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Lower United Methodist Church
May 9th, 2021

Rev. Ileana Rosario invites you to worship with us!
For in-person worship, find us inside the church this morning at 10:30.
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Greeting and Welcome
Prelude - There's a Song of Love
Centering Words (Pastor)
The earth is invited to sing praises to God. All creatures, all peoples, in all languages and melodies. We are all connected to one another by the same love. We are all encouraged to sing with joy. We are all invited to expand love beyond the walls of our homes and reach beyond.
Call to Worship (Responsive)
Sing a new song with joy,
A song of love for all.
Sing of the Spirit of love,
The Spirit who loves us all.
Sing of God’s abiding love,
The love that enables us to love one another.
Sing a new song with joy,
A song of love for all.
Opening Prayer (Unison)
Spirit of love abide in us and in our worship. Whisper your song of love in our hearts, that love may flow through every word we hear, every thought we think, every song we sing. Spirit of power and grace, abide in us, that we may abide in your love and proclaim your song of love for all. Amen.
To God be the Glory           UMH 98

(In-person only: Baptism of Emerson Anne Nisbet and August Ruth Nisbet)
Joys and Concerns – Lord’s Prayer
Scripture reading
1 John 5:1-4
Prayer for Mother’s Day
Loving God, we give thanks today for mothers!
Thank you for mothers who gave birth to us,
and women who have treated us as their own children.
You teach us how to be good mothers,
cherishing and protecting all the children among us.
Help us mother lovingly, fairly, wisely and with great joy.
Help our congregation be a space where people can feel mothered, their gifts and talents appreciated and nurtured.
Finally, we pray today for all the mothers around the world.
Help us create a world where mothers can raise their children in peace and plenty.
God of mothers, who love us with a sweeter and deeper love than we have ever known, hear our prayer this day, Amen.

Happy the Home When God is There    UMH 445
Prayer of Yearning (Unison)
Spirit of love, we come hoping to learn to love as you love us. Help us to see others with your eyes of love. Help us to forgive and accept forgiveness as fully as you forgive. Love us, with the mercy and grace we need to abide in your love every day. Amen.
Words of Assurance (Responsive)
God’s Spirit embraces us with forgiveness and grace, abiding in us with the power of love.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we are forgiven!
Thanks be to God!
John 15:9-17
“The joy of loving”
Rev. Ileana Rosario
Bind Us Together         TFWS 2226
Created by God, we go forth to love all creation.
Blessed by his love, we go forth to share with one another.
Chosen to be friends, we go forth to bring others to Christ.

Postlude - The Gift of Love
Let's help JEANETTE ARMSTEAD celebrate
her 100th birthday on May 25th.

Please send her a card or note at:
Jeanette Armstead
Riverside Convalescent Center, Rm 31-A
PO Box 370
Mathews, VA 23109
Please pray for:
Richard Bankert
Jim O’Sullivan (Sully the barber)
Walter Palmer
Jimmy Pitts
James Whittaker
David Taylor
Mary Anne Grubbs
Ellen Schiavone
Wanda Lewter
Gail Keefe
Family of Jean Folkes
Family of Carolyn Major
Family of Kay Royster
Family of Bonnie Clark
Carolyn Shank
Rochelle Payne
Judy Lyn Bristow
Keith Morgan
Bernie Thomas
Last week:
Attendance:          55
     In-person  $3,890.45
     E-giving    $   345.00  
     Total          $4,235.45

Needed for weekly goal:

Our offerings YTD:
Our 2021 YTD Goal:

Saturday, MAY 15, 2021
Virginia Conference United Methodist Women
Spiritual Life Retreat - Peace Be With You
via Zoom - register here)

Our Speaker:  Rev. Ileana Rosario
Pastor of Lower United Methodist Church
Time:  9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Women (already registered or not) are invited to join Pastor Ileana in the sanctuary of Lower UMC as she leads the online retreat and communion.
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