Interview with Flyover Zone's Founder, Bernard Frischer
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TammyJo Eckhart: Welcome to another interview with Flyover Zone Founder and President Bernard Frischer. Thank you, Bernie, for answering my questions and giving us some insight into the company and what members of our Yorescape community can expect going forward.

The global pandemic that began in 2020 has changed a lot of our lives, bringing more of us online. In our previous interview we talked about how few people knew about the concept of virtual tourism, but now, in 2022, there are news articles about it coming out regularly. Flyover Zone has been ready for this change for years, so let’s talk about how our products tap into that growing market.

First, during 2021 Flyover Zone developed some new virtual tours. Would you describe what sites will be presented?

Bernard Frischer: In 2021, we worked on the following new virtual tours which we will be releasing in June 2022: “Athens Reborn: Acropolis,” “Great Monuments of Egypt: Red Chapel of Hatshepsut,” “Great Monuments of Egypt: Tomb of Ramesses VI,” “Mesoamerica Reborn: Tenochtitlan,” and “Rome Reborn: Pantheon (remastered).” We’ve also been hard at work on “Rome Reborn: Baths of Caracalla,” which should be published in fall 2022. Here I should note that all these tours will be made available exclusively on our new Yorescape platform for virtual tourism. We also invested a huge amount of time and effort in developing Yorescape in 2021 and into 2022. The beta version was launched on December 1, 2021. So far, the uptake has been gratifying. Stay tuned for version 1.0, which is scheduled to be launched in June 2022. It will at first support mobile devices and PCs. By late summer, we plan to add support for select VR headsets.

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