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Lower United Methodist Church

February 14th, 2021
Rev. Ileana Rosario invites you to worship with us!
For in-person worship, find us inside the church this morning at 10:30.
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Greeting and Welcome 
Prelude - 
There's a Song
Centering Words (Pastor)
God’s presence shines brightly in the hearts and minds of his people. This visible brightness of God through his people is too much for those who prefer the darkness. God’s brilliant presence shines even through the shadowy moments of our lives. When the clouds disperse, we can always see Christ!
Call to Worship (Responsive)
The light of God is shining!
Shining around us and within us.
The voice of God is calling!
Calling us to do his will wherever we go.
The love of God embraces us!
Flowing around and within us.
The love of God is transforming!
Aligning our hearts and souls to his will.
Opening Prayer (Unison)
Almighty God, even in the darkest times, your love pierces through the clouds of doubt in our hearts, and through the evil darkness of the world. May Christ’s love and mercy shine through us and help us become lights in a shadowy world.  Amen.
Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies    UMH 173
Joys and Concerns – Lord’s Prayer
Scripture reading
Psalm 50:1-6
The Lily of the Valley   TFWS 2062
Prayer of Yearning (Unison)
Lord, embrace us with your grace, that we might stand against our fears and our negative thoughts. Holy Spirit, flow through us with power that we might be transformed by your lovely embrace. Abide in us with your love, claim us and make us whole! Amen.
Words of Assurance (Responsive)
The love of Christ embraces us with mercy and forgiveness!
In the name of Jesus Christ, we are forgiven!
Thanks be to God!
Mark 9:2-8

“Embraced by love”  Rev. Ileana Rosario
When We All Get to Heaven       UMH 701
May the love of God light our way.
May the love of Christ shine within us.
May the love of God’s Spirit flow through us.

Postlude - 
Celebrate Love

Please remember those on our Prayer List in your prayers:

Carolyn & Bob Henkel
Family of Margaret Stevens
Family of Jane Crittenden
Chris Groves
Carolyn Cox
David Taylor

James Allen Whitaker
Carolyn Major
Family of Otis Ryman
Family of Maya Hart
Dick Ridgell

If you or someone you know has Covid, please notify the church office so Pastor Ileana can call & pray with them. Information will be kept confidential unless the sick person asks to be added to the church prayer list.
Last week's offering:
In-person $2,540.06
E-giving   $1,701.38   
Total        $4,241.44

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