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January 2021
Tiers for fears...
As we make our way through everyone's favourite month and find ourselves back in lockdown, exciting times seem somewhat scarce. This time round, it feels like banana bread baking and Zoom quizzing won't quite cut the mustard. Well that may be the case, but there are plenty of other lovely things we are still able to do and we want to share them with you. For example, writing your own Hikeu?...
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Outsider of the Month

January's 'Outsider of the Month' is the wonderful Alex Thomas from London. Alex is a long-distance hiker and pub enthusiast who is taking on 2,021 miles of UK trails throughout 2021. We caught up with him (virtually) for our mini-interview and here's what he had to say...
So Alex, what is hiking to you?
"Hiking is my favourite way of exploring a new area. The best way to see somewhere is without doubt on foot, as it gives you the opportunity to slow down and take more in. I love learning about the history of an area through its people and places."
What are your pearls of hiking wisdom? 
"Don't overthink your kit list, just get out there and you'll gradually work out what you do and don't need. To get started, decent, well-fitted footwear, a waterproof jacket and plenty of water is all you need. I've definitely been guilty of spending more time planning than actually out walking the trails."
How would you persuade someone to go hiking if they'd never been before?
"Doing exercise is something that you'll never regret and when you can pair that with beautiful views and immersing yourself in nature, the only thing you'll regret is that you didn't go hiking sooner.  Also, the first drink in a lovely country pub after a nice long walk is up there with one of life's greatest gifts."


Alex is taking on the challenge of  walking 2,021 miles in 2021, check out his progress here. Alex, we salute you!

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Hiking in Words, Film and Music
Between the Woods and the Water
Book 2/3 about the author's walk from Holland to Constantinople. 
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
A wonderful story of one man's very real and very unreal journeys.
Walking Man - James Taylor
Enjoy the dulcet tones of Mr Taylor describing his distant father as this 'walking man'.

Words From the Outside:
Finding Beauty in the Grey
We invite nature lover and horticulture expert Isobel Spence to share her passion about the wonders of getting outdoors.

It is damp and grey outside, “urgh it’s a horrible day!” my brother remarked at breakfast. I quickly corrected him, “that’s just perspective, we could look it as being a COSY day”.
  Perspective or reframing is something that I have been working with a lot at the moment. Particularly as it’s January and perhaps not always the most inviting weather outside. Throughout lockdown, there has been one consistent sanctuary for me and so it seems the rest of the world. That is, Nature. So in order to get myself fully togged up into my unglamorous waterproofs and head out into the pouring rain, reframing has become essential. Once out and embracing all of the elements, it truly is the best feeling.

There is an ethereal beauty to the bare tree tops whose arms weave, wind, coil and curl. The rivers flow with more abundance than any other month, no longer is it a gentle trickle, but now a cathartic drum. The birds certainly aren’t afraid of the weather, I see them poaching lime green lichen hanging on hedgerows. Nature still thrives in January, unfazed by politics or pandemics, and my walks allow me to partake in their naïve bliss.
      So, I implore you to reframe the view outside your window, to not be defeated by the weather, dig out your boots and forget about life indoors in for a while.

Enjoyed this piece? Follow Issy on Instagram - @isobel_spence.

Calling all you Londoners
We have not forgotten about you! Amidst all this talk from fresh-air-frolickers and outdoor-opportunists, don't forget you can still enjoy the benefits of walking. Make the most of nearby parks and green spaces (we trust you, dear reader, will do so Covid-compliantly). Here are a few routes to get you started. Click the picture to find out more.
If these don't float your boat, check out if any of these 'Secret Gardens of London' are near you and enjoy some calm amongst the chaos.

Taking a Hike?
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