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Hello Everyone! I Hope You Are All Doing OK
Here Is My March Message

Dear <<First Name>>,


With all the limitations recently put on us and the uncertainty of what our near – and not so near future holds, I pondered a while to come up with a message this month that was both sensitive and possibly helpful – to hopefully some of my readers.

Last week I had been going over my section on “Gratitude” in the upcoming book 2 of my ‘Becoming Our Best Self’ Series, and the thought came to me to expand it to include a bit about the importance of being grateful – especially in difficult times.

At the end are links to 2 guided meditations you might find helpful at this time.
A recent one by Marianne Williamson to help us weather this challenging time – both physically and emotionally. And one by Louise Hay that focuses on gratitude. 

Gratitude: In Good and Challenging Times

 A little quote from Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet, expresses the power of gratitude perfectly. Gratitude seeps through any denseness created when we fall prey to low vibration thinking or ways of being and connects us to our heart-space. It bursts through any blocks we inadvertently created – like those caused by worry, fear, blame, anger, etc. that keep us disconnected from our heart-space. 

Wear gratitude like a cloak, and it will feed every corner of your life. ~Rumi

Along with joy, freedom, and love, gratitude and appreciation are listed as the highest on Abraham Hicks’s Emotional Guidance Scale (1). And just like love, joy, and all the high-vibration attitudes, appreciation and gratitude send sparks of light, love, and healing to our cells, allowing for mental stability and feelings of physical well-being. 
This helps us override as gratitude connects us to our heart-space, we are propelled into higher levels of consciousness. This helps us to override any habitual, negative / unhelpful thought, attitudinal, and behavioral patterns. Worry, fear, anger, blame etc. dissipate, and we see life with more clarity and from a more hopeful – and helpful perspective.

With clarity of vision, what we really need to do not only becomes clearer, it also somehow happens more easily. The cobwebs of worry, fear, anger, blame, and what if’s simply fade away. Clarity of vision is not a small thing – especially in these confusing and challenging times.
Gratitude does not come that easily to many of us, but there is much we can do to help bring feelings of gratitude and appreciation into our every-day life.
Cultivating Gratitude
The best way to cultivate gratitude is to consciously and consistently make it part of our every-day life. Including gratefulness and appreciation in our prayer, meditation, quiet or reflection time anchors them into our being.  Feelings of gratefulness and appreciation then become second-nature.  
Creating a gratitude journal is also helpful. Included it in our everyday practice, or whenever we feel stressed or succumb to fear or negativity, spending a little time writing out what we can be grateful for puts us in gratitude mode.

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Whichever way we shift into gratitude mode, we become connected to our heart-space and our consciousness rises. Shortly thereafter, we find that instead of feeling worried, stressed, stuck in anger or aggressiveness – or whatever bad or harsh feeling has arisen in us, we begin to feel more peaceful, positive, and expansive.
Creating Feelings of Gratefulness
Sometimes we just can’t seem to feel the gratitude. Here are a few ways we can awaken feelings of gratitude within us.

  • Thinking and saying words of gratitude and appreciation – with gusto and exaggerated feelings around what we can be appreciative for.
  • Using the “make me not give me” moto in our prayer/meditation time and asking for help in feeling more grateful and appreciative.
  • Truly appreciating the friends and family we hold in our hearts – and reminding ourselves of their positive qualities and/or what they bring to our life.
  • Fondly remembering people, pets, past events or situations that once warmed our hearts.
  • Loving, relishing, and reveling in all parts of our life: all we have had, do have, have loved, now love, and all we do – as if it is our most favoring thing in the world – creates feelings of gratitude within us.

The higher states of consciousness that gratitude and
appreciation evoke in us helps us weather the storms of our life.

They also help others, and the world. The energy we put into appreciation and gratitude is of a creative quality and the Universe reads it like a want/request.  And because of our interconnectedness and the holographic way the Universe is set up, our want list adds to the collective want list.

Stay healthy! Stay safe! Stay cozy! Do as is recommended. Focus on light-hearted activities and discussions. Pray that we all stay well. Pray for / send light and loving thoughts to those who are sick, afraid, or suffering in any way.
And let’s also keep the many people who are away from home in our prayers and thoughts – so that they all get back safely, swiftly, with ease – and in good health.
Stay in appreciation and gratitude as much as possible ❤️
With light, love, and my best wishes that you get through this next little while with ease,

©Rosemary McCarthy, March 19, 2020


Notation:  (1)Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks, Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires (Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, 2004), 114-7.
Louise Hay’s Gratitude Meditation is useful any time of the day. See Here
Marianne Williamson’s recent meditation aims to help us physically and emotionally in these challenging days by 1) infusing our bodies with protective and healing light; 2) waylay any fears we may hold about all that is happening regarding the coronavirus. See Here 

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