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Lower United Methodist Church
May 19th, 2021


"God has made a tent in heaven for the sun. It rises in one end of the sky; its circuit is complete at the other. Nothing escapes its heat."    Psalm 19: 4, 6

I was looking through old documents when I found a poem, I wrote in 2009 on that first month when I moved from Northern Virginia to Chuckatuck to lead an Anglo church.
I don't think I have shared it with anyone like most of my poems. Maybe because they reveal too much about me. 
This time when I read it so many years later, I had to smile because I remember that insecure and scared Ileana who left the comfort of family and Latino friends to be immersed in a completely foreign world.
When I look back, I praise God for guiding me and allow me to become stronger and confident. I give thanks to God for choosing the right congregations for me to serve. All these years it has been the genuine love of the people of God that had nurtured my heart and comforted my soul.
The sun is coming up
shining and beautiful.
The colors spread
through the horizon.
Orange is my favorite
the stronger,
the warmer,
the most beautiful one
among the purple,
pink and red shadows
dancing with the clouds.
Here everything is beautiful,
everything has a different quality
like if nature was free
to express all her beauty
without holding back.
The sun keeps coming up
And that is always reassuring.
I am so glad he is not like me,
insecure and testing the surroundings
As if I could figure out it is safe
to come up and shine to the world.
Country land is always beautiful!
You cannot really see the horizon
like in my country
where the enormous ocean
determines the end of what it is
and the sun comes up like a giant
burning up everything it touches.
Here the sun is warm and comforting
like it can’t really touch you.
Maybe that’s why it looks so beautiful,
not so threatening.
The trees mark the horizon
like humble soldiers
lined up for duty
one after another
in a perfect line of beauty
against the orange
shining giant that’s coming up
from under us.
I want to be like the trees
and stand up firm
spreading my branches without fear.
I want to be like the sun
every day coming up
beautiful and strong
shining and warming
everything I touch.
I want to encounter life
with that kind of strength
always sure that this is the right place,
the right thing to do,
always sure that I am the right one
for this job,
just like the sun
never hesitating,
just coming up,
rising up,
shining up,
warming up,
living up!
Rev. Ileana Rosario

Please pray for:
Our new Members - Ron Sheffield and Ouida & Marty Archinal
Family of David Taylor
Family of Leonard Wiley Levis Jr.
Thomas Thornton
Virginia Bagby
Mary Hoinkes
Robin Atwood's sister
Our Cross Ministry
Let's help JEANETTE ARMSTEAD celebrate her 100th birthday on May 25th!

Please send her a card or note at:

Jeanette Armstead
Riverside Convalescent Center, Rm 31-A
PO Box 370
Mathews, VA 23109
Save the date!

You are invited to a farewell reception for Pastor Ileana and Julie on June 13th from 3:00-4:30 pm at Piankatank Golf Club. Details to follow!

Please note we are collecting monetary gifts for them. You may send a check with Pastor Gift written on the Memo line of your check.  
Thank you for you support!
Volunteers Needed at LUMC
We are looking for help! If you can spare a little time to fill in with these tasks, please let Pastor Ileana know. Training will be provided. If several people take turns, the jobs will get done without taking too much of any one person’s time.  Please give us some help!
  1. Write down prayer requests during Joys and Concerns portion of the Sunday service. This is important so we can add all who need prayer to our Prayer List.
  2. Operate the projector in the sanctuary during Sunday morning’s service to show the Power Point presentation of the service.
  3. Coordinate the live stream of the Sunday service. Make sure the Wi-Fi connection is working in the sanctuary.
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