Busy busy bee! 🐝

        It’s been a pretty busy month for me; I worked on business upgrades mostly, but biggest of all I finished and sent in my residency application!! They have already gotten back to me asking me for a physical and biometrics, which I have already scheduled for next week! Just that took *months* longer in the States. I'm that much closer to reopening! 

 I have been running around trying to figure out how to get things done in rural Canada. From fingerprinting to trying to get a key made it’s an hour drive each way, and to simply mail packages I have to drive to the next town over. My studio still needs a lot of work. Starting to work on custom orders helped me realize a few things I can tweak to make the space more efficient. Theres solutions to all the problems, but without going thru the motions I don’t know what the problems are. Solving these problems requires small amounts of progress over time. 

That being said I am planning on reopening officially for the US in the beginning of September! August is my birthday month so when I'm not getting the RFC ducks in a row I'll be partying and treating myself! When I get a work permit from the Canadian government I'll announce an opening date for my Canadian babes. 


I visited Montreal for the first time this month and had vegan poutine and corn dogs at Maynards. 

What's New? 

  •  RFC is soft opened to American customers for custom orders!! 🚨 Reply to this email to get started
  •  Patreonage is FREE thru August and free to sign up! Behind the scenes, blog posts, and tutorials!
  • Rex's broken hand is all healed
  • Rex submitted her Canadian residency and work permit applications

Interesting news you might have missed 

Good Meat buys enough bioreactors to produce upto 30 million pounds of lab grown meat. 🍖

China aims to double last year’s record on solar panels. ☀️

EU and UK ban insuring ships carrying Russian oil. 🛢

• Wind and solar has proven to be more efficient and cheaper as time goes on. 🌬

Former landfills are being converted to solar farms called “brightfields.” ⚡️🪫

Seven myths about electric vehicles. 🤫

IKEA to sell solar panels. 🪑

This luxury EV can go 7 months without charging. 😯

• This little BeachBot cleans up cigarette butts from beaches. 🏝

Getting prepared can help protect the elderly from negative effects of climate change. 👵🏽

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        What do you get? I share my progress on ongoing projects, behind the scenes stuff, and blog posts. I ask my Patreons to help me make all sorts of decisions from personal to business related. I make how-to/tutorial videos on crafts using reclaimed materials that I want to make myself or to my Patreon's requests! I make all sorts of things only available for sale in my Patreon shop! I have an exclusive Discord channel for Patreons only. I offer personal sewing and crafting advice! Plus extras like printables or patterns when available! I'm building a community of people passionate about living sustainably and want to implement reducing waste into crafting and everyday life. It's as little as $1/ or as much as $5/month to join and it means the absolute world to me. I have about 25 years of crafting experience I’m happy to share with you. Let’s build an internet oasis of a craftin’ community together. (Psst! If you don’t want to spend $ but still want free craft help join my Discord server!) 
Alright, take me to Patreon.

Video Rexommendations

No new videos right now but head over to my Youtube channel and hit subscribe and the bell so you don’t miss the upcoming videos mentioned above! 

Other videos worth a watch:

• How to Measure Yourself

First 3D Printed Sewing Machine 

or this great video on a new way to solve oil spills in the ocean!

Industry Instruction

By the late 1800's Patchwork was a craze. All sorts of businesses hopped on the bandwagon hoping to boost sales by including fabrics scrap in things like cigars and cigarettes, and fabric manufacturers sold scrap kits and even made fabric that mimicked the patchwork look. As a result a whole sub-genre emerged; crazy quilts. Truly a work of art, these quilts were made by sewing together any shape scrap to make larger swaths of fabrics that would then in turn be sewn together until there was enough to make an entire blanket. Each required an incredible amount of hand sewing, and each elaborate stitch embroidered on top an expression of the creator. Take a gander over this photo to see an example of these incredible pieces of art, and click the video to see more!

Eco-conscious Rexipe

The recipe I have for you today is an oldie but a goodie, and was born out of the desire to use up as many bananas as I could in one go. If you’re like me you have an ever growing collection of bananas in your freezer. If you aren’t vegan you can totally just use eggs in this and carry on, BUT I encourage you to try an egg replacer in this because it couldn’t be easier and the stakes are low. (FYI This batter is fairly liquid so don’t be alarmed by that!)

Easy peasy vegan egg replacements (each equivalent to one egg):
-1 Tbsp ground flaxseed + 2 Tbsp water
-1 Tbsp chia seeds + 2 Tbsp water
-2 Tbsp applesauce
-2 Tbsp pumpkin puree
-EnerG Egg replacer, avail in many grocery stores in baking aisle

P.s. I’ve been looking for a banana bread recipe that doesn't go soggy in the middle for many years now. This is the closest I’ve found so far, ironic that it takes more bananas instead of less to get a firmer center? Or maybe it just because I’ve given up on the loaf pan and only make muffins now. Regardless, these would make a great cupcake with your favourite frosting, lemon anyone?

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