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OMNIBUSiness February 2019

Welcome to 2019, we can’t believe it's almost two months old!

The start of a New Year is always a great time to plan what you want your business and personal life to look like.

Let’s face it – many New Year resolutions are made but how many actually see the light of day? How many resolutions are kept? How many achieve the initial objective that they were set out to achieve?

The problem with resolutions is that, in the heat of the moment, we make a commitment to ourselves and potentially to a few close others but, as the year drifts on, very few remember what the resolution was and why they set it in the first place.

Why is that?

In my opinion it is because we neither tell people what our resolution is, nor the reason why we have committed to that course of action by clearly documenting the resolution, the objective and the measure of successful implementation.  Without communicating our objectives and documenting them there is no one or nothing to hold us accountable.

There is no doubt… operating your own business is tough. There is no easy street; you don’t just make money from minimal effort, contrary to the opinion of many. As a business owner, you have to understand markets, products, marketing, sales, finance, human resources, health and safety… as the saying goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none!”

In order to encourage you to ‘share’ your resolutions, I thought it would beneficial to break the ice and share ours:
  1. Go Deeper – we are aiming to go deeper with our clients this year. We really want to know, understand and help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. So expect some different lines of communication this year so we get to better understand you.
  1. Shoot for the Stars – we want to make your experience working with us to be an exceptional one. You know when you go into a service business and come out saying, “WOW that was brilliant! They get me and they understand my objectives” and it is all done in an empathetic and helpful environment.
  1. Balance – we all need it and last year I let my life get out of balance. There was no time for my family and friends; there was no time for me. One of my great enjoyments is exercise and I just wasn’t doing any but that is going to change! I’m already exercising every day for at least one hour and I feel more vibrant, on the ball and effective in the delivery of me to my family and the business.

I look forward to you holding me accountable over the coming year!

What are your objectives and who is holding you accountable? If you need someone to hold you accountable, let us know and we would be so excited to be able to help. Enjoy reading OMNIBUSiness and let us know if you'd like to discuss any of the topics we cover.

Best wishes,

Justin Flavel
Managing Director
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