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Lower United Methodist Church
Wednesday Message
August 24, 2022


Zechariah 6:15, “People will come from distant lands to rebuild the Temple of the Lord. And when this happens, you will know that my messages have been from the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. All this will happen if you carefully obey what the Lord your God says.”

Our obedience is the channel through which we can experience God's work in our lives. At a wedding in Cana, Jesus commanded the servants to pour water into jars. And the servants filled them with water according to the command. Also, Jesus commanded the people to give the water to the guests. The servants obeyed and brought the water to the guests. Through the obedience, the servants experienced that the water became wine. Through obedience, people see God working in our lives.

But we try not to obey God completely because obeying God sometimes conflicts with our understanding, experience, and profits. So, we try to follow as much as we understand. We try to follow only when we want to do it. This selective obedience prevents us from seeing God fully at work in our lives.

God's word is to bless us (Numbers 6:24-26). If we live according to the Word, we experience God's presence and God's work in our lives. And when we experience God, we experience wonderful joy and peace in our lives.
Are you experiencing God's work in your life? Are you living a life of obedience to God's Word? Are you selectively or fully obedient to God's Word?

Pastor Yosub Namgung

Reading for this week: August One Year Bible Readings - One Year Bible Online

Please pray for:

Glenda Brooks - in rehabilitation, continued prayer for strength

Sally Belle Benedetti - in hospital after surgery

Sally Gayle Revere's son in Alaska - travel mercies 

Family of Molly McMurtrie who passed away

Larry and Kathy Lucas - travel mercies

Chyrel and Stan Coloff - travel mercies

Doris, Madonna Frisch's sister - in hospital after fall

Bill Gibson, ex husband of Lisa Estes - in hospital on ventilator

Nicole Savage - in hospital after having second baby

Amy Kellogg - continued prayer after surgery

Unspoken - testing this week

LouAnn - prayer for entire family

Paige and Jay - trying to have a baby

All students, teachers, administrators and support staff as a new school year begins

Benjamin Garner is returning for an afternoon hymn sing THIS SUNDAY.  We so enjoyed his concert earlier this summer, but we would love more piano, and more singing, and so would he!  Come enjoy his wonderful talents, and sing your heart out too!

Resource List

During the month of May, Bill Will preached a series of sermons titled “God's Grace Is Greater Than My Sin."  At the conclusion of the series it was promised that a resource reading list would be made available. Click HERE to access the information.  

Volunteer Needed

As chairperson of Global Outreach of LUMC, I am reaching out for one other person from the congregation to assist in this program. This is to sponsor a missionary either in the States or world wide.
Many thanks, 
Pat Gwaltney

   Is The United Methodist Church really...?


UM NEWS--Ask The UMC, a ministry of United Methodist Communications, has received many questions from congregations wondering about the future of the denomination and whether they should consider disaffiliating from it. These have included recurrent questions that reflect misperceptions or misinformation that congregations are receiving as they discern their next steps. This is the first of a series of articles offering accurate responses to such misperceptions or misinformation. Learn more...
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