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Lower United Methodist Church
Wednesday Message
August 17, 2022


Proverbs 21:17, “Whoever loves pleasure will become poor; whoever loves wine and olive oil will never be rich.”

There are things in our life that make us happy. Food, cars, sports, travel, TV programs, musicals, concerts, etc. We love them and we enjoy them so much. We invest a lot of time and money for this pleasure. Because through these things, we feel the joy of life, and we feel that our life is richer.

But the Bible says that those who love pleasure will become poor. This is not to say that we should not love any pleasures in the world. I means that we do not pursue only the pleasures of the world without loving God and enjoying God. We are not people who put our joy first in God. Our priority is God. Loving God and pleasing Him should be our number one priority in our lives because we were created for God (Psalm 37:4; Revelation 4:11; Isaiah 43:21).

There were people in Christianity who practiced abstinence for it. They devoted themselves to their prayer life in the desert or wilderness. The only thing they ate was harsh food, and the bed and clothes they wore were all very poor. People admired them for living a life that ordinary people could not even imitate. People called them saints. People gathered around them and formed a monastery. Those who pursued asceticism actually wanted to put God first and to find joy from Him.

I'm not saying we should all be ascetics. We should be able to please God and be able to rejoice in God. The more we love God, the greater joy and joy that fills our souls. We must pursue God more than others and live for Him. Then, God becomes the great source of pleasure for us.

Are you living with God as your priority? Do you experience the joy and pleasure that God fills you with?

Pastor Yosub Namgung

Reading for this week: August One Year Bible Readings - One Year Bible Online

Please pray for:

Linda and Grant - Covid and trying to get home with Covid

Family of Warren Milby who passed away

Family of Mike Ailsworth who passed away

Glenda Brooks - Covid, in ICU at Walter Reed

Sally Belle Benedetti - in hospital after surgery

Sally Gayle Revere's son in Alaska - travel mercies 

Family of Molly McMurtrie who passed away

Larry and Kathy Lucas - travel mercies

Chyrel and Stan Coloff - travel mercies

Doris, Madonna Frisch's sister - in hospital after falll

Bill Gibson, ex husband of Lisa Estes - in hospital on ventilator

Nicole Savage - in hospital after having second baby

Amy Kellogg, co-worker of Richard Bankert - breast cancer surgery on 8/19


Join us in sending our children and teachers off to a grand new school year. Our service will be led by the youth of Lower. If you have children or grandchildren, bring them and their backpacks for a special blessing.

Benjamin Garner is returning for an afternoon hymn sing.  We so enjoyed his concert earlier this summer, but we would love more piano, and more singing, and so would he!  Come enjoy his wonderful talents, and sing your heart out too!
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