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Lower United Methodist Church
December 30, 2020


“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart”.
Ecclesiastes 3: 11

In the fullness of time!
It was at the right time, the precise moment when humanity desperately needed a Savior, when God, who so loved the world, sent his son to be born of a woman and bring salvation to all.
God’s perfect time is always a blessing to his creation. Every one of his actions comes out of love for his world. It is love that moves God’s hand in favor of the believers. It is love that moves him to provide, care and bless for the people in the world.
We might not be able to explain why the precise moment in which God acts, but we can trust God’s wisdom and love to act the way he does when he does. He made everything beautiful in its time!

The in-between times are those strange times when we are waiting for something specific to happen without realizing that the time spent in waiting is part of the blessing.
We yearn to grow up but we could miss the growth that happens in-between our childhood and adulthood. We wait to finish our studies, but we could miss the learning in between.
Mary and Joseph waited for the baby to be born just like the people have been waiting for years for the chosen one to come. It was in the in-between times that the conversations happened, the promises were made, the faith was lifted, the hearts were prepared for the night when the Savior of the world came. Joseph and Mary were ready! He made everything beautiful in its time!
For us, the present times feel as dark, uncertain, and troubled as when our Savior was born. Dissatisfaction, frustration, hopelessness, fear, and anger seems to rule the lives of many who are tired of waiting to go back to a normal time that will never be the same again.
Still, we hang onto the promise from the Lord who always listens and who acts at the perfect, precise moment that the blessing needs to come.
He has set eternity in our hearts so that we are reminded there is more to life than what we see, and that love lives throughout eternity. We can trust our future, our happiness, and our lives in the one who always acts at the right time.

Rev. Ileana Rosario
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