 
Letter of Understanding with the Commission for the Clarification of the Truth (CEV) to carry out joint activities in accordance with the CEV's mandate.
A big Thank you to Tom Koenigs

The CAPAZ Institute bids farewell to Tom Koenigs, the German Government's delegate for the peace process in Colombia until 2019. Koenigs understood the Colombian armed conflict and the peace process and actively promoted the work of CAPAZ since its inception. Thank you, Mr. Koenigs; we wish you all the best for your future.
Outgoing and incoming Chancellors at Universidad de los Andes
Dr. Pablo Navas finished his term as Chancellor at Universidad de los Andes, a founding institution of the CAPAZ Institute. We thank Dr. Navas for his enthusiasm and willingness to consolidate CAPAZ. The new Chancellor who we send our very best wishes to is Dr. Alejandro Gaviria.
Trainees of the Engagement Global ASA Program at CAPAZ
From April to October 2019, four students from Germany and Colombia will undertake their internship project at the CAPAZ Institute, in Bogotá and Pereira. The topics included in their work are peacebuilding, sustainable development, education, and cultural tourism. The first phase of the project took place in Giessen, Germany. Further information (in German).
Thank you to Dr. Reinhard Babel, outgoing director of DAAD Colombia
Dr. Reinhard Babel served as Director of the DAAD in Colombia until July 2019. During his term, Dr. Babel accompanied and supported the work of CAPAZ. We wish him and his family the best for the future, and we would like to express our sincere thanks for his collaborative work.
CAPAZ Académico / Academic CAPAZ
Call for funding of research projects
The CAPAZ call to support research projects was open until July 22, 2019. One hundred proposals were received from different disciplines impacting different regions of Colombia. The projects will receive five thousand Euros each, to be executed until the middle of 2020. We will soon report on the selected proposals. Click here information on the terms and conditions
CAPAZ at the prestigious Wilson Centre in Washington
On March 8, 2019, CAPAZ’ Academic Director, Prof. Dr. Stefan Peters and Prof. Dr. José Martínez from the University of Göttingen were invited to the Wilson Centre in Washington, where they presented their papers on rural reform in Colombia, as part of the prestigious Think Tank’s academic agenda on Latin America. Further information
CAPAZ working document on land rights
In the second working document published by CAPAZ, Diana Carolina Sanabria (Universität Konstanz) analyses: “The right to progressive access to land ownership” by the rural population and the problem of land concentration.
CAPAZ Policy Briefs on JEP

Juliette Vargas (CAPAZ/CEDPAL) and John Zuluaga are the authors of the policy brief: “The Conditionality Regime and Access to Special Jurisdiction for Peace”. CAPAZ also published the policy brief by researchers Kai Ambos and Gustavo Emilio Cote: “The benefits contemplated in the Amnesty Law and the difficulties in its application", in cooperation with the Rule of Law Program for Latin America of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. CAPAZ publications are open-access and available through the CAPAZ/Publications website.
Co-edition of commentary to the Amnesty Law
The CAPAZ Institute, CEDPAL and the Rule of Law Program for Latin America of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation published the book: "Amnesty Law - Complete and Systematic Commentary", edited by Kai Ambos and Gustavo Emilio Cote Barco. The launch took place on May 28, 2019 at the headquarters for the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP). 
Click here for more information.
Eventos académicos en Colombia /

Academic events in Colombia
Events held at Claustro de San Agustín during the first semester, 2019
The CAPAZ Spotlight on Peace events held at Claustro de San Agustín in Bogotá offered a diverse agenda on academia, peace, art, literature, and memory.
The series of events began with a discussion session on the role of academia and international cooperation in peacebuilding,  with the participation of the Chancellor of JLU Giessen, Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukharjee. A workshop involving students and German artist Horst Hoheisel on objects of memory also took place. In Espacio Fragmentos, the artist gave an open talk on his “Contra-Monuments”.
Laura Restrepo and Evelio Rosero closed the CAPAZ Spotlight on Peace series of events
The CAPAZ Spotlight on Peace series of events closed in the first semester of 2019, with the 
discussion session on literature, violence, and memory with Laura Restrepo and Evelio Rosero. Laura Restrepo also presented her lecture: “Literature, disaster and peace. The local and global scenario”, at Universidad Nacional by invitation of CAPAZ and the university.
The CAPAZ Academic Director's Agenda in Medellín
In August, 2019, Prof. Dr. Stefan Peters presented lectures at Universidad de Antioquia
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Medellín. The topics of the talks were historical memory, peacebuilding in the educational contexts and the situation in Venezuela.
Seminar on deforestation and peace at Universidad de los Andes
CAPAZ, Universidad de los Andes, and the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Colombia, organised the seminar on deforestation, biodiversity, and peace held on August 6, 2019 in Bogotá. Academic and civil society representatives participated in the event. 
Further information
CAPAZ Territorial School in Pasto
The CAPAZ Territorial School in Pasto, Nariño aimed to strengthen the capacities of local actors through education. It took place from 10 to 14 June, 2019, as the second phase of the exploratory study supported by CAPAZ and led by the research groups La Minga and Indesco at Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia in Pasto. Further information
Seminar on political participation and democracy
The seminar: "Combat violence with words", organised by CAPAZ and the Dutch Institute for Multiparty Democracy in Colombia (NIMD), brought together social leaders to exchange mechanisms to strengthen political participation, dialogue, and democracy. It was held on June 12 and 13, 2019 at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. Further information
Writing helps repair and build memory in Medellín
On May 10, 2019, a seminar on autobiographical writing as a mechanism of subjective reparation and memory construction was held in Medellín. The event was part of an exploratory study supported by CAPAZ and coordinated by Universidad de Antioquia. Teachers, students, and victims of various forms of violence participated. Further information (in Spanish).
Memory through theatre and performance in Quinchía, Risaralda

As part of the activities for the exploratory study supported by CAPAZ and coordinated at Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira (UTP), the workshop “Body and Memory” was held in February 2019, followed by the community theatre exercise: “For Today: stories in times of peace” held in March. The Quinchía (Risaralda) community was involved in both activities.
Seminar at Universidad de los Andes on memory, academia, and civil society
"Memory, academia, and civil society: Building bridges" was the title of the academic conference held on March 13-15, 2019 at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. The activity was part of an exploratory study supported in 2018 by CAPAZ on the role of academia and civil society in the construction of historical memory. Further information
Presentation by the CAPAZ Academic Director in Ibagué
On March 14, 2019, Prof. Dr. Stefan Peters gave a presentation on peacebuilding and social inequalities at Universidad de Ibagué, an associate member of the CAPAZ Institute. Further information
Documentary on the FARC-EP musical repertoire
On May 16, 2019, the documentary "A recomponer" was screened at Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá. The documentary is about the laying down of arms of two former FARC-EP combatants and their incursion into music. It is the result of an exploratory study supported by CAPAZ on the construction of a database of farian music between 1988 and 2018. Further information
Workshops in Bogota led by Prof. Dr. Kai Ambos
Prof. Dr. Kai Ambos taught two workshops in Bogotá in May 2019. The first took place at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, and focused on the results of research in transitional justice, human rights, and international criminal law. The second workshop took place at the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) offices and was addressed to JEP staff. Further information
International conferences in Bogotá on land rights
CAPAZ, the GIZ agency in Colombia, the United Nations, together with other institutions supported the academic conference on land law, held in May 2019 at Universidad Externado de Colombia. The thematic emphasis was on the analysis of the social ordering of rural property. Further information
Colloquium and conference on gender, right-wing populism, and peace
The colloquium on women and peacebuilding and the lecture by Prof. Dr. Julia Roth (Universität Bielefeld) on gender, right-wing populism, and peace were held at Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá on May 31, 2019. The academic conferences were coordinated in partnership with the School of Gender Studies at the same university. Further information
Seminar held in Ibagué on communication and mental health in the conflict
On April 26, 2019, the seminar-workshop: “Conflict, communication, and mental health” provided a meeting place for those interested in audio-visual recording techniques that are sensitive to the recovery processes of victims of the armed conflict. The event was part of the exploratory study supported by CAPAZ and led by Universidad de Ibagué, with a view to the creation of an audio-visual memory centre for peace in Tolima. Further information
Environmental democracy: The central theme of the seminar held at Universidad de los Andes
Representatives of academia, social organisations, law firms, and environmentalists met on March 15, 2019 at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, during the seminar-workshop: "Popular Consultations and Environmental Democracy". The meeting was part of a CAPAZ-supported exploratory study on the political participation of communities. Further information
Research activities on reincorporation processes in Caquetá and Huila

Researchers from Germany and Colombia visited the departments of Huila and Caquetá on March 21, 2019, where they coordinated workshops and meetings to identify models for the reincorporation of former FARC-EP combatants and some of the dynamics with the surrounding communities. The activities were part of the CAPAZ-supported development of the exploratory study on reincorporation. Further information
Eventos académicos en Alemania /

Academic events in Germany
The CAPAZ Administrative Director's Agenda in Germany
Dr. Carlos Nupia's agenda during the summer in Germany included several strategic meetings in Berlin and Giessen to initiate or strengthen cooperation ties. In the German capital, Dr. Nupia met with the Colombian Ambassador to Germany and in Munich, he gave a presentation at the Technical University of Munich. Further information
Juliette Vargas was invited to several academic events in Germany

In Germany, Juliette Vargas, research collaborator by CAPAZ and CEDPAL, participated in several academic events on transitional justice, in which she also presented the advances of her doctoral research. Further information
Academic activities with Juliana González Villamizar in Germany
Juliana González Villamizar, CAPAZ research collaborator and doctoral candidate at Justus Liebig University Giessen, attended an intense academic agenda in Germany during the summer of 2019. The activities included a seminar and several presentations. Further information
CAPAZ was involved in different events in Giessen
Between May and June 2019, CAPAZ representatives participated in academic activities in Giessen, Germany. Prof. Dr. Stefan Peters was invited by the Graduate Centre for Social, Economic and Legal Sciences at Justus Liebig University Giessen to give his talk on the post-conflict in Colombia. CAPAZ and JLU organised the conference on transitional justice, with the participation of German and Colombian researchers. Finally, the group of ASA practitioners organised a discussion session on the current situation of human rights and exploitation of natural resources in Colombia.
Workshop in Berlin on the construction and spaces of memory
On July 15-16, 2019, the Institute of Latin American Studies (LAI) at Freie Universität Berlin welcomed researchers from Colombia, Germany, Spain, Chile, Argentina, and Ecuador for the workshop: "Commemoration and Remembrance. Processes of construction of historical memory and legitimacy of the State". Further information
Memory and Transitional Justice: Cases from Colombia and Latin America
CAPAZ, the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Justus Liebig University Giessen, and the Hanns Seidel Stiftung Foundation organised the workshop: "Transitional Justice and Memory: Colombia in Latin American Perspective", held on July 11 and 12, 2019. CAPAZ was represented by Prof. Dr. Stefan Peters and Juliana González Villamizar. Further information
The University of Erfurt hosted an international workshop
CAPAZ and the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt hosted the workshop: "Peace Process in Colombia: Security Reconfigurations and International Responses", from 23 to 25 April 2019 in Erfurt. The workshop focused on topics such as the reincorporation of former combatants, the Colombia Venezuela crisis, and illicit crops in Colombia. Further information
Networking CAPAZ
CAPAZ attended the Conference of Ministers of Latin America and the Caribbean
The German Federal Foreign Office organised the "Conference on Latin America and the Caribbean - Initiative 2019". On 28 May 2019. Foreign ministers from various countries in Latin America and representatives from academia, industry, and culture also attended. CAPAZ was represented by Dr. Rosario Figari Layús (JLU), Dr. Jonas Wolff (PRIF) and Dr. Camilo Borrero (Universidad Nacional de Colombia). Further information
Students from JLU Giessen visit Colombia on an academic excursion
A group of students from Justus Liebig University Giessen came on an academic excursion to Colombia, where they visited the CAPAZ Institute, the German Embassy, and social and environmental projects in Bogotá and the department of Tolima. Further information (in German).
CAPAZ Administrative Director was invited to the regional forum on the Post Agreement
The forum: "Regional Thought in the Post-Agreement" was held in Neiva at the end of May 2019. Dr. Carlos Nupia, Administrative Director of CAPAZ participated in the discussion on knowledge networks and political action. Further information
CAPAZ in German-Colombian technical consultations
By invitation of the Colombian Ministry of Education, the CAPAZ Administrative Director, Dr. Carlos Nupia represented the Institute in the third version of the German-Colombian technical consultations on education, science, and technology. The consultations took place on 13 and 14 May 2019 in Bogotá. Further information
CAPAZ and HAWAPI discussion session on memory 2018
As part of the academic program of the HAWAPI 2018 art fellowship, Dr. Kristina Dietz (LAI/CAPAZ) was invited to a discussion session on memory, held on March 28, 2019 at the Casa Museo Jorge Eliércer Gaitán in Bogotá. Further information
Universidad de Antioquia delegation visits PRIF colleagues in Frankfurt
Researchers from the Universidad de Antioquia visited the Leibniz Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies in Frankfurt (PRIF) on March 11, 2019, where they met with colleagues from Germany to exchange research and experiences on historical memory. Further information
Visitas a CAPAZ / Visits to CAPAZ
CAPAZ meeting of Bundestag members with social activists
By invitation of the German Embassy in Colombia, members of the Andean Group of the German Parliament, CAPAZ representatives, and human rights organisations met on 22 July 2019 in the CAPAZ office in Bogotá. Further information
Academic residency at CAPAZ
Dr. Joana Amaral (Universität Marburg) visited the CAPAZ Institute from 16 June to 2 August 2019, during which she carried out part of her postdoctoral research project. Further information
Students from Mainz visited CAPAZ
Business and management students from Hochschule Mainz University of Applied Sciences in Germany, accompanied by Prof. Dr. Norbert Rohleder visited the CAPAZ Institute in Bogotá on March 12, 2019. They learned about the work of CAPAZ and discussed some of the aspects related to peace implementation in Colombia. Further information
Eco en medios / Press releases
Próximos eventos / Upcoming events
  • Workshop "Citizen political education". September 5, 2019, Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá. Organised by the CAPAZ Institute and Centro de Pensamiento Nicanor Restrepo Santamaría para la Reconstrucción Civil at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Admission is free (in German).
  • CAPAZ 2019 Summer School: "An Exclusive Peace? Peacebuilding in unequal contexts". September 23-27, 2019 in Berlin. Organized by the CAPAZ Institute and LAI at Freie Universität Berlin.
  • Conference "The peace process in an unequal country: Challenges for Colombia three years after the Final Agreeement". October, 2019, Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla. Organized by the CAPAZ Institute and Universidad de Norte.
  • Discussion session „Soziale Ungleichheiten und die Landfrage: Herausforderungen für den kolumbianischen Friedensprozess“. October 30, 2019 in Hamburg, Germany. The event will be held during the Lateinamerika Herbst Festival, in cooperation with CAPAZ and the Universität Hamburg.
  • Dialogue platform "Political repression, forced disappearance, and resilience in contexts of inequality". March, 2020 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Organized by the CAPAZ Institute, Justus Liebig University Giessen and Maria Sibylla Merian Centre for Advanced Latin American Studies (CALAS).
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