And as we head into 2021, we are pleased to announce that Chain Buster Racing and the Southeastern Endurance Series is now a USA Cycling affiliated series!

The biggest question many of you will have is... what will be different? The answer for most of you is...not much! Our races will still be the same 3 Hour or 6 Hour format that you are accustomed to! Same length on courses! Same vibe! Same emphasis on "Fast! Family! Fun!"
The heart of this change is a basic business decision! We are able to get comparable insurance at a much better rate than from our previous insurance company. That's a pretty boring business reality, but it carries tremendous upside!

So, do I have to have a USAC annual license or One Day license?
Nope! Chain Buster Racing will absorb the cost of the one day license so you will not incur any additional expense associated with this change.

If I have a USAC annual license, do my results count towards USAC ranking points?
Yep! The Southeastern Endurance Series 3 Hour categories are points eligible races for ranking points in Cross Country standings. The Southeastern Endurance Series 6 Hour Solo categories are points eligible races for ranking points in Cross Country Marathon standings. But...let me take a moment here to say that if you have been enjoying the great races put on by our friends at Gone Riding, Go Nuts Biking, or the Cane Creek Cup, please continue to enjoy those races! They are all put on by great families who are passionate about cycling!

What if I don't care about ranking points?
Then there will literally be no difference to you. The races will look the same. They will feel the same, and chances are you had no idea who our prior insurance broker was, so it won't make a difference there either!

We have had multiple lengthy discussions with USA Cycling, dating back to 2018. In 2020, we definitely had many more questions and, truthfully, a bit of skepticism. But every question we had received an appropriate answer, and any skepticism that we had quickly melted as we got to know the people that we will be working with and even more when we got to meet face to face. We heard their heart as they talked about the future of cycling, how to keep the racing culture healthy in America, and as they shared their personal experiences in front of a room full of adults and kids at the 706P Dirt Devo hosted Q&A on December 6. We LOVE the direction that USA Cycling is headed, and we look forward to working with them to continue building a solid foundation for the future of cycling!
Registration for the 2021 Southeastern Endurance Series is NOW OPEN! Please keep in mind that there are registration limits for all races. Race pages are (mostly) updated but new info will be added weekly. 
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